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T.S.H Chapter 159: Spirit And Momentum!

Naito was slightly amazed, Uchiha Madara is even able to put Nagato under Genjutsu and manipulate him from a very far distance.

Uchiha Madara this man is really the strongest Shinobi.

But if the plan to make Nagato in the future revives him from the dead didn’t work, do you think this will stop him?!

The answer is definitely no!

This man is capable of doing anything, and nothing will stop him!

Even if he the Rinnegan plan didn’t work he will definitely find something else!


This was the voice of Yahiko calling Naito after he threw him far away, while he was holding Konan.

After all, it was too rude to throw a girl away.

“Don’t worry.”

Naito put Konan on the ground, then he looked at Nagato in the distance.

Konan had a cute little blush on her cheeks.

After he put her on the ground, she didn’t speak and looked at Nagato.

At the same time, she looked a little bit worried.

Nagato, she could no longer recognize him, he was very different!

On the other side, Yahiko was looking at Nagato in a great shock.

He never knew that Nagato had such power!

“Naito-Sensei, Nagato is…”

“You go back first, I’ll deal with him.”

Natio interrupted Yahiko without looking back at him, his tone was very strict.

Both Konan and Yahiko nodded, and the two retreated immediately, at the same they were worried about both Naito and Nagato.

How did things suddenly come this far?!

“Is this the power of Rinnegan?”

Jiraiya looked very terrified, the scene when the Shinra Tensei power destroyed everything around Nagato, made him reveal a terrified expression.

Orochimaru on the other side also looked very shocked.

This kind of power… He’s not even qualified to face it!

In the other side, Nagato was staring at the three of them with a very terrifying look.

He looked at Orochimaru first, but then he looked like he wasn’t even interested in looking at him, then his eyes fell on Naito’s figure.


In an instant, a very strong pressure burst out.

This is wasn’t some kind of a technique or Chakra flowing, it was just his Aura!


In an instant, the ground under Naito’s feet cracked open.

Naito looked like he was gonna fall just from that pressure.

“Very strong…”

Naito didn’t help but admire this power.

“But I won’t lose to you!”


At the next moment, without even moving a finger, Naito revealed his Aura.

His momentum raised, and the whole place started shaking and trembling.


The ground under Naito’s foot start cracking, his horrible killing intent was spreading all over the place, and the dark clouds begin to fill the sky!

The rain around Naito was shattering and floating in mid-air as if the time and space were stopped.

Without a trace of fear, Naito looked straight at Nagato’s eyes!

Although he was stronger than Naito, Madara himself wasn’t here, he was only manipulating Nagato from a long distance.

Under the full momentum of Naito, he started to suppress Madara’s.

At this moment, Madara finally was a little bit surprised.

“This kind of spirit…”

Even when he heard that Natio defeated Hanzo the salamander, Madara wasn’t surprised.

Because in his opinion, Hanzo was only another weakling.

But now, when he felt Naito’s strong spirit and momentum, and how he looked like he wasn’t afraid of him, or anything, he made him somehow see the Hachirama’s shadow behind him!

Suddenly Nagato’s eyes looked gloomy, and he retracted his hand out toward Naito.

Bansho Ten’in!


An unstoppable force suddenly attracted Naito’s body toward Nagato.

“Yuu Naito!”

“Be careful!”

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade looked very shocked, they didn’t know anything about the Rinnegan, and they couldn’t do anything to help Naito.

For someone who was attracted by the Bansho Ten’in Naito looked very calm, since he was very familiar with Pain’s six paths.

As long as Uchiha Madara himself is not the person who’s using the Rinnengan, Naito wasn’t afraid to face it.

Although the Rinnegan is strong, it’s not impossible to defeat it.

When Naito’s figure got attracted toward Nagato and almost got caught by him, Naito finally clenched his fist so hard and threw a punch toward him.


The power of the shock was very strong and terrifying!


Madara naturally didn’t expect Naito to be able to do anything after he got attracted by the Bansho Ten’in.

However, Madara’s heart seemed indifferent, facing the horrible shocks that were able to tear everything, Madara was as calm as ever, controlling Nagato he used another path of the Rinnegan power.



Suddenly the shocks that were heading toward Nagato got absorbed by the Gakido technique.

However, Naito also didn’t show the slightest of a surprised, on the contrary, Naito smirked.

It true that Naito is also using Chakra along with his power of the fruit, but it was only a small amount of Chakra!

His shocks are not simply Chakra!

Absorbing the Charka can only weaken the power of the shock, but it won’t completely wipe out!


At the next moment, Nagato’s expression suddenly changed, the Gakido couldn’t absorb the whole power of the shock, and suddenly it hit him.