The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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Chapter 31: The Condition

Chapter 31: The Condition


In this world, every elite ninja hands are covered in blood, sometimes life is just this way, and you can’t do anything about it.


As when Neji’s father needed to die for the sake of his brother they couldn’t change the rules back then.


Although the Hokage position is strong, he can’t simply change rules like that, a rule that has been there for more than two generation, he will need the agreement of all the elders to change it.


The mood has changed in the room.


Despite the sharpness of the Sandaime, he couldn’t say anything, he kept staring at him, while Danzo looked very calm.


Finally, Sarutobi took a deep breath, then looked at Naito.


“Naito, you can go.”


“Yes, sir.”


He waited until Naito left the room, then he looked at Danzo with an angry look.


“Danzo, you want to kill this kid just to make a point?!”


“Sarutobi, if you don’t want this to happen, then just back off, I just don’t want to see you do such mistakes as a Hokage, am just a shadow in this game, but there’s an obligation to always make’s the right choice.”


Sarutobi wanted to cut Danzo off from this issue from the very start, but he can’t do this anymore, Danzo caught up and this isn’t good.


“The Shinobis sector has become increasing chaotically, the second world war if very near, Danzo, you’re allowed to do a lot of things, except this, you can’t move the foundation of Konoha to your root, this is unacceptable.”


“Naito is just an outsider, How can you even think that he can become the foundation of Konoha?!” Danzo sneer loudly, he’s not Sarutobi, he will not trust such a kid like Naito.


 Danzo will not put a complete trust on them, even to the people who are around him.


“You… …”


Sarutobi got angrier when he heard the sarcastic tone when he mentioned that Naito is an outsider.


Staring at him, Danzo adds another sarcastic comment.


“But don’t worry Sarutobi, maybe our little genius Naito will win this duel against Samui, this way it’s gonna be a win-win situation, he will not only prove his talent and spare his life, but also we will finally get rid of the Uchiha arrogant attitude.”


Of course, Sarutobi knew that Danzo is only being sarcastic.


Winning against Samui, you got to be kidding!


After all, even Samui is a talented Chunin.


Even with the talent Naito gots, winning this duel after two months, is just impossible.


To even think an ungraduated kid can win against a Chunin is simply crazy!


And Samui isn’t any Chunin his one of the best, he reached the level of the Jonins.


As a member of the Uchiha or the Hyuga clan, if you’re promoted to be Jonin, that’s mean you’re better then a lot of Jonins.


Of course, the difference between the Hyuga and the Uchiha, that the Uchihas needs to awaken the Sharingan fist before they have that kind of power… … but Sarutobi knew that Samui has already awakened his Sharingan!


in all aspects, the shinobi organizational system has been created for a purpose.


No one can beat a Chunin unless he’s a Jonin, you need to reach a certain level before you can go against someone in higher class unless you’re using a forbidden technique!


This is the Ninja path, step by step.


It’s hard to overcome this system and go beyond one level, Naito did this once already, and that’s why crossing this path again is simply impossible!



“The Uchiha… Danzo…”


Naito was far away from the Hokage office.


At this time he was walking in the streets of Konoha, and his eyes were flashing in strange colors.


He really felt strange.


The Nidaime Hokage Tobirama Senju has always hated the Uchiha Clan and he delivered this thought to Danzo who tried to destroy the Uchihas with every mean, and now with the Uchiha being in a strong position and acting arrogant, even Sarutobi can’t stop him.


And now Naito caught up in the middle of this issues.


In a matter of fact, to Konoha whether he wins or not it doesn’t matter.


The true parts of this fight are the three most powerful people in Konoha, the Uchiha clan,  the Sandaime Hokage, And Danzo commander of the root.


And he just happened to be at the center of this.


“The most important thing is power.”


He clenched his fist, while he murmured that.


You need to be powerful enough to choose your own destiny.




He took a deep breath, he slowly calmed down his mind, now all of his focus needs to be concentrated on Samui.


Although Naito was strong, even against a Chunin he can have a great fight, but Uchiha Samui is something else, Naito knew deep down, that he’s not an ordinary Chunin.


He already knew that he’s very talented, and he may even have already awakened the Sharingan!


If he wants to win against him, his current strength is not enough, he must open the second gate of the reversed Hachimon Tonkou.


Without encountering any obstacles along the way, Naito made it home safely.


Then he continued his training.


He spent all the night doing push-ups and squats, he was sweating from his exhausted body until he almost passed out, then he went to sleep.


When he woke up in the morning all that he was thinking about is today’s training.


All of his stakes are already broken and he needs new ones.


But even if he bought a new one it won’t take long before it gets destroyed too.


Wooden stakes can easily get destroyed.


The stone is a good choice, but he will need to find a good one for training in the mountains, this also a troublesome.


Naito also thought about how he needed to practice more on the power of the shock, he needs to put a huge amount of shock waves in every punch.


If he does that he will stress his body even more, but that’s what he wants because the more his body suffer the more he’s gonna get stronger.


After he went out of his house, he looked at the noisy streets of Konoha, then he looked all the way forward to the Konoha Hokage Rock.


Then he remembered that the fight Naruto had with Pain is in a place near those hills.

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