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T.S.H Chapter 172: Reaching The Sand Hidden Village!

Naito checked himself into a hotel, his appearance now looks no longer as a child, he seems like if he was a seventeen years old boy, no one has looked strangely at him.

After sitting down, Naito ordered a cup of tea.

Coincidentally, a group of people on the table behind Naito were actually talking about the situation on the battlefield.

“I heard that Konoha is now really trying to invade our land, they’re already trying to take some territories.”

“Yeah, but fortunately, they’re not used to fight in our environment, and our army has been able to block their advance.”

“Do you think they can keep on blocking them?”

Listening to the news coming from behind, Naito’s eyes flashed, he already finished his tea while he was listening to them, so he turned and left.

From these few words, Naito understood that Konoha situation should be quite good currently.

However, since the Land of Wind is almost an endless desert, the Sand managed to take advantage of their environment and block them for the time being.

A step by step, Konoha will be able to advance even more.

Of course, the few people that were having a discussion about the war were just ordinary people, and the news shouldn’t be necessarily accurate, Naito was still gonna look up from more details.

After he wandered around the town, Naito got the information he wanted.

Konoha was really trying to invade the land of wind, the army had Sakumo, Jiraiya, and Tsunade, as for Orochimaru he been called back to Konoha.

Tsunade, on the other hand, has been asked to form a medical camp to treat the injured Shinobis in the battlefield.

Therefore; Naito wasn’t worried about the safety of Tsunade.

As for Sakumo, Naito believed that even if encountered the Kazekage himself in the battlefield he can work things up and escape.

Orochimaru reached the Kages level a year ago, and as for Jiraiya even if his progress is slower, he should be at the same level by now.

Speaking of progress, Tsunade is supposed to have already successfully learned the Reserve Seal by now, Naito will go and see her if he has the chance.

After he collected some information about the battlefield, Naito wasn’t ready yet to join them, but he was preparing himself, to avoid the fight and go straight to the Sand Village.

Before that, there’s still one thing to do.

Naito started to reveal a strange behavior around the town, causing some ninja to pay attention to him.

After that, Naito immediately left the town, the ninja called the back up of one other ninja, then they start following him.

They thought Naito was one of Konoha’s scouts.

However, Naito was acting this way, to lead them out of the village, of course, his reason wasn’t only to kill them… But also because he needed a new identity.

With the use of the Ultra Perceive technique, the movements of these two Shinobis were very clear in his mind even though he wasn’t watching him with his eyes.

After they went so far away from the town, and even deeper in the desert, Naito suddenly turned around and looked at the two of them calmly.

The two men were very trained Shinobis, and the two of them were hiding their trails the whole way, which made them very surprised the moment they saw him turning around facing them.

Both of them didn’t hesitate to use hand seals and escape, but Naito didn’t give them a chance.


In an instant, Naito was already in front of them.


Without even fighting back the two of them got killed with one punch.

The Shock force was very strong for them to handle.


Due to the power of his punch, the ground got destroyed.

Looking at the bodies of the two Sand Shinobis on the ground, Naito made a hand sign.

“Transformation Technique!”


Naito came out of the smoke, while his appearance has changed to one of the Ninjas that he has just killed.

Of course, the ordinary transformation technique is not a perfect way to hide the person traces, he will be exposed the moment he gets a shot, but Naito didn’t need to be hidden for a long time, he only needed to be able to sneak into the Sand Village and find the Kusanagi sword.

Once he gets the Kusanagi sword, Naito wouldn’t care anymore about hiding his identity, even an army wouldn’t be able to stop him from leaving!

There’s still one problem with the duration of the transformation technique, he won’t be able to use it again after he enters the village.

This time, Naito used his top speed, he never stopped in the middle of the way, even when he reached a town Naito didn’t stay, and after a short time, Naito managed to reach the hinterlands of the Sand Village.


Sand Village.

The entire village was surrounded by a wall.

They call it a wall, but the Village was just built in the middle of a big mountain in the desert!

The ninjas worked very hard to build a high wall to prevent the storms from hitting the village.

It was very spectacular!

This wall looked like if it was endless, it was surrounding the entire village.

in the middle, there was a great wooden gate, and it appeared to be the main gate of the village.

The wall was very high as if it was touching the sky, and a lot of ninjas were watching and guarding the place.

Of course, all that Naito needed to do is entering through the gate.

No one could detect him since his cover was very good.


A lot of Ninjas were wondering the streets, there’s no doubt that Naito has already sneaked in.

Walking on those streets, Naito felt a completely different atmosphere from Konoha.

Konoha’s streets were very lively, here in the Sands, people were always avoiding coming out.

The streets were mostly full of Shinobis.

However, with the use of the Ultra perceive technique, Naito was able to sense everything around him, and he managed to avoid all the Shinobis.

“The difference between the two villages is very clear, people in here seems like if they’re trapped.”

After walking for a while, Naito took a glance on the wall behind him, then he whispered these words to himself.

Naito continued to move deeper into the Village, while he was sensing the whole place with his Ultra Perceive technique.

“The number of the Ninjas around here is really less then Konoha.”

“From the outside, the town looked very guarded, but when I entered the Village it seems to be less guarded, anyone can sneak into the place.”

With the help of his technique, everything was clear to Naito.

Naito went even deeper into the village, suddenly he sensed the existence of the Kusanagi sword.

“The information was true, the Kusanagi sword is really in this place!”