The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 62: The Show

     “The transformation of the army, under the command of Zilin, mainly depended on Hogyoku.”

    “And Hogyoku relies on the power of the soul.”

    “There are too many troops, and Hogyoku can’t quickly transform so many soldiers at this moment !”

    Aizen’s eyes squinted.

    The indifferent man in front of him with purple hair, bound into a ponytail, is the commander of the strongest army under Chengdui! Even Aizen, facing this person, felt a tremor in his heart.

    He didn’t imagine that there will be such a powerful man under Chengdui!

    “Soul power? Killing ten million people and pulling out their souls can make your Hogyoku stronger?” Zilin said Aizen’s pupils shrank suddenly.

“Is that ok?”

    Zilin repeated, and Aizen’s pupils trembled.


    He uttered difficultly.

    “Then, let’s kill ten million!”

Aizen was shocked and couldn’t help holding Hogyoku firmly with his right hand.

At this moment, complex feelings and emotions flooded his mind. Surprisingly, the people in front of him didn’t care about their lives. Happily, the number of 10 million souls is enough to make Hogyoku evolve into a more terrifying state.

And he will also be stronger, his secret plan seems to be within reach!

    Originally, with the energy contained in Hogyoku before, after comparing with Utopia’s army, it seems weak.

    But at this moment, Zilin’s words gave him hope.

“With the energy of 10 million souls, Hogyoku will definitely evolve to a terrifying limit!”

    “And I will be at the top of the world!”

    Aizen’s eyes flickered.

     Next, Aizen waited quietly, he was transforming the soldiers in front of him, while thinking.

     Zilin’s army is indeed extremely cruel and powerful. They are conquering this world, turning this place into hell in an instant.  

   The lives of people in other worlds are worthless in the eyes of Zilin and they call these people heretics.   

  With the rapid progress of the killing, Aizen was shocked to find that Hogyoku in his hand was changing at an extremely fast speed, emitting an extremely dazzling light.

     “This kind of majestic energy!!”

     “It can destroy the entire world!”     Aizen shook his hands excitedly.

     This weird energy fluctuation had even spread, and Zilin was aware of it.   

  “It’s working. Your magical gem can absorb the energy of the dead, cool!”

Aizen squinted his eyes and smiled.

    “With the energy of these souls, it can effectively speed up the conversion process!” As he said, Aizen released the energy in Hogyoku, and the dazzling light blinked to cover the millions of soldiers in front of him, transforming it into shinigami in a flash.

Zilin watched this scene, his purple pupils contracted, staring at Aizen.

    “It’s really interesting!” The conversion of one kind of life form into another kind of life form can happen in such a short time. This is amazing!

    Aizen smiled, He was actually shocked by the power of Hogyoku carving.

    The stupid guy in front of him didn’t understand that Hogyoku energy was completely different from Hogyoku’s power. This kind of inherently transcended limits, the strongest creation in the world, its magic is beyond his imagination.

    Feeling that Hogyoku was still evolving, Aizen became more and more excited.

    “When this Hogyoku completes its evolution again, I will become the only god in this world!!”

    Of course, at this moment, Aizen steadily suppressed the restlessness in his heart, still continuously transforming the huge army in front of him.

    At the same time, in Hueco Mundo, in Las Noches.

    “Puff!” There was a loud falling sound, and eight figures including Hirako Shinji appeared in front of Qin Yi.

    “something bad just happened!!”

    Hirako Shinji was in shock, and as soon as he appeared, he said directly to Qin Yi.

    ” Hirako, what’s the matter? Speak slowly.”

    Urahara Kisuke said.

    “they are many, many of shinigami!!”

    Hirako took a deep breath and said solemnly.

His voice trembled and his eyes were filled with strong shock. The seven people who followed all turned pale, as if they were frightened by something.

“Oh? Do you mean that you have seen the army of Chengdui? “

    Qin Yi asked.

There is no doubt that a large number of Shinigami must be the army of Chengdui.

    “Yes, it should be the army of Chengdui. I saw Aizen among them.” Hirako said anxiously.

    “How many you think they are?”

    Qin Yi asked.

    “Roughly, there are tens of millions of them!”

    “No, maybe even hundreds of millions!”

    Hirako first thought about it and then refuted the previous conclusion.

    “Hundreds of millions?!”

    Urahara Kisuke took a breath and said in shock.

    Qin Yi’s eyes flickered, and after tilting slightly, he laughed.

    “It seems that this guy is going to use all his power to take down this world!”

After sincerely expressing admiration to the other party, Qin Yi didn’t show the slightest fear.

Hundreds of millions of troops? Qin also has it! He’s not going to lose to the other side.

    “Zhang Liang, how is the kingdom army assembled?”

He turned his eyes and looked at the handsome man in his side.

    “Your Majesty, the three generals that in charge report that the kingdom’s army has assembled 70 million, it can cross borders and enter this world at any time!”

“At present, the rest of the world’s forces are still gathering, If we have to, the forces will accelerate its pace and successfully gather within two days!”

    Qin Yi didn’t know how many troops he has, but he was thinking to win this war with the least costs.

    After all, he is familiar with the plot information of this world, and strategically, he is much higher than that crazy guy.

    “Don’t do anything, for the time being, just follow the plan.”

    “summon the kingdom army officials and let them occupy the main position!”

    Qin Yi commanded in a deep voice.


    Zhang Liang responded immediately.

slowly raised his head, Qin Yi pondered for a moment, he suddenly smiled.

    “Then, next, let’s watch a good show!”