The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 21: Zaraki

Kenpachi Chengdui heard Zaraki’s words, then grinned.

    “well, you and I have the same ideas!”

    “Life is all about gambling. How can you live if you don’t be crazy once!”

With that, he pulled out the Zanpakutō.

his Zanpakutō was long and curved, with many scratches on his blade, like a remnant blade that has been used countless times on the battlefield!

However, at the moment when Kenpachi Chengdui drew his sword, the aura on his body became extremely crazy, and the billowing fighting intent was even more like smoke. and the mighty Reiatsu crushed around, making the air pressed.

In Seireitei, the other Captains.

“it is Kenpachi Chengdui!”

“His strength seems to have increased again!”

“What a madman.”

“This eleventh division is really full of maniacs.”

    captains commented one by one.

    The gate of the eleventh division.

    “I will kill you this time, Zaraki!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui shouted, holding his Zanpakutō in one hand, pointing diagonally at the ground, his face looked ferocious and crazy.

    “I’ll kill you too, Kenpachi Chengdui!”

    Zaraki twisted his neck and heard a creaking voice, His face was even crazier. He moved and ran forward.

“Two madmen!”

    The other Shinigamis grinned, the surging Reiatsu in the air and the murderous intent of these two people made everyone extremely nervous and scared, but in addition to the tension and fear, there is an indescribable excitement.

    There is no doubt that such a battle is the real battle!

    A direct collision between two men!

    A fight without any tricks or modifications. Hold your sword and try to cut the other side, and the person standing, in the end, is the winner! 

footstep sound quickly spread, and the two of them ran fast, dragging their long Zanpakuto to the ground, pulling out a series of Reiatsu flashes of lightning, shocking.

   It’s a terrifying battle. Although it hasn’t started yet, the Shinigami who were watching were already nervous with an adrenaline rush!

     In the blink of an eye, the two were face to face, then.


   Both of them howled like beasts, then swung their swords.

A burst of lightning sparkled and reverberated in the air. The shinigami who was close to them suddenly screamed and was pushed away by the violent Reiatsu.

     “Too strong!!”  

 a Shinigami’s pupils shrank and shouted.

They roared again, and they collided again.  

they separated.

     “Zaraki, you will definitely die this time!”

    “I will kill you! Hahaha”

Kenpachi Chengdui roared with excitement, and he was holding the Zanpakuto forward with one hand.

    “you can’t release your Shikai, Zaraki!”

     “With this defect, you will never defeat me, can’t even pass my Shikai!”

Zaraki lifted the sword and gasped, seeing the opponent stretched out to wipe over the blade, his pupils contracted.

Eighteen times, he was defeated by the Chengdui’s Shikai.

    this time, will he lose? or die!

“Raitoshīru, roar, cry!” Chengdui roared fiercely, like a beast.

At this moment, the Zanpakutō in his hand was humming and shaking violently. At this moment, the broken blade began to recover quickly, just like a damaged battle blade, restoring its past glory and sharpness.

    sharp squeak sounded, and countless Shinigami were covering their ears in horror.

    “It’s the captain’s Shikai. It’s over!”

    “Cover your ears, or you will be deaf! “The

Shinigami roared.

In a short period, the long sword in the hands of Chengdui was black and bright. Its blade was narrow and long, and its edge could almost split the air.

Chengdui showed a crazy face.

    “You, you will certainly die!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui’s face was ferocious, he roared.

    “Come on! Kenpachi Chengdui!”

Zaraki also erupted all his Reiatsu at this moment, and the violent energy aura swept over him, making him shine with a devastating light. This magnificent Reiatsu made the whole 11th division suffocate and suppressed.


Kenpachi Chengdui roared and rush over suddenly, waving his black sword.


In the void, black lightning struck.


with one slash Zaraki pushed and a series of Soul Society houses collapsed by his body. he was holding his sword and his whole body was dripping blood.

    At this moment, he was grim, and he took a few steps back.

    Crushed, with one stab, the opponent’s strength completely crushed him.

    “I said, you will die!”

Kenpachi Chengdui pointed his sword and waved it again.

    the air was split by this strike.

    “splash!” Zaraki spat out blood, and his whole body got slashed.

    “it’s your wish!”

    Kenpachi Chengdui stepped forward and slashed it out.


    Zaraki could no longer resist and was flown out by this hit, flying hundreds of meters, smashing a series of houses in the Soul Society before falling into the ruins.

Chengdui grinned, dashing toward Zaraki, he waved forward.

In the void, rippling, and wind sweeping, the ruins around Zaraki were rolled away directly, leaving his seriously injured body exposed in front of everyone.

    “now, I will split your body!”

“I’ll end your suffer!”

Chengdui said in a vengeful tone.

    He strode forward, holding his Zanpakuto with his right hand tightly.

In the twinkling of an eye, in the eyes of countless Shinigami, Chengdui came in front of Zaraki.


Zaraki was bleeding from the corners of his mouth, panting, he even saw a blurry picture of Chengdui.


    At this moment, he showed a smile, was an extremely comfortable and satisfied smile.

    “Dare to laugh?”

“Well, Zaraki, you look like me, crazy enough! Killing you will make me fulfilled!”

    Chengdui said with a grin.

    Then he waved his hand wildly.


A circle of airwaves suddenly rolled out, and Shinigami, who was watching the battle nervously, suddenly saw a figure in the middle of the two men and were stunned.

    “Who is he?!”

    Zaraki, who was waiting for death, was stunned.

    He opened his eyes and saw a pair of extremely sharp, cold, crazy eyes above his head.

    “Before he dies!”

    “I will kill you first!”

    “I will cut you into pieces!” The extremely cold words spread out, echoing throughout the audience.