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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 29: Hogyoku


    Urahara Kisuke wanted to ask more, Qin Yi said coldly.

    “I cut him off!” Urahara’s pupils shrank, and he was immediately stunned on his place as if struck by a flash of lightning.

    No one has ever seen what Hades is like, but it is conceivable that this terrifying creature will exceed everyone’s imagination and be the most unique creature.

    Qin Yi glanced at Urahara, and then at Zaraki.

    ” Kenpachi Zaraki!”

    “Do you want to know why you can’t defeat Chengdui?”

Zaraki’s eyes widened and immediately said.


    ” because you have never trusted your Zanpakuto!”

    Qin Yi said deeply.

    Then, he lowered his head to look at the Zanpakuto at Gengmujian’s waist.

    This Zanpakuto seemed to feel the look in Qin Yi’s eyes, and it started to buzz and tremble.

    ” you heard it? Your sword is crying!”

    Zaraki was taken aback, lowered his head, and stared at his Zanpakuto.

    To be honest, he has been holding this sword for a long time. All along, he only believed in his own power. To him, Zanpakuto was nothing more than a war tool. As for trust? It’s just a lifeless thing, What can I trust?


    murmured, Zaraki seemed to hear something faintly calling.

    That was his Zanpakuto?

     Qin Yi sighed, staring at Zaraki.

    There is no doubt that Zaraki is an extremely potent Shinigami. Even if he didn’t know the name of his Zanpakuto, he could rely on his own ability to fight the eleventh Division, and became the captain of the 11th division, and got the name of Kenhachi. In Manga, he who had obtained the Shikai and Bankai and he soared into the sky, powerful to an incredible degree.

    In the thousand-year blood war Arc, Zaraki was one of the most powerful characters.

     If he can awaken the power of his Zanpakuto, Zaraki would never lose in the hands of Chengdui!  

   Qin Yi’s recovery made guys relieved.    

Before he became Shinigami, Qin Yi was extremely strong. But now he had become an unknown creature higher than the Shinigami. how strong he is?

     Although Urahara Kisuke believed that that state of Hades, with Qin Yi’s power at the moment, it won’t last long. But in that limited time, how strong is he? no one can tell!     

With such a majestic force, Urahara Kisuke was excited.   

  After a while, Qin Yi and the four gathered together.

    “Qin Yi, the truth is that we are all Shinigamis.”   

Urahara Kisuke said seriously at this time without his usual hippie smiles.


Qin Yi glanced at Li Yuanli and smiled faintly.

     He knew that his friend must have reached some cooperation agreement with Urahara Kisuke, but it was nothing.

     When he came to the world of the Shinigami, he was planning to build a connection and a solid foundation. In the initial state, it is necessary to unite with the local people here.   

  “So, Urahara, do you have any plans?”     Qin Yi smiled.

“I have talked to Yuan Li about this matter before he agreed to help us.”

    Kisuke Urahara did not directly explain, but instead looked at Li Yuanli.

    The latter touched his head awkwardly, then explained.

    “well, your Majesty, after I fought Kenpachi, and you know, got killed. It was master Urahara who brought me back to life when my soul was about to become Hollow, he helped me and made me a Shinigami. “

 “later, Urahara noticed that I have the potential to become a Hollow-Shinigami Hybrid, so he helped me achieve it. “

 “he was so kind to me, so I agreed to help him. “

    Li Yuan smiled, Looking at Qin Yi with twinkling eyes.

    He stayed out of the kingdom and decided to serve other people in the target world without authorization. This kind of thing can be a big deal, he was a little nervous.

    Fortunately, after Qin Yi listened, a smile appeared on his face.

    ” great, Yuanli, you did the right thing.”

    “But, Mr.Urahara.” As he said, Qin Yi looked at Urahara Kisuke, who looked up.

“Did Yuanli tell you about our identity?”

“He was about to tell me, but I don’t want to know about irrelevant things.”

    “It’s useless to an old man to know about such a thing, isn’t it?”

    Urahara Kisuke hit the fan and covered his mouth. smiled.

    “you are a man of wit. I admire you very much.” Qin Yi nodded and smiled.

    “so, I’m in.”

the eyes of all the people present were stunned, and Urahara Kisuke and his eyes were narrowed, revealing an expression of joy.

    “That’s really great. With a strong like Qin Yi joining us, our power will greatly increase!”

Qin Yi nodded, but he didn’t speak.

    He knew that behind Urahara Kisuke, there was a secret legion. The people in this legion were once Shinigamis in Soul Society. The Visored and so on.

“Who are your goals?”

    Qin Yi asked aloud after Urahara Kisuke gave a brief introduction.

    “Aizen Sōsuke, Kenpachi Chengdui!”

    Urahara Kisuke’s expression became serious.

    ” Kenpachi Chengdui?”

    Qin Yi asked in a deep tone.

    ” for now, I only know Aizen and Kenpachi Chengdui, but the rest of the members don’t know it yet.”

“long ago, they started planning a great event that would subvert the whole world!”

    Urahara Kisuke nodded.

    “Are you talking about that Hogyoku?” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and he stared deeply at Urahara.

    Urahara Kisuke shook his head and stared at Qin Yi: “It seems that I underestimated you.”

“Your identity, I’m afraid, is not just a cross-border person!”

    Li Yuanli’s eyes widened. He realized that he underestimated Qin Yi too, This king was always ten steps ahead to him, even with his skill Memories from the Past, Qin Yi always looked omniscient and omnipotent.

    ” Hogyoku is a mystery, and nobody knows about it and even about its name let alone outsiders!”

    “How did you know it?”

    Urahara Kisuke asked solemnly, with caution in his eyes.

that orb is capable of dissolving the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, If that secret spread out, it will cause great problems.

    “How do I know?”

Qin Yi grinned and held the Zanpakuto in his waist.

    Then, he pulled it out abruptly, and pointed it to Urahara Kisuke, exuding terrifying waves of red and black energy.

    “Because I feel it!”

    Urahara Kisuke’s eyes widened, staring at the  Zanpakuto.

    “How is it possible!!”

    “This Zanpakuto actually has more perfect power than Hogyoku itself!”