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T.S.H Chapter 171: The Land Of Wind!

Naito said all that he had in his heart, and Konan has listened to him quietly, while her beautiful eyes were shining.

The rain was still falling.

Konan finally looked up, while she seemed no longer confused, with a trace of seriousness, she nodded at Naito and said: “I understand… I understand Sensei’s idea.”


Naito smiled, then he stood up and gently patted her head, then he immediately turned and looked to the rain.

“There are countless people in this world, and everyone has his own ideas, of course, there are some people who don’t have one yet, just like you Konan.”

“In this case, you should choose one of those ideas and make it your own, this way you will have your own goal in life.”

Naito said these words, then he gently walked into the rain.

He immediately activated his shock power around his body, and suddenly the drops of rain start bouncing off his body.

No drop fell on Naito.

Then he gradually started disappearing while Konan kept looking at him quietly.

“Sensei is sure more mature than Yahiko.”

Konan stood up looking at the rain falling, then she sighed softly, although, Naito’s age was the same as her, his strength and mentality were way better than her.

This made Konan have nothing but respect and admiration for Naito.

At the same time, she also started recognizing his strong will.


Wondering in the Rain country, there was some ninja who oftenly encountered Naito on his way, but most of them were avoiding even looking at him.

The deeper he went in the Rain Country, the stronger the rain was, and the longer it lasted, especially at Rain Village, the rain doesn’t stop.

Naito reached the Rain Village, but he didn’t want to walk in, he only looked at it from afar.

Naito was no longer concerned about Hanzo, he doesn’t pay attention to the people who he already defeated.

Because once he defeated them, they will be no longer able to catch to him.

Because he never rested, Naito was always training hard to improve himself, he will never rest unless he reaches the peak of the world.

Naito is willing to overcome all the difficulties and the obstacles in front of him, and he will never let anyone caught him from behind!

“Nagato has not yet appeared, Madara’s plan didn’t change, but now after he knew about my existence, will there be some changes?”

After he looked at the Rain Village from far away, Naito left while he was whispering these words to himself.

Along the way, Naito didn’t shut his Ultra perceive technique, on the one hand, he was exercising, on the other hand, he wanted to see if he can sense something else.

But Naito couldn’t find Nagato.

Nagato’s idea was all about pain, he wanted to make the world experience it, feel it, and fear it, then peace will come.

Naito didn’t know if this can work, but he knew it was unrealistic because Nagato was always controlled by Madara.

In this world, the stronger will always have the last word.

All the way forward, Naito crossed through the whole country of the Rain and reached its border from the other side.

The sky was clearer, but the rain was still falling.

Moving on, the dark clouds began to disappear gradually, then eventually the sky was clear.

He finally entered the Land of Wind!

The water resources in the Land of Wind is much less than the one in the Land of Earth, it’s almost like a big desert, the funds are much less than the Land of Fire.

Because of this, the Sand cannot have a lot of Shinobis because of the lack of resources.

Among the five major villages, the number of the ninjas in the Sand Village is the least.

Finally, when Naito entered the Land of wind, the muddy ground gradually became dry, and then slowly turned into a piece of pale yellow ground.

Going deeper, the ground started to had a lot of cracks.

This zone was near the one where the Sand and Konoha were fighting each other, and it looked almost like a desert!

A lot of people were born in fear at this endless desert, but they grow up fine, and there were even people who were a lot stronger than Naito!

Naito got overwhelmed by emotions the moment he put his first step in this land.

Naito tried to suppress these emotions, then he looked at a scroll in his hand, this scroll had the map of the Land of Wind.

After all, this land was unlike the Land of Fire, it was an endless dangerous desert, and anyone can be lost in it.

It can be said that the environment of the Land of Wind is the worst of the four Lands.

But because it has such a bad environment, people who got born in it, has a lot stronger bodies than the ones who were born in the Land of Fire.

The ninjas who were born here are naturally stronger than average ninjas.

Currently, the strongest Village in the world is Konoha, but the sand has better quality.

It is true that the Sand has less number, but still, they have a higher quality.

Going forward in the desert, Naito has finally reached a small village, so after a long way, Naito decided to settle there.

It was a small village near a water source.

The people who lived here were basically ordinary people, of course, there was still some Shinobis from the Sand passing by from time to time.

Because, even if it was just a small village, the Shinobis were always passing by to ensure its safety, If something happened to their water source in such a small isolated village, people might die.

The houses in here were also completely different from the ones in Konoha.

The house had a dome-shaped structure, and small windows, in order to make them able to resist strong winds.