The Marvelous Dragon Balls The Marvelous Dragon Balls
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MDB: Chapter 2 The Life Knowledge of Son Goku

Knowing that he was bound to remain in the Marvel Universe, the young man who was now Saint Lee accidentally discovered the five-star tattoo on his hand. It reminded him that seven Dragon Balls crossed over along with his soul to the Marvel world.

According to legend, as long as seven Dragon balls are gathered together, any wish can be realized.

As he crossed over to the world, his soul merged with the Five-Star Dragon Ball. He thought that perhaps, he had to only gather six, and that would give him the ability to summon Shenron, relying on the connection between all Dragon Balls. It took him over two weeks to find the remaining six that were scattered nearby, and he finally summoned the Dragon!

However, it turned out that his wishes were too naive.

In the center of the basement, Saint Lee felt to the ground at thought that he was separated forever from his parents, being forever in separate worlds. He could no longer ever see them, and could only mourn at that thought.

At this time, Shenron, which was completely forgotten, once again said: “Say your wish. Any Wish can be granted, but you have only one!”

“He’s still at it!”

Disappointed by hearing “Any Wish can be granted” again, rage took over Saint Lee, and he through his fist furiously saying: “Go to hell, you’re full of it you lying dragon!”

The “Mini Shenron” looked like the real thing, but his was only a hologram, a body of energy. Saint Lee’s fist went right through him, and his momentum got him off balance, almost making him trip to the ground.

Seeing this, Shenron did not react, only saying: “Say your Wishes. Any Wish can be granted, but you have only one!”

Hearing that, Saint Lee turned around, hitting his forehead violently, and grinding his teeth. As violence was futile, he could only coldly say: “Shut up! I want to think!”

“Say your Wishes. Any Wish can be granted, but you have only one!”


He finally regained his calm, and no longer paid attention to Shenron’s “automatic answer”, and began to seriously think for wishes.

After all, his life could only go on…

Living in the Marvel World, nothing could prove more important than getting a life saving ability. Gaining an amazing power should be his first choice. He thought for so long, then said: “Shenron, please grant me the power of becoming a “Super Saiyan”!

“I’m sorry, I cannot do that…”

Although he wasn’t hoping for much from the get go, Saint Lee could only scream: “Useless dragon, what can you actually do?”

“In the Dragon Ball World, strength can only be gained through practice, and can never be obtained out of thin air. I’m a creature from that world; I have to abide by that rule. I can however give you the body constitution of a Saiyan without changing your outer shape.”

This was good for Saint. After all, this way he wouldn’t have a tail, and wouldn’t have to worry about becoming a mindless giant ape when looking at the full moon. The Saiyans have bottomless potential, and can get so strong so fast. Stronger, faster, no need for too much practice… having such a body would be like having a cheat!

However, thinking of this, the ability to change his constitution without changing his shape, Saint’s eye became bright and he said: “Please give me the physique of Majin Buu!”

Having the constitution Majin Buu, the final boss in DBZ, he would have the ability to gain any ability he wished for. As long as he had one cell left in his body, he could survive; he could even survive in space. With the Transformation Ability, he could litteraliy eat his way through the Marvel World, and save earth from destruction!


“I’m sorry, I can’t do that…”

Saint felt sick to his stomach by now, but was too easy to ask why, he immediately lowered the bar: “So, Perfect Cell?” (Great ability, survivability in space and as long as his core remains, etc…)

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that…”

Helplessly, he lowered the bar even further: “Freeza?” (Transformation, survivability in space and as long as his head remains, etc

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that…”


Saint scratched his head in pain, and then thought of what enemy would be bellow that. He could only think of Piccolo. While this character had great regeneration ability, his evolution potential was even lower than that of a Saiyan. Saint seriously thought of the matter, and then changed the direction of his questions: “If I want to acquire someone’s lifelong knowledge, would that be possible?”

“That would be very simple.”

Because of Shenron’s track record with him, Saint sneered, already guessing that this was another vain claim.

“Dragon, please give me all the knowledge that Son Goku had learned throughout his life.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that…” Saint thought that what he was going to hear.

Unexpectedly, Shenron nodded: “Your wish is fulfilled.”

Saint fell to his knees in surprise, and the dragon immediately divided into seven streams, one of which went into Saint’s right hand, and the others scattered and disappeared beyond the walls of the basement. After granting a wish, Shenron would once again get divided into seven Stone Balls that get scattered all over the world, absorbing energy until they become dragon balls again.

“Alright! Wait… where’s the good knowledge?

Saint blinked, not feeling any change at all. He became suspicious thinking: “Did I just really not gain anything?”

He tried to close his eyes and meditate. Suddenly, he felt a difference: he could sense Ki!”

“Ki”, the life energy contained within all living objects. If could be described as the foundation of all power in the Dragon Ball World. Anything from daily practicing to the destruction of planets relied on Ki. Obviously, after gaining Goku’s knowledge, he was able to use Ki Sense.

On top of that, he also gained Goku’s unrivaled rich combat experience. Of course, he could only use his fists and legs to imitate Goku’s techniques. With his current power level of probably no more than five, he cannot use the “Kamehameha”, flight, or Instant Transmission. Without practicing day in and day out, he wouldn’t even be able to use the simplest of the “Kame Style” techniques!

Saint opened his eyes and then quickly closed them again while sighing. It was because he looked at the tattoo on his hand and saw that it turned gray. He couldn’t help but think: “That Dragon was useless. But I can still gain a lot from it. I don’t know when, but there will be a time when I can make a wish again…”

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