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Chapter 39: The First Contact With Tsunade

Chapter 39: The First Contact With Tsunade


Uchiha Kageyama stared at Naito with his Sharingan that had three tomoe and suddenly released a murderous intent and cast a Genjutsu on him.

This murderous intent caught Naito off his guard.


He almost got affected.


Very strong!


Kageyama this guy strength is almost as strong as a Sannin!


“Uchiha Kageyama! what do you think you’re doing?!”


At this time, the only person who reacted was Tsunade, his face suddenly changed the moment she shouted at him.


The moment he stopped she calmed herself down.


Naito managed to reverse the situation and canceled the Genjutsu.


That made her admire Naito more and more, but she stopped there, she didn’t want to make the situation even worse.


Kageyama got angrier and angrier his face was as ugly as an ogre.


The more he looked at Naito the more he wanted to kill him, he wanted to wipe him out immediately.


Naito’s talent is even bigger then what he imagined.


However, Tsunade is here.


Actually one of the Senju is here if he made any wrong move everything will turn into hell, and Tsunade will definitely stop him.


It’s like he’s in the hands of Tsunade.


He got so depressed.


In the end, Uchiha Kageyama took a deep breath then calmed down.


But what he was feeling deep inside was nothing but anger.


“Let’s go!”


As soon as he calmed down, Kageyama turned and left.


The Uchiha members looked at each other took a deep breath then they followed Kageyama leaving the place.


The Anbu didn’t have anything else to do here so they left too.


The only people who left in the room we’re Tsunade and Naito.


The atmosphere in the place become slightly odd.


Naito kept looking at Tsunade eyes then he took a glance at her chest.




Shit, these are really eye-catching.


However, he closed his eyes immediately.


Naito was really grateful to her because she came over here to rescue him.


If she wasn’t here, Uchiha Kageyama would have killed him immediately.


“Tsunade-sama, thank you.”




At first, Tsunade nodded normally, then she snorted and said: “Am not that old to call me ‘Sama’.”


“Then how do I call you?”


Naito looked at Tsunade with a childish look.


Naito knew it was strange.


It looked like Tsunade was interested in him, she even stood against the Uchiha head clan just from him.


She does care about him, doesn’t she?!


This idea is somewhat strange.


Naito couldn’t help but be very grateful and happy, to make it short… … she may be interested in his talent and she wants him to be her disciple.


Eliminating this possibility, there are no other reasons for her help.


“Can I call you…”


Naito guessed her intention, but he didn’t want to force the idea.


Naito is still a student who didn’t graduate from the Ninja School to become a Genin.


Even if he’s strong enough to be one, he will still need to graduate first and be picked.


So it’s not appropriate to be her disciple, moreover, he’s not certain about her true intentions.


“Can I call you Onee-San?”


Tsunade felt weaker and weaker toward him, she was already bigger than him, so that wouldn’t be a problem.


“Huuh! you little cute devil.”


Tsunade fell for him even more, but she didn’t mind that, she really liked him, she smiled at him, then she said: “This is the first time we meet each other, but you still want to make our relationship this close?”


“Because you’re so beautiful Onee-san.”


This time the best choice he had is to play it stupid in front of her.




Tsunade’s laughed the moment she heard that, if she knew that his wisdom was far beyond his age, she wouldn’t treat him the same way she does.


“You’re not only cute and handsome but you’re also a sweet talker.”


She looked at Naito with a smile, this kid really make her fell for him, for the first time Naito managed to make someone appreciate him, and it wasn’t anyone, it was Senju Tsunade.


Therefore, she didn’t mind his sweet talk because she felt he was kinda cute.




Naito scratched his hair, it seems Tsunade really like’s him!


Who said that he could make Tsunade fall for him with only a few words!


For the first time, someone stood up for him and rescued his life!


“Well, you can call me Onee-san only until this year’s graduation.”


Tsunade with a smiling face said such a sentence and made Naito space out for a moment.


Naito got all confused at first.


He felt like the fate is smiling again at him.


This it! !


Tsunade was really thinking the same way as him.


This is really it huh!


Looking at the dazed Naito, Tsunade walked toward him then she extended her hand flicking her finger.




The next moment, she hit Naito’s forehead with her finger




Even if Naito had already opened the second door of the reverse Hachimon Tonkou against the brutal force of Tsunade he got pushed serval steps back.


He looked at Tsunade with tears in his eyes.


It was a pretty good hit but he calmed himself and decided to continue playing stupid.


Tsunade snappily glared at him then said: “Hey! continue on playing dumb and am gonna hit you again stupid!”


“Onee-San…. Okay, you don’t need to do this again.”


Naito felt embarrassed while scratching his forehead.


Even Nawaki Tsunade’s brother told her about Naito and how he was called the Genius of Konoha, of course, he was younger then Naito who was already going to graduate from the school.


After today’s incident, even the word “Genius” wouldn’t be enough to describe the talent of Naito.


To be able to defeat a Chunin in this age, it only make’s you a Monster!


“To make it short, I don’t need to say more, you should be able to understand my intentions right ?”


Tsunade sound like she was threatening him, but also she kept the smiling face.


Naito looked at her then said: “Of course, it’s clear… the moment I graduate I will be assigned to your team and become you disciple Onee-san.


“Correct.” with appreciation, Tsunade extended her hand and patted Naito’s shoulder with force.


And that was really painful.


Is this what they call, crying without tears?


“Why are you being so harsh on me Onee-San?”


“I just want to confirm how much is your physical power.”


Tsunade said that casually, but she was really amazed by his body.


“Naito boy, you’re body is really strangely strong.”

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