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Chapter 41: The Anbu Recruitment

Chapter 41: The Anbu Recruitment

Danzo didn’t even consider that Naito could win the duel and kill Samui.

After all, Samui is a Chunin!


In his opinion, Naito was definitely gonna get killed.


That was the reason for sending him a ninja from the root to rescue or heal Naito if anything got wrong.


He wanted to make Naito his tool.


but those two situations didn’t even happen!


What happened was a third most unlikely situation!


“That kid… in just three months, has grown up to this point!”


At this moment, even Danzo was a little bit amazed.


Naito’s talent is terrifying!


The word genius is not enough to describe him, he’s a monster!


But fortunately, he can still control him.


He took a deep breath, then he slowly closed his eyes.




Not far away from Konoha.


A separate base.


This is where Orochimaru established his base and dedicated himself to do some experiments.


“Did you bring Naito’s body, or… did that boy reverse the situation?”


“Orochimaru-sama, Yuu Naito killed Samui.”


A ninja responded, his eyes revealed how shocked he was, it seems like he couldn’t calm down.


After he heard this sentence, Orochimaru got a little bit surprised, then he revealed a strange smile.


“As expected, this kid isn’t a normal one, the Uchiha, Tsunade, even Sarutobi underestimated him.”


“Things got more interesting.”


Orochimaru said that with an evil smile on his face, No one knew what he was thinking.


Naito at very young age won against a Chunin.


Although this is enough to shock a lot of people, it’s still an understandable growth.


In the original story, there was also the talented Hatake Kakashi, who graduated from the Ninja school at the age of five, and then at the age of six become a Chunin.




The Hokage office.


The third Hokage Sarutobi was sitting there.


Until that moment, there was still a big surprise on the face of Sarutobi.




“Yeah, that kid surprised everyone.”


Someone whispered these words.


Next, to Sarutobi desk, there was still one person standing there.


He had a silver hair and was wearing the uniform of Konoha Shinobis.


However, his identity wasn’t as simple as a normal Shinobi.


He’s the father of Hatake Kakashi.


Sarutobi finally took a deep breath and calmed down for a moment.


“Sakumo, what should I do next?”


“I think… we should graduate him early, and maybe we should recruit him into the Anbu?”


Sakumo took a moment to think then he said that.


Sarutobi looked a little bit frown.


“After this incident, The Uchiha won’t keep silent, Naito is too smart, he will definitely guess that I abandoned him that day.”


“Hokage-sama, you don’t have to think about this so much.”


Sakumo looked calm at Sarutobi then said: “It’s true that he’s a smart kid, but even if he guessed what happened behind the scene… this won’t change anything.”


“He’s a Shinobi of Konoha after all, he got nowhere else to go.”


“What he gonna face now is not only the Uchiha but also Danzo.”


“Because he’s smart and wisdom he will definitely understand that the best choice for him is to be under your cover and become a member of the Anbu.”


The words of Sakumo inspired Sarutobi. 




Naito got no place to go.


Even if he guessed what happened, and knew we abandoned him, he will also understand that being on our side is the only choice he got.




But Sarutobi was still slightly hesitating.


“But I am afraid that after this incident, he will…”


“It doesn’t matter.” Sakumo calmly responded.


He sounded very confident.


“I will be there, he’s a Ninja of Konoha, nothing gonna change that.”


“Moreover…” Sakumo smiled then continued: “Tsunade established a good relationship with Naito didn’t she?”


“It seems so.”


Sarutobi nodded and finally smiled.


Sakumo was the current leader of the Anbu!


With Sakumo being his leader, he can keep an eye on him, even if Naito grew up more, as long as there’s Tsunade, they can always control him.


Moreover, he’s now Tsunade disciple.


And with considering the good relationship he has with Tsunade.


With this connection, even if Naito is dissatisfied with what happened in this incident, these emotions should fade over time.


“Well, then you can start the paperwork on graduating him from the school, then… join him to the Anbu as an alternate member.”


Sarutobi finally decided after a little bit of thinking.


“Only as an alternate member?”


“Well, although he won against Samui, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still so young it’s better if we wait for him to grow up more.”


“Indeed it’s true.”


Sakumo nodded.


Sarutobi stood up then reached the window of his office, it was overlooking the entire village.


A peaceful one.


On his face, there was a slight sense of complexed feelings.


He is the Hokage.


What he is carrying on his shoulders is the entire village.


Therefore, he needed to always consider the overall situation.


As long as the result was in the favor of Konoha to always move in a better direction, he would do anything!


This is the will of fire.


for Konoha, everything can be sacrificed!


Sarutobi was always thinking how he can control the other function in Konoha, he closed his eyes slowly while he was thinking about that.


Even in the original story, this is what he was always thinking about, making Konoha a better place.




At the corner of the street.


A place that was known as the home of Naito.


Naito won the life and death duel against Uchiha Samui, but this news didn’t reach the village.


The only people who knew the outcome was the high-level people in Konoha.


Even the Uchiha didn’t spread the word out because it was simply a shame to the extreme where they felt like it’s not too late to hide the matter.


At this time Naito was sitting at home, looking at some items on his table, having a troubled expression on his face.


On his table, there was the Konoha forehead protector, a document, and a scroll.


The scroll was the one Tsunade gave him.


And Konoha forehead protector receiving it means that he officially has graduated from the Ninja School.


It wasn’t sent to him by the Hokage nor his class teacher, it was sent by the Anbu department.


Of course, it’s not that hard to guess the reason behind this early graduation, it was because he won against Samui and this graduation should be the instruction of the Hokage himself.


Of course, if you win against a Chunin you can’t stay as an ungraduated student from the school of ninja, that will be strange!


Early graduation and becoming a Shinobi.


But this is doesn’t matter for Naito, and the Shinobi status as Genin doesn’t have much effect at all.


The one thing he really cared about was the document that was sent along with the forehead.


This document was from the Anbu department, a letter of recruiting him to The Special Assassination and Tactical Squad.

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