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T.S.H Chapter 155: Pressure!

Fortunately, due to the last clash he had with Naito, the sickle couldn’t withstand this enormous power and broke into two halves.

Even if the first clash didn’t break it, the second with Jiraiya sure made the work.

The broken half of the sickle fell so hard on the ground, while the other half was still in Hanzo’s hands, this scene made the cold sweat appear on Jiraiya’s forehead.

This was very close!!

If the sickle didn’t take that hit from Naito’s sword before, Jiraiya would have been dead by now!


Hanzo looked at his broken Kusarigama, then he frowned, he thought that this was the end, this course of events happened because of Naito!

After experiencing this moment of close death, Jiraiya forehead was full of cold sweat, and he directly fell back and escaped from Hanzo.

The three of them looked at each other in despair, they knew that they weren’t worthy to face Hanzo.

If Naito weren’t here, they would have been crushed so easily by Hanzo!

Hanzo threw the broke Kusarigama on the ground then he took a deep breath and shouted: “You four… Are very strong, even beyond my expectations.

“I’ve been called a Demi-God for so many years now, believe me, this title is not just for show!”

In the original story, the three legendary Sannin, could barely handle Hanzo for some time, he had the upper hand, but he let go of the three of them because he didn’t want to go in a big conflict with Konoha.

But this is a different case, it’s not because he’s Kusarigama got broke, or because he’s poison got shattered, but also because of the jealousy and fear, he felt in his heart, for that Hanzo decided to kill all the four of them.

In the original story, Hanzo wasn’t afraid to let the three of them go, because even if they grew and went even stronger, Hanzo was still confident he would be able to kill them, after all, he’s the man who was considered as a Demi-god!

However, Naito is different from these three.

Naito is already putting pressure on Hanzo, perhaps this is his last chance for him to kill Naito before he gets any stronger, because once that happens, there won’t be any man in this world who will be able to stop Naito.

“Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bomb!!”

At the next moment, Hanzo suddenly rushed toward Orochimaru, he printed some hands signs very quickly, then he cast his technique at him.

Hanzo took off his mask, and suddenly a very horrifying fire dragon rushed toward Orochimaru.

Orochimaru printed a hand sign then he pressed his hand into the ground.

“Triple Rashomon!”

Three huge iron gates suddenly rose from the ground in front of Orochimaru and blocked the fire dragon.


The fire dragon suddenly hit the first Gate, it broke it then it hit the second, unfortunately even the third one didn’t stop it, but it weakened it.

There is no doubt was an extremely powerful A-Class Ninjutus, and its power is almost close to the S-Class!

The Triple Rashomon didn’t block it, and his whole body got surrounded by the flames; fortunately, Orochimaru’s body was strong and could withstand the fire, even the injury was lite one, Orochimaru’ skin was very special, and he took advantage of that to ease the flames.

After he released the fire Ninjutsu at Orochimaru, Hanzo didn’t put his mask back, he rushed toward Jiraiya, then he spurted a powerful poisonous mist, which forced him to retreat.

Tsunade wanted to find an opportunity to attack Hanzo, but she couldn’t even surprise him from his other side, because Hanzo had an extreme sense of his surrounding.

She was afraid if she rushed at him, she would be seriously injured or even dead!

Hanzo once again showed his real strength, and he could easily stop the three of them, at this time, Naito attack finally arrived.


The whole place started shaking, and even rain stopped in mid-air.

Naito just threw an all-out punch, even though he was far away from Hanzo, the horrible force of the shock could easily reach him.

“Earth Release: Rock Wall!”

This is an enhanced form of the regular Rock Wall, and because it was cast by Hanzo, it was an A-Class Ninjutsu.


A thick wall rock rose from the ground and blocked the course of the Shock force.


The impact of the shock force on the rock wall was powerful, and it started to make very thick cracks on its surface.

In the end, the Rock Wall got destroyed by Naito’s Shock Force!

“With just a punch he made this much power… This power is really tricky.”

Hanzo looked at this scene, then he faced Naito and revealed a very cold murderous stare.

Hanzo could easily let go of the three legendary Sannin before because knew he can always stop them whenever he wanted.

However, if he felt threaten by the person in front of him, he will never feel eased unless he kills him for good.

“Is it just tricky?”

Naito looked at Hanzo, then with his two hands, he grabbed his sword, then kicked the ground so hard.


The ground suddenly cracked open, then Naito’s figure flashed so fast and came in front of Hanzo.

“So fast!”

This was the first time for Hanzo to witness the real speed of Naito, and it was even faster than Tsunade.

With one hand Hanzo printed a hand sign, then he instantly disappeared.

After hitting the ground with his sword, Naito didn’t stop and rushed again looking for Hanzo.

Hanzo once again appeared in the distance, an in a second, he cast another A-Class Ninjutsu at Naito.

However, with a powerful wave of his sword, Naito destroyed that Ninjutsu and rushed toward Hanzo very fast.

At this time, the gap between Naito and the other three was very clear, it was even hard for Orochimaru to face Hanzo.

Naito’s strength now is indeed very close to a Kage level.

Among the three legendary Sannin, even the strongest Orochimaru, couldn’t do anything but assisting Naito, he wasn’t qualified to be a strong side in this battle.

Gradually, after this battle really got fierce, whether it was Orochimaru or the other two, they knew that they weren’t the main parts of this battle.

All that they could do is to believe in Naito, assist him, and disturb Hanzo to open an opportunity for Naito to attack him.

After they found the best way to join their forces, the three of them along with Naito finally gained the upper hand!

In the beginning, Hanzo could still counter attack them, but now, the three of them managed to put some pressure on him, and if this continues victory will be no longer impossible!