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T.S.H Chapter 167: Boom!

The continuous casting of these Ninjutsus made the whole place trembling.

Although it’s impossible to combine the Fire and the Water natures but to avoid the conflict between the two of them, he cast these two of Ninjutsu from opposite sides which placed Naito at the center.

“Kakuzu this guy is really strong, whether it’s his Chakra or his techniques, everything about him proves his power, even if he’s not at the level of Kage; still he’s very close.”

Looking at the wind, the thunder, the fire, and the five kinds of Chakra nature Ninjutsu reaching him, Naito’s expression became calm.

In times of peace, the warlike man attacks anything.

At the next moment, Naito reached out the seal on his hand, and suddenly the Kusanagi sword came out, with two hands Naito held it, then he waved it so hard.


Suddenly a Shocking Flying Slash came out the second he waved his sword.

It seemed to be very slow, but it was swift.

In almost a second, it ran through the entire battlefield, splitting the water, the thunder Ninjutsu, and destroying both the fire and the wind combined Ninjutsu!

But it didn’t stop!

The Flying slash went all the way toward the separate bodies of the two masks and destroyed them!


At this moment, Kakuzu’s had a very stunned expression.

In the face of his joint Ninjutsu attack of the Five Natures, Naito managed actually to destroy them all along two of his masks!

What a power!

What it was said in the information is simply nonsense, with this kind of power Naito doesn’t even need to join his force to Sakumo in order to defeat the Tsuchikage.

He’s even qualified to fight against Hanzo alone!

The information he had was seriously wrong, and Kakuzu was not ready yet to die, so he chose to retreat.

But will Naito made it this easy for him to retreat?!

Even if you’re a future member of the Akatsuki, if you dare to assassinate Naito, you must be prepared for his rage!

Suddenly, Naito flashed out of the split fire, then he rushed directly to Kakuzu who was about to escape.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The power of the shock exploded, and with every swing of his sword, Naito destroyed every single one of Kakuzu’s hearts.

With the last swing of his sword, Kakuzu body got split into two halves along with a large piece of rock in the back!

The shock in Kakuzu’s eyes was still evident.

Am I dead?

I have faced the legend Hachirama, and I’ve survived, but now I’ve died by Konoha’s Ashura’s hands.

At the next moment, Kakuzu’s last heart got destroyed!

Looking at his corpse, Naito pulled his sword back, while he looked like he didn’t care if this gonna change the plot.

The moment he gained this power, all that Naito was thinking about was Uchiha Madara.

There’s no time for the weaklings.

If anyone tries to cross his sword with Naito, he will have no mercy on him, even if its Danzo himself, if he dares to make trouble to Naito, he will kill him without even thinking twice!

But what about Konoha, what about Sarutobi?!


Soon, Naito returned all the way where he lived.

Konan and Yahiko were still practicing, and now they have finally reached the level of a Chunin, the rain country has finally become safe.

As long as they don’t pick a fight with other ninjas, there won’t be any problems.

However, Naito was still not thinking about leaving the place and going all the way to the Sand.

Because Naito wasn’t sure that the Kusanagi sword is actually in the Sand, and going there will mean that he needs to fight a whole village by himself, he wasn’t afraid, as long as they’re under the Kages level Naito with his own power can destroy an entire army.

But that would have been even easier if he had the Byakugan eyes, there’s no doubt that he would have been even stronger!

When Naito first opened the third gate, he started to feel his surroundings even better.

No matter how ninjas hide, there will always be vibrations in every action they do, although these vibrations will be very weak, it will affect the air and the ground.

It’s impossible for ordinary people to sense this kind of vibration.

However, Naito’s shocks power gave him the ability to sense it!

In the battle between him and Kakuzu, Naito could feel Kakuzu attack reaching him from the side without even turning around to see it, he could clearly sense it.

This couldn’t be done at the third stage of the shocks, once he reached the fourth, this ability got enhanced and become somehow perfect.

Naito didn’t return to his room, he came to a quiet place inside of the wooden house, then he sited cross-legged, Naito closed his eyes, then he tried to sense the vibrations around him.

Any ordinary person can feel an A-Class Ninjutsu without even looking.

B-Class and C-Class Ninjutsu are not that easy to sense.

As for the D-Class Ninjutsu or the sword sneak attacks, it’s impossible for ordinary people to sense it.

Naito currently can even sense a Kunai if it was gonna hit him from the back, he could sense it and even detect its trajectory.

Because from where he was sitting, Naito could even sense Yahiko’s movement while he was practicing his Kunai’s throwing, and he could also feel Konan practicing her Paper Ninjutsu.

However, that was it.

After he closed his eyes, Naito tried to clear his mind, and feel the whole place around him, he tried to reach the darkest places in his mind, the kind of place that is very deep, even the sound of the Kunai and Shurkine wouldn’t reach it.

What Naito was trying to do now is enhancing his sensing ability.

The rain was falling on the ground.

Naito closed his eyes, listening to the rain falling.

He didn’t know how long it took, but Naito finally reached that dark place, where he achieved his most focused states, then a drop of rain suddenly appeared.

Suddenly, Naito sensed it as if he saw it with his own eyes.

But that wasn’t it, that drop of rain fell on a piece of leave, then it splashed a cockroach underneath it, and Naito saw it all in his mind.

With the sense of this action, the dark world in Naito’s mind suddenly changed as if it was utterly transformed into a new one.

The second drop, the third, the fourth…

The endless drops of rain falling made the dark world in Naito’s mind become a dark rainy one.

Even the trajectory of every drop of rain was clearly visible in that world.