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T.S.H Chapter 168: Ultra Perceive!

“A different world…”

Naito retracted his hand out, and suddenly a drop of rain fell on his fingertip.

With the use of the shock power, Naito made that drop bounce on his finger, then another drop of rain collided with the first.


The sound of these two drops crushing on each other shouldn’t be audible, but in the world of perception that Naito has made the sound was very clear.

From beginning to end, Naito didn’t open his eyes.

“The Byakugan gives grants a near 360º diameter field of vision, It has a powerful range of vision, able to magnify up to cellular level on its targets or view great distances.”

His ability is different.

In fact, Naito doesn’t need to close his eyes, when he opens his eyes, he can also perceive the world.

The reason why he was closing his eyes and even blocking his sense of hearing is that he was trying to sense even the vibrations of the world.

Naito gently retracted his hands, and suddenly a white smoke appeared along with the Kusanagi sword.

Naito grabbed his sword with two hands, and without using the power of the shock he waved it, cutting the rain in front of him.


A drop of rain that was falling from the sky got gently split into two halves from the middle.

Then the sword kept moving up and down cutting the drops of rain that were falling from the same angle.

A user of the Sharingan can also do this, but Naito didn’t have it.

After a while, Naito took back his sword, and opened his eyes, and observed the place, whispering.

“Is this it?”

“No, I should be able to do even more.”

Naito believes that the shock sensor is definitely not just a simple way to just sensing the rain.

However, up until this moment, Naito couldn’t make his world of perception clearer, at most, it was a dark, rainy world.

“Ordinary people cannot sense these kinds of vibrations, but I can, yet I also have five other senses, which are affecting the vibrations in the air.”

After a long time with only small progress, an idea flashed in Naito’s mind, and he finally understood how he could improve it.

Later, Naito started to block his five senses one by one.

The sigh and the hearing sense can be easily blocked, but the touch is somewhat tricky, but for Naito, as long as he keeps trying, he can do it.

When Naito finally managed to block all of his five senses, the world in front of Naito changed again.

The world in Naito’s mind reached incomparable clarity, although there were no colors, only black and white, everything was evident in his mind!

“If everything in this world fluctuates, then would I be able to sense everything inside it? No, that will be too much for me to handle.”

Even though everything around him was Black and White, but the world was very clear, the visions were constantly flashing in Naito’s mind.

The air was blowing, and Naito could sense the trajectory of the rain, he could even sense the trajectory of the air.

Although the air is almost insignificant, it can still be perceived by Naito after he blocked his five senses.

Through the flow of the air, Naito could naturally capture and touch everything.

Naito stood up and walked outside of the house, gently lifting his foot and stepping on the ground.

Naito tried not to use a lot of force, he was taking soft steps, like a drop of water falling into a calm lake.

With the help of this ability, everything was clear to him, he could even distinguish between the muddy ground and the solid one.

Naito’s preception continued on spreading around.

The hall, the wood, everything around the house, bushes in the distance, forests…

Naito at this moment seemed like he was incorporating the entire world into his perception, but in the next moment, his perception got interrupted.


He suddenly opened his eyes, Naito coughed, and his face was slightly revealing a strange expression, then he touched his chin and said: “If this trick got learned, I’m afraid that it will be very amusing.”

“…No, I won’t ever use it for these kinds of purposes for the rest of my life.”

In another room in the house.

Konan was taking off her clothes, then she soaked her whole body in the water.

Suddenly her head came out of the water, while the rest of her body was still in, Konan’s face was showing a hint of sorrow.

“I cannot shake the feeling that Naito-Sensei is about to leave us.”

“The Rain Country is not Sensei’s home, after all, I hope that at least before he leaves, I can get strong to the extent that will satisfy Sensei.”

She whispered these words to her self, but the sorrow on her face didn’t disappear.


One again, Naito suppressed the feeling in his heart and cleared his mind, and he was able to leave the other room out of his perception.

Finally, Naito could once again enter the Black and White World.

Soon, Naito’s perception crossed the wood house and continued to spread out toward the distance, trying to reach the extreme range that his perception could cover.

But at this time, a figure hiding in the dark suddenly appeared in his perception!

Naito couldn’t sense his existing before.

After his perception covered a very long distance, Naito could see him.

He wasn’t an assassin… It was Zetsu!

“This guy is spying on me?”

Naito revealed a hint of surprise, while he was absorbing him, and he got a little bit angry.

There’s no doubt that Uchiha Madara is the one who sent him!

For how long he was watching Naito, even if he couldn’t understand Naito’s real power, the former was a little bit annoyed.

At the next moment, Naito stopped the ability and restored the five senses that he has blocked, then he opened his eyes and stood up to stretch his body.

Naito pretended to open the door of the house as if nothing was happening, then he looked at the place.

Suddenly his eyes flashed with a strange color.


At the next moment, the ground under him suddenly burst open, and the cracks start spreading out.

The rain suddenly looked as if it was stopped in mid-air as Naito flashed so fast at a distance, which attracted Konan’s attention, who has just got dressed and walked out.

Is Naito-Sensei practicing a new Ninjutsu?!