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T.S.H Chapter 158: Rinnegan!

Konan and Yahiko finally reached Naito, and the look on their face was full of admiration.

After they watched their Sensei defeating Hanzo the Salamander there’s no way that they wouldn’t have admiration for him in their hearts.

Tsunade looked a little bit surprised to see the two of them, she turned and looked at Naito and said: “When did you accept this two as your disciples, and it seems that… These two children are from the Rain Country?”


Naito nodded, then he smiled at Tsunade who was revealing a very strong killing intent at the two of them: “They’re orphans, I encountered them when I was performing a mission, I was undercover at the time, so I lived with them for a while.”

“Why didn’t say anything about this before?”

Tsunade walked toward Naito, while she was looking at Konan, and Yahiko, and couldn’t help but feel strange.

It wasn’t because of the young age of Natio.

With the strength of Naito, it was very reasonable for him to take some disciples.

The strange thing is that he took these two as his disciples, they looked very ordinary, their Chakra was very weak, and they were at best in the level of a Chunin.

How can Naito suddenly accept them as his disciples?

Moreover, why did he chose two kids from the Rain to teach them, he could pick any other kid from Konoha, because, in the case of Konan and Yahiko, Tsunade really couldn’t see any difference.

“I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know if I will be able to see them again in the future, and they weren’t even from Konoha.”

Natio tried to explain.

However, Tsunade still didn’t get convinced by his words, she wanted to ask him more, at the same time, Nagato was walking slowly toward them while looking a little bit hesitated.

Orochimaru was standing beside them, but he didn’t get a part in this conversation, he just fought Hanzo, he was too tired even to talk.

But this is was different.

Even Tsunade felt strange about seeing Naito taking Yahiko and Konan as his disciples, Orochimaru started to feel a little bit suspicious.

In a second, he looked at the two of them, but he didn’t notice anything, then he looked at Nagato in the distance.

Since Yahiko and Konan looked fine, the third should be the problem!

Do you ever saw Orochimaru’s eyes?!

A glance from those evil eyes can make the heart tremble.

His sharp evil eyes fell at Nagato, suddenly his whole body started shaking, and his Rinnegan start glowing!

Jiraiya was about to take a closer look at Nagato, suddenly he felt an extraordinary power coming from him, he took a few steps back, with a shocking expression on his face.

What is that?!

At that moment, Orochimaru felt a very horrible killing intent coming from Nagato, in front of him, he felt like he himself was like an ant!

Yahiko didn’t notice any of that, he slowly walked toward him, he shook his head, then he stopped near him.

“Right, he’s called Nagato, we met him a few days ago…”

Yahiko was ready to talk about Nagato and introduce him to Naito, but before he finishes, Naito’s expression changed.

At this moment, Nagato’s Killing intent raised even more, then his aura suddenly roared in all direction.


The ground started cracking under this strong momentum, and his red hear start floating, showing his eyes… The Rinnegan eyes!


It seemed like Nagato as already lost conscious, and he was in some kind of a madness state.

Orochimaru’s eyes made Nagato remember the past, his heart sunk in fear, and he started to panic until he lost his conscious.

At this time, he was no longer controlling his power, and his eyes flashed with madness trying to protect him from the danger he felt.


This was the power of the Six Paths himself, even Orochimaru and the others could feel its power.


“These eyes… The Rinnegan?”

Both Orochimaru and Jiraiya felt shocked, and they recognized his eyes almost instantly.

At this time, even Orochimaru couldn’t maintain his calm and start breathing hard.

Perhaps Jiraiya was more shocked from the look on Orochimaru’s face, the former never lost his calm in front of Jiraiya!

Moreover, compared to Jiraiya, Orochimaru knew better what were these eyes, and what kind of power it had!

This is the power of the Six Path!

Almost at the next moment, Orochimaru rushed toward Nagato.



Tsunade and Jiraiya were still shocked, when the two of them saw Orochimaru’s action, they wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Naito could easily stop him, but seeing Nagato’s state, Naito frowned, and with a strange expression on his face, he let Orochimaru go.


A few big snakes came out from Orochimaru’s hand and rushed toward Nagato while they were opening their moth ready to eat him alive.

At this time, Nagato suddenly burst a violent force.

“Shinra Tensei!”


The ground around him start trembling, and some kind of a shock that was visible to the naked eyes suddenly exploded out from Nagato’s body, roaring in all direction.

the ground didn’t crack, but it got destroyed directly, a horrible deep pit start to appear, and in an instant, it continued on spreading.

Under this kind of power, anyone and everyone should escape!

Orochimaru’s attack got directly destroyed by the Shinra Tensei’s power!

“Not good!”

Orochimaru revealed a hint of horror, he immediately understood how powerful the Rinnegan, and without any hesitation, he escaped.

At the same time, both Tsunade and Jiraiya’s expressions changed then they fell back.

Naito stopped for a moment then looked at Nagato.

This is was strange for Naito because Nagato shouldn’t be able to control this kind of power, it’s very likely that this is just some kind of burst power broke when he panicked and lost his conscious, but still, it was very weird.


At the next moment, Naito grabbed Yahiko’s collar from the back, and at the same time, he picked up Konan with the other and rushed very fast away from that force.

The Shinra Tensei’s force spread in all directions, because it was pouring, the force was apparent as it was literally destroying everything on its way.

At this moment, Naito was very sure that Nagato has lost his mind, or he is being manipulated.

Nagato suddenly stopped, and suddenly there was a very cold stare in his eyes, those eyes looked like they were able to end the world!

Looking at those eyes, Naito finally understood that Nagato wasn’t in an unconscious state; otherwise, he would never stop his technique, and surely he will never reveal this kind of stare.

But even if it’s not an unconscious state, it was very obvious that this is wasn’t Nagato’s conscious, there’s no doubt Nagato is being controlled.

This kind of gaze and momentum… It’s Madara!