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MDB: Chapter 35 Zanzoken, Beyond the Naked Eye!


Danny Rand, who had his eyes still closed, suddenly lifted his left arm, blocking Ryo’s attack. He then turned sharply, waving his golden Iron Fist!

“Jan Ken: Pa!”

As he was in shock, Saint yelled out his attack, pushing Danny Rand away! “The undying Iron Fist” was before him. This was no joke. If he was to take a single punch, he would get bedridden for a dozen days and then some.

Danny, who had learned about Ki Sense from Saint, did not have a wide sensing range. He instead relying on his own released Ki to detect movement within a few meters around him… Saint was getting a taste of his own poison!

Saint who came here just to stop the quarreling of two friends found himself in a true “Boss Battle”…

With a sneak attack impossible, and an unbeatable weapon before him, how could he deal with this?”

If he was to use “Scissors” to attack, he wouldn’t be in such a pinch. The problem was that Danny was somewhat of a friend. Not only that, he also couldn’t bear the idea of turning the future “Iron Fist”, into the “One Armed Kunlun Fighter” or the “Single Legged Iron Fist”…

While he was in this dilemma, Danny, being the Iron Fist, had recovered most of his vision within just a few seconds. His still red eyes started at Saint viciously: “Saint, you’re attacking me with such tricks? Despicable!”

“Trust me, why I’m using such tricks is for your own good!” Saint sighed miserably; “Danny, put away your Iron Fist; I don’t want to hurt you!”

Hearing that, Danny became even more furious: “In your dreams! Saint, you pissed me off! I’m not going to be merciful anymore!”

“Then go ahead!” Saint extended his left hand at Danny, taking a combat position, and deliberately angering Danny: “I’ll try to…. Not to hurt you too much!”

Danny stopped talking, and rushed at Saint roaring. He was the strongest force that Kunlun had carefully cultivated. Even with such anger, he could keep his technique and give no windows to Saint. Even with Goku’s life knowledge, Saint could only struggle before the mighty Iron Fist’s storm-like offensive.

After the two went back and forth several times, not critically hitting each other, Saint was already in a dangerous position. With “Jan Ken: Paper”, he could fend off every dangerous swing of the Iron Fist. But after a few times, he consumed a lot of his Ki. Knowing that this was not the way to go, he couldn’t help but bite his teeth: ‘Do I really want to use Scissors? Wait… Maybe… I can try that new trick? But, I’m not that good with it right now…’

At this time, Colleen Wing had finally recovered from Solar Flare. She looked at the two who were fighting, and she felt great sorrow as she was the main reason for this entire mess.

Just as she was struggling with that, she suddenly saw Saint stupidly remain in place, letting Danny’s fist hit his chest directly!


Colleen screamed fiercely, threw away her Katana, and rushed to Saint. She wanted to jump and push him away! Suddenly she stopped in place, not believing her own eyes!

There were two Saints!

One of them was still standing before Danny Rand, and then other suddenly appeared behind him, weaving a Knifehand strike to his neck!

Danny swung his fist right through “Saint’s” chest, but it seemed to only hit thin air, going through him without any resistance. In his shock and confusion, the back of his neck took a heavy blow. Immediately afterwards, he saw nothing but darkness, and his entire body fell forwards. “Heeee….” He fell on the floor, eyes closed and unconscious. His fist only shined for little while before finally extinguishing gradually.


After taking Danny down, Saint collapsed on the floor, screaming and holding his right thigh. In his pain, he screamed and swore: “Damn! It hurts; IT HURTS!”

Colleen looked at “Saint” that was hit by Danny dissipating into the air, and could only be dumbfounded for a while. Then she got to the ground in front of Saint asking: “What happened to you?”

“Muscle strain……” Saint took a few breaths then added: “I hope it is just a strain… I feel like a tear!”


Colleen glanced at him silently, her eyes full of self-blame: “You are… have you hurt yourself? You are hurt, if you are even not sure, don’t be stubborn.”

“Don’t worry… too much” Saint felt Colleen’s remorse: “My Zanzoken is not completely developed. If it wasn’t for you distracting Danny, I would’ve been in a much worse state!”

“I am going to find something and give you a cold compress.”

Colleen was flustered, rushing into the kitchen behind her Dojo, finding ice cubes in the refrigerator, wrapped them with a towel, and then getting back to press them on Saint’s inner thigh: “Thank you… Saint!”


The cold Ice stung Saint, making him unconsciously stretch out his arms to press his hands on the towel. Unintentionally, he touched Colleen’s soft hands. After blinking twice, he kept his hand there cheekily, not intending on letting go at all.

Colleen gently bit her lower lip, apparently feeling a little shy. Somehow however, she kept her hands where they were, not intending on pulling them back. The two remained there, their hands upon each-other, pressing together on Saint’s thigh.

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