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T.S.H Chapter 145: Hakai Vs Dust!

In the distance, the Tsuchikage’s expression calmed down after he suffered a shoulder injury, but his killing intent was on its peak.

He looked left at Naito then right at Sakumo, then he lifted up his body in the air.

Naito and Sakumo saw this scene; naturally, they wouldn’t let the Tsuchikage move the fight to the sky. Therefore, both of them rushed over trying to intercept him.


The two of them looked like a stream of light, flashing over the distance toward the Tsuchikage.

For a moment, the two of them looked like they were gonna cross the whole battlefield rushing toward Onoki who was already floating in the air.

However, looking at this scene, Onoki’s face suddenly showed a hint of coldness, while he moved both his hand against his chest.


Under the crazy flow of his Chakra, a white halo emerged on the palms of Onoki, then it turned in a square cube of light.

It’s the Dust Release again!

“Here it comes!”

“The Tsuchikage has finally recovered his Chakra.”

“Great, this will definitely kill these two!”

Watching this scene, even the eyes Onoki’s assistance flashed with a hint of excitement.

Orochimaru and the others who saw this scene were frowning at each other.

“It really isn’t easy, he’s a Kage after all…”

“However, the so-called Dust Release that is above all the other bloodlimits got blocked by the Earthquake Release, this is tough for both sides.”

The two looked differently to the distance where Naito and Sakumo were having a fierce battle against the Tsuchikage.

On the other side, Onoki was ready to blow both Naito and Sakumo with his Dust.

This was very dangerous, Naito was closer than Sakumo, even if he managed to cut it with his sword, Sakumo would still be hit by the dust.

Slightly biting her lips, Tsunade with a sigh of anger looked at this scene, Tsunade joined the battlefield a little bit later, but she couldn’t do anything to help the two of them.

In fact, no one could do anything, the only people who could stand in the face of the Tsuchikage were Naito and Sakumo.

At this moment, even the battlefield wasn’t important, the battle on the other side is the one that was gonna determine the outcome of this war.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!!”

After the technique was ready, Onoki didn’t hesitate to throw it toward them.

Without making any sound, the white cube of light moved forward with a horrible atmosphere that caused suffocating for most of the people.

Sakumo’s heart got stunned for a moment, suddenly his eyes were flashing, then he jumped in the air and avoided it.

Naito who was holding the Kusanagi sword didn’t seem the same he suddenly stopped moving, and the Cube of Dust hit him, but instantly he turned into smoke and disappeared.

It was just a clone.

Naito’s body appeared in the distance, while his Chakra was crazy flowing into his palm, the shocks were emerging in the center of the Chakra forming the shape of the ball destroying the whole space around it.

What is that?!

Onoki’s brows wrinkled, and his face showed a hint of coldness, is that brat planning on blocking his dust with that small ball?!

If he just tried to avoid it, he would have a few seconds to go all the way around him and maybe even attack Onoki.

The regular using of the Dust Release is different from this technique, this is a one-time attacking cube, it doesn’t extend really fast like the previous one, which makes it more easier to avoid, but the power of this technique is more powerful.

The power of this technique is enormous, and nothing would be able to stop it!

Onoki stood there looking at Naito and couldn’t help but reveal a hint of mockery, it felt as if he was saying that this is the end for Naito.

But the next moment, Naito suddenly threw the ball toward the cube of dust!

“Can he throw it out?!”

Onoki suddenly got shocked, he didn’t expect this, he thought that Naito will reach the dust and press that ball into its center.

Unexpectedly, this technique turned out to be a thrown one.

But even if he could throw it out, it will never be able to block his dust.

Onoki was extremely confident, he regained his focus, and with a straight face, he looked at Naito as if he already seen the outcome.

In the next moment, the small ball finally collided with the Cube of dust.

“Earthquake Release: Hakai!!”

Naito looked up at the sky while his eyes looked very confident, he wasn’t sure that he can defeat Onoki, yet he was confident in his bloodlimit!

The Earthquake will never lose to the Dust!


This was the second clash between the dust and the shocks.

In an instant, the Hakai went in the center of the Dust Cube.

Suddenly, both techniques were stagnating in the air at the same time, like if a cube of a transparent bubble was wrapping another ball of a bubble.

At this moment, both Naito and Onoki have lost control over they Ninjutsu.

Upon seeing this scene, Onoki’s expression changed, and his face a revealed a trace of horror.


Without hesitation, Onoki rushed far away into the sky.

At the same time, both Naito and Sakumo flashed far away from the range of these two techniques, leaving the hilly area.

Suddenly the two techniques crushed into each other causing a big explosion!

Thousands of rays flashed together, it was like an endless stream of stars shining on the battlefield, the infinite light finally caused a strong dazzling, then it finally, exploded and spread in all directions.

There was no sound from the beginning to the end.

But wherever the light shined, it seemed if there was a violent and invisible force shuttering everything into dust!

Under the gaze of countless people, the huge hill suddenly got completely turned into ashes and disappeared!!

The Tsuchikage also looked very terrified, but it wasn’t from this scene… The fact that Naito managed to block the dust was what scared him the most!

Moreover, this time he used his strongest technique, and it wasn’t even a sneaky one, but Naito managed to beat his dust in a real frontal clash!

What a shock!

In this world, there is really a bloodlimit that can fight against his dust?

No, this unacceptable!

Someone who possesses the strongest bloodlimit in the world will never accept the existence of a more stronger one.

In fact, Naito shock still didn’t reach its strongest form, yet it managed to block his full power dust!

Thinking of this, Onoki couldn’t help but take a deep breath, then his eyes fall again on the figure of Naito.

It took him a long time to reach this level!

Yet Naito at this age managed to reach that level!


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