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T.S.H Chapter 121: Orochimaru!

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Looking at the detailed information about the battlefield, Onoki got lost deep in his thoughts, he couldn’t shake the feeling of the familiarity of these pieces of information.
“It’s the same as the last battlefield, it got completely destroyed, if am not guessing wrong, it’s probably the same person.”
“Damn, who is this guy, why there’s no information about him, even if is his identity is a top secret, there should be at least one person who knows him.”
He couldn’t help but yell this as he dropped the files on the table.
After a while, Onoki took a deep breath and calm down, then his eyes finally had a cold stare.
“These small battles won’t help us anymore, it’s going down to a real decisive battle.”
Once this decisive battle breaks out, everyone will join it, no one will hide anymore.
For this whole time after the outbreak of the Second World War, the three Villages of Konoha, the Rock, and the Sand restrained and delayed the start of this battle by launching sneak attacks on each other in the Rain Village, no one dared to be the one who starts it.
But, up until now, Konoha was the one who had the upper hand in these local wars, Onoki got his hands on some piece of information confirms that the Sand had also suffered a lot of losses.
If this continues then they will suffer even more, in this case, the only choice they have is to start this final and decisive battle.
The Country of the Rain, Konoha’s camp.
After dealing with the Rock surprising troop, Jiraiya went back to the headquarters all proudly.
But that proud didn’t help him much as he was stumped and almost fell on the door of the headquarter.
Jiraiya was an Elite Jonin of Konoha he couldn’t embarrass himself in front of everyone so he jumped high and landed in front of Sakumo as it was nothing.
Sakumo: “…”
He coughed several times, then he reported back the information about the mission.
“Sakumo-Dunno, this is the summary of what happened on the battlefield against the Rock Troop.”
Sakumo nodded then smiled as if he predicted it.
Seeing the expression of Sakumo, Jiraiya got surprised, he couldn’t help but ask: “That Anbu, he’s so strong, who is he?”
“Sorry, this information is top secret.”
Sakumo was laughing inside, in fact, it wouldn’t be a problem to tell him, yet he felt it’s too early for that.
As for Tsunade, he already discussed that matter with Sarutobi and they agreed that she will be the link between Naito and Konoha.
“Top secret?!”
This was unusual, the identity of an ordinary Anbu cannot be a top secret, there’s no doubt, the identity of this Anbu is extremely high even within the Anbu department.
This made Jiraiya want to know even more, there’s a lot of strong people in Konoha yet no one has this kind of power.
Orochimaru? Tsunade?
There’s no way.
“Well, don’t think much about it, there are more important things about to happen, the real battle is about to begin.”
“And after destroying their winning card, you know who will start it.
Sakumo said that very seriously.
As soon as he heard these words, Jiraiya’s expression changed.
A real decisive battle, it’s obvious that Konoha will gather all of her forces!
It’s not just the camp here in the Rain, even the people back in Konoha are preparing themselves along with the Third Hokage Sarutobi.
With the beginning of this war, Sarutobi will need to join the battlefield.
“War… is coming.”
Sarutobi sighed and looked toward the window of his office.
“The power of Naito will be very important in this war.”
“But… can he be trusted?”
Suddenly, Danzo interrupted Saruotbi as he was thinking and stepped into his office.
“Yuu Naito is an outsider after all.”
“You can use him, but you can’t entrust him with power.”
Danzo looked very serious as he was looking at Saruotobi.
Sarutobi didn’t replay, he only looked back at the outside from his window, he didn’t know what to do.
At this moment.
Naito wasn’t in the camp, he was in the depths of the Rain Village.
Although Naito didn’t care about the overall situation of the war, he could easily feel that a decisive battle is coming.
And before the final battle, Naito decided to deal with Konan and Yahiko first.
The most important thing for him now is to see if those two have encountered Nagato yet.
He went all the way toward them.
Soon, Naito returned to the last place where Konan and Yahiko practiced Ninjutsu, but it was empty.
After he shook his head, Naito went to the nearest town.
However, after searching the entire town he couldn’t find any traces of these two, he didn’t even get any information on them.
It’s as if the ground swallowed them!
“Weird… It’s not surprising that I didn’t found Nagato, but now even Konan and Yahiko!”
Naito frowned in a touch of confusion.
At the same time, Naito went to other nearby towns, hunting down some other village’s scouts and collecting information.
However, there’s was no traces of Konan and Yahiko.
Yet he was sure of one thing: these two are definitely not dead, because they’re no longer ordinary people, these two become Shinobis.
If they were killed, he would have heard about it.
Most likely, they shouldn’t be far away.
“In this case, there’s nothing else left to do, they should be fine, even if the real battle is coming, they shouldn’t be harmed.”
After taking a deep breath, Naito shook his head and finally gave up on searching.
However, as he was about to go back to the camp, he got surprised as he encountered someone.
He encountered him in a small town, Orochimaru had a mission and was about to return to the camp.
Of course, Orochimaru was using the Transformation Jutsu.
Naito almost couldn’t recognize him, his Transformation Jutsu was so perfect, it wasn’t an ordinary one, it was a more advanced technique.


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