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T.S.H Chapter 165: Information about the Kusanagi Sword

The Sword of Totsuka which is one of the Kusanagi swords has appeared in the Rain Country…”

Looking at the Information on the scroll, Naito fell in deep thoughts, there’s no doubt that this information is accurate, it has been collected by the Anbu department, and their credibility should be very high.

The Sword of Totsuka originally has been wielded by Uchiha Itachi in the original story, but Itachi has not been born yet.

It should be around the time he left Konoha and joined the Akatsuki that he somehow managed to take it for himself, therefore; Orochimaru didn’t know that it has been wielded by Itachi.

According to the information on the scroll, the ninja saw the sword in the underground black market in the Rain country.

When it comes to the underground black market, you can find easily such very powerful items like this for sale.

For people who love money or love collecting things, they will often visit these markets around the world, if the items worth the money, it is likely that it will be sold quickly in exchange of money.

“The underground black market huh… In this case, It seems that a great journey is waiting for me.”

Naito continued looking at the scroll, and after he completed reading it, he finally whispered these words.

In the back of the scroll, there were some new on another sword that also has appeared in one of these black markets.

There are only three Kusanagi swords that have been mentioned in the original story, one of these swords is wielded by Naito, the name of this sword is the snake sword.

The other two are the Totsuka sword that has been wielded by Itachi, and Sasuke’s sword.

Now there is some news about the other two swords, and both have been related to the black market, and Naito will naturally have to give it a try and go there.

After he greeted both Konan and Yahiko, Naito left the place where they lived.

The black market in this worlds has its own unique system, and it’s well distributed around the countries, and many ninjas often appear around these black markets.

Danzo is one of them.

It’s certainly impossible for someone like Saruotbi who has become a Hokage to appear in these kinds of places.

At the same time, the Anbu department is also linked with the black market in the land of Fire.

Therefore, it was very simple for Naito to find the black markets in the Rain Country, although he has been forced to leave the Anbu department.

The black market of the Rain country was located in an inconspicuous town.

In the town, Naito met several ninjas from Konoha’s Anbu department, but he didn’t interact with them, he ignored them, then he entered the black market.

After he entered a tavern, he took a few turns and entered the dark place of the world.

The black market, looked almost similar to the huge underground structure of Konoha, it almost looked like a huge cave underground.

Of course, most of the people around this place were bandits.

In the gathering point of the black market, there were also some people who didn’t look like they belonged to any Village, but also there were some other ninjas from small villages.

Most ninjas were wearing masks and cloaks to hide their identity.

Naito didn’t wear a mask, he hated that part of his life, and he didn’t want to hide his identity anymore.

When Naito took his first steps in the black market, some people looked very surprised.

“Doesn’t this person looks familiar?!”

“It seems that I’ve seen him before… He’s just a little brat, then why does it feel so strange all of a sudden?!”

Some ninjas felt very familiar with looking at him, but they couldn’t recognize him.

At this time, Naito walked into the black market, then went all the way to the area of the intelligence trading.

The entire underground black market revealed a very dark atmosphere, even darker than Konoha’s underground structure, even the air was filled with a bloody atmosphere, it makes people very uncomfortable.

Almost every single person around the place looks suspicious, very cold and violent, these ninjas have been buried in the underground system for years.

There’s actually no control under the black markets around the world, even the major villages cannot control the black markets in their countries, these people are the most dangerous around the world.

However, although there’s no control on the black markets, they’re very organized, even the intelligence trading area has it own person in charge, a bit similar to the missions hall in Konoha, and he’s also a ninja.

Naito waited for a little bit.

However, because he stayed in the same place for a long time, and he wasn’t even wearing a mask, it got somehow suspicious.

So many eyes fell on Naito.

Most of the people who were looking at him looked somehow terrified as if they knew his identity.

Of course, some of them couldn’t recognize him, but they looked stunned to see Naito.

Why did this devil come here?!

Soon, the lane in front of him got shorter until it was his turn, Naito calmly looked forward.

But at the same time, a very big person came over and looked at the side of the intelligence trading area, suddenly his eyes fell on Naito, then he brows wrinkled.

It looks like a brat has come here!

“Who is this brat, this is not a place for kids like you!”

He said these words, then he directly tried to reach Naito’s neck, he wanted to pick him up and throw him out.

Some people on the side didn’t do anything, they were all watching the show, some of them even showed very evil expressions.

At this time, Naito turned and stared at him with very cold eyes.


In the next moment, a roar suddenly exploded in the black market, the ground under Naito’s foot collapsed, the people were shaking along the place who was also trembling, suddenly Naito reached that guy with his hand and pushed him to the ground.

His blood flew slowly along the cracks in the ground.

“It doesn’t matter if you kill someone in here right?”

Naito calmly retracted his hand and looked at the ninja who was in charge of the intelligence.

At this time, the Ninja who looked stunned, finally felt that Naito was very familiar, then he directly recognized him.

Konoha’s Ashura!!

It wasn’t this Ninja only who was stunned when Naito attacked that big guy, a lot of people couldn’t help but get shocked by the scene.

As for the ninjas who were really nearby the place they all stopped breathing the moment they recognized Naito!

Even other ninjas who recognized him from the start looked all shocked.

Konoha’s Ashura!

“It’s him!”

“There’s no doubt about it, it’s really him!”

“He looks even younger than what I expected, but this horrible momentum, it cannot be anyone but him.”

Most of the ninjas had an incredible look on their faces, some of them couldn’t even believe that Naito was this young!

The ninja who was in charge, took a deep breath and he could barely suppress the shock in his heart, then he slowly said: “Of course it doesn’t matter, you don’t even have to deal with the body.”

In this place, there are no rules, only power rules these kinds of places.