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T.S.H Chapter 154: Poison Shattering!

“It didn’t break?!”

Looking at the sickle and how it didn’t break from Naito’s strike, Naito suddenly got surprised.

It seems that this sickle is also made from a great material; otherwise, it would have been broke from Naito’s attack, it should have been cut into two halves if it was any other weapon.

Hanzo pulled back the chain and grabbed the Kusarigama with his hand, then he suddenly wrinkled.

Although it was only a normal attack, yet it still surprised him to see his kusarigama got blocked.

“This sword… It’s a Kusanagi sword!”

He couldn’t help but stare at Naito, Hanzo’s eyes revealed a strange color, but it wasn’t out of fear.

After he held his Kusarigama, he suddenly rushed toward Naito.


Hanzo’s Chakra was creating a very sharp edge at the end of the sickle, his chakra was even stronger than Sakumo!

Originally, his Kusarigama was made by the samurais of the Iron country, even Sakumo’s sword was made from the knowledge of the Iron country samurais.

The sharp edge of the sickle was heading toward Naito’s head, and it looked like it has the power to cut through the sky!


Seeing this scene, Tsunade was standing behind Naito, but she was very shocked to react and help him, standing behind him will only drag.

So she could only avoid it.

On the other side, both Orochimaru and Jiraiya, after that last clash the two of them were still lacking focus.

In front of this attack, only Naito with his sharp mind and high spirit was ready to fight back.

Naito’s full power shock has almost reached the S-Class Ninjutsu level, his shock waves were slowly becoming stronger than the regular shocks, but it was also on the verge of the S-Class Ninjutsu.

How Hanzo will handle such a power?!

“Shock… Cut!!”

In the next moment, with both hands, Naito waved his Kusanagi sword so hard, and the shock wave flew cutting the air.

If it were any regular weapon, it wouldn’t withstand such power.


Naito waved his sword and stopped both the sickle and Hanzo in the air.


For a moment, it seemed like two meteors have crashed into each other in the middle of the sky crushing both heavens and earth.

The ground behind Naito started to crack and instantly those cracks spread out to the distance.

At the same time, Hanzo got froze in mid-air by the power of the clash, while the Kusanagi sword started to cut through his sickle.

The shock started to spread away, and under the gaze of all people, the sky itself start cracking and trembling!


Under the intense clash of the two, it appeared that Naito’s strength was slightly weaker than Hanzo’s, but the Kusunagi sword was much stronger than the sickle!

And this is where the worth of the Kusanagi sword has been proved when it cut the sickle nearly into two halves!

Seeing this scene, Hanzo got surprised, and he immediately revealed a hint of jealousy, then he suddenly pulled back his Kusarigama and fell back.

After all, it seems that among the four of them Konoha’s Ashura is the strongest.


The moment he fell back, Orochimaru and Tsunade attacked him from both sides, and Jiraiya surrounded him from the third direction.

At this moment, Naito was still a little bit numbed from the clash of the two weapons, but his body was too strong, so it got recovered in a second, he held his sword with two hands, then he raised it up to the sky.

The four of them surrounded Hanzo in the middle, then they moved all together to attack.

However, in the next moment, with one hand Hanzo printed a hand sign, then his body disappeared into the ground instantly.


They all targeted their attacks at the ground where he disappeared, making a big hole!

Just when they were approaching the big whole to see where Hanzo was hiding, they felt a very horrible chakra flowing.

Suddenly, a huge monster came out and opened its mouth spreading a horrible purple poisonous mist in the air.

“Not good!”


Even though Tsunade has already made an antidote for that poison, they shouldn’t be very comfortable around it.

No one wants to get poisoned!

Just as Orochimaru and three of them fell back, Naito looked coldly at that poisonous Salamander in front of him, then jumped in the sky and slammed it down.

“If you think you can stay forever underground, think about it again!”


the poisonous mist that hasn’t been spread yet got shocked by Naito’s blow and stopped spreading.

The Salamander instinct felt the danger, but it was too late for him to drill back into the ground.

The turbulent force of Naito crashed both his body and the ground!

The poison also got shattered by the shock force and faded away in the air.

Seeing this scene, Orochimaru and Jiraiya felt very terrified, even Tsunade looked very shocked.

Naito is indeed a scary guy.

No matter what kind of attack you threw at him, his power of shocks will shatter anything and everything leaving nothing!

Even if it’s a poisonous mist, he will only need to throw up a punch to stop it!


Just when Orochimaru was slightly stunned by this scene, Hanzo appeared suddenly behind the Jiraiya’s back, while his eyes flashed with murderous intent.

He never thought that his Salamander will be killed in such a simple way by Naito.

It’s really too simple to die in front of this guy!

With the Kusarigama in his hands, Hanzo struck Jiraiya from above.

It was too late to turn around, with both hands Jiraiya tried blocked the sickle from behind, but it was too much for him, and he could hardly stop it from cutting his head.

Even so, the horrible power of that strike put a lot of burden on his legs that were standing on a muddy ground!

There were some dense cracks on the ground, and that was proof of the terrifying power that strike had.


Just when Jiraiya was about to give, he heard a soft sound of cracking, suddenly, the cracks on the sickle start to spread!