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MDB: Chapter 68 Flying Dragon Ball

‘Would half a month be enough for Tony Stark to make the first Mini-Arc Reactor and patch up the initial design for his prototype of the Iron Suit?’

Saint only wondered about this, for he had no interest in Tony actually making the “Mark 1” suit in that dark cave. All he wanted was to plant the seed for the idea in his mind.

As he and Nick Fury shook hands, a question popped up in the mind of the latter: “You said that in Kame School, you are the weakest. Is that really true?”

“You cannot believe me?” Saint let go of Fury’s hand smiling, and said: “If you think I’m that strong, then you should know that you no idea about what’s really powerful in this world.”


Nick Fury, a man who had lived for a long time and saw all sorts of bizarre things in his career, certainly had something to say about him having “no idea”. However, while he wanted to object, he was actually standing before a living example of something that he had never imagined. He could only swallow his words and go along with Saint: “So you mean that in this world, there are many things such as your Kame School?”

“When the time comes, you will know.” Saint said mysteriously: “Or, you can think more open-mindedly and maybe predict some other things. Since you’re seeing that the ancient Chinese myths of using Ki to attack from a distance are coming true, then how about some other local myths? For example, the ancient legends of the Nordic gods; do they have to be fake?”


Fury once again fell to silence, and after gnashing his teeth, he said: “You’re telling me now that beings such as the Allfather, Odin, the Goddess of Love, Freya, the God of Thunder, Thor, and the God of Mischief, Loki; you’re telling me that they all exist?”

“Well, do you think they do?” Saint avoided giving a definitive answer, and decided to continue teasing Fury: “This is just the tip of the Iceberg. Are you sure you want to know more? Like, how about heaven and hell…”

“Coulson, lead our guest out!”

“No need to worry, I will change into my special mode and fly out.”

“Well, then we’ll have to take you out to the… huh? What are you doing? That’s not a window! Don’t try to open…”

“Crash!” With the sound of glass shattering, the alarm immediate rang throughout the entire building.

“Sorry, too hard, cough… then I will see myself out.”

“…. Coulson! Turn off the damn alarm, and ask someone at fix this glass!”


Over an hour later, Saint landed behind his restaurant. He muttered to himself: “I should have let Coulson bring me here. When trying to keep my Ki consumption below its regeneration, I can’t go as fast as his car…”

After quietly entering the restaurant from the back door, Saint did not leave the transformation, nor did he alarm Lorna upstairs. He directly went to the basement of his restaurant, and from a humble closed box, he took out a humble gray stone: It was the Dragon Ball that he had intercepted after making his last wish.

Four days had passed, and Saint was not happy to discover that this time, he wasn’t that lucky. The Dragon Balls were not charging at a fast pace at all, with seemingly none-of-them falling near any high-energy source. He could only rely on himself to charge them.

As for what “charger” he should use, the answer was obvious. It was the same as last time, and somewhere exclusive to Stark Industries: the Arc Reactor!

“They haven’t lost anything anyway, and it’s been four days. Why would they still be keeping an eye on the Arc Reactor?”

After whispering that, he snuck out of the restaurant, going straight to Stark Industries. Compared to last time, Saint didn’t feel as much pressure. On one hand, he was no longer the same, and on the other, he already provoked Tony Stark once, so doing it again now did not have much of a psychological burden attached to it.

Besides, in half a month, Saint was going to Afghanistan with SHIELD to personally rescue Tony Stark. Even with the latter’s bigger than life ego, he should be grateful enough to not react too badly to Saint’s actions.

After over 20 minutes, and flying quiet a distance, Saint became within seven Kilometers from Stark Industries. Right then, something that he never expected happened!

The Dragon Ball in his pocket suddenly changed from its gray stone state to an energy form. The whole process happened in the blink of an eye, and it came out of his clothes and flew away!

Saint could not anticipate what was happening, and by the time he realized it, the speeding Dragon Ball had already flown hundreds of meters away!

Immediately, he wrapped his entire body in Ki, and release Ki from the tips of his feet at maximum speed. As he cut through the air, a loud noise voice was made a while after his passing. In fact, he broke through the sound barrier and was flying at a supersonic speed!

However, even with that, Saint did not catch up with the flying Dragon Ball, because just as he went to the limit of his speed, he found that it changed its direction, falling straight down…

Underneath, was non-other than the giant Ark Reactor…

Seeing it, Saint quickly dispersed the Ki wrapping his body to extinguish the eye-catching flame he made for in the sky, and then flew for tens of meters silently, hiding himself under the dark night sky. The noise that his passing had caused should have certainly alerted many people within an area of a few square Kilometers. Now, only god knows how many of them were looking up to the sky.

“Damn it!” Saint sneaked to the top of the Ark Reactor. Through the massive glass roof that had been repaired, he could clearly see the Dragon Ball that flew away from his pocket. It landed on top of the Ark Reactor, falling in the same location was he found the Six-Star Dragon Ball last time.

“You got me all worried, damn it! I thought I’d lose you!”

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