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T.S.H Chapter 182: Destruction!

Naito couldn’t go all out, he always needed to keep himself ready to defend against the Iron Sand.

“Since the ordinary Shock Force couldn’t smash this thing, then…”

Naito’s eyes flashed with a particular color, then he jumped into the air, he grabbed his sword with two hands, then he swang it.



Space got crack as if it was a broken mirror.

The cracks kept spreading until the whole village looked as if it was got split!

The Iron Sand Ball was at the center of this attack, suddenly a crack appeared on its surface.

However, the crack got healed immediately.

“I cannot reach him, this ball has no limit, it heals itself every time, even my shockwaves couldn’t shatter it!”

Looking at this scene, Naito’s eyes flashed while he whispered these words.

The power of the shockwaves is a lot strong than an ordinary shock, it should be with the current strength of Naito at the S-Class level.

“If one didn’t do the job, a few more will do it.”

With a serious look on his face, Naito held his Kusanagi sword, and then he waved it several times.


With the move of his sword, the Shockwaves fell from the sky one after another.

On the ground.

The Third Kazekage was standing inside his Iron sand ball, while his forehead was showing traces of cold sweat.

If this continues the power of the shockwaves will split him into two halves along with his Iron Sand Ball.

“I cannot stop such an attack, the power of his Shock Force is really terrible, I need to go all out.”

After he took a deep breath, the Kazekage’s expression became very serious, and suddenly, he waved his two hands.

“Magnet Release: Sand Iron!!”


His Chakra start to flow, and suddenly, a significant amount of sand iron begin to gather from all over the Village, it looked as if it was the Kazekage’s turn to attack.

However, the Kazekage was only trying to enhance the power of his Iron Sand Ball.

The Iron Sand Ball didn’t go bigger, it was actually shrinking but getting more solid!

The Iron Sand was getting compressed even harder!

This was the real absolute defense!

The endless shockwave that Naito sent toward the Iron Sand Ball finally hit it, but it only left few scratches on its surface, the Kazekage managed to block it altogether.

It’s not that the Shockwaves weren’t strong, the destroyed ground around the Iron Sand Ball is the proof that the power of the shock is definitely strong.

“It got completely blocked.”

“This is the true power of the absolute defense of the third Kazekage!”

In the distance, the Sand Shinobi felt terrified the moment they saw what Naito’s shockwave did to the ground, but they felt relieved when they saw that the Iron Sand Ball was unharmed by his attack.

It is called an absolute defense because nothing can break it!

“This really good, with this kind of defensive power, I don’t think that there’s anyone who have a stronger defense than the Third Kazekage.”

Looking at the high-density of the Iron Sand Ball under him, Naito whispered these words.

Naito was still standing in the sky, he looked as if he was standing on a broken mirror in the space.

To make it clear, the legend says that even a Bijudama won’t break the Kazekage’s defense, the only thing that is stronger than his Iron Sand Ball, is his Iron Sand Spear, he’s the only one who can break his own defense. 

Well, Naito wasn’t sure that this stuff can block the power of a Bijudama.

After he shook his head, Naito released his hand, and the Kusanagi sword disappeared in the smoke.

Later, Naito extended his hand, and his Chakra began to flow and condense madly.

Naito didn’t know if the Bijudama could break his absolute defense, but he was sure that his Hakai can break this so-called absolute defense!

Even the dust doesn’t have a chance against his Hakai!

And since his Chakra and Shock got stronger, his Hakai should also be stronger!

Naito’s Shock power has reached the fourth stage, therefore; the Hakai technique should have an extremely terrifying power now, there’s nothing that it cannot destroy.

The only disadvantage of that technique is its speed, it can be easily avoided.

But the third Kazekage has already trapped himself in his shell, he has no place to escape, he can only defend against every attack!

“Let’s see if this so-called absolute defense can block my Hakai.”

Naito stared at the bottom, and there was already a white light ball with a human head size on his palm.

The core was extremely dazzling, it looked like a small sun, with a faint white light.

Even the size was different from before.


Suddenly, Naito waved his hand sending that ball toward the Kazekage’s absolute defense.

“Earthquake release: Hakai!”


Under the gaze of countless feared Sand Shinobis, the light ball fell and reached the Iron Sand Ball.

Yet nothing has happened, it didn’t even make a sound!


Naito’s expression was very calm, he was just looking at the ground, he simply didn’t have a slight doubt that the end was near.


Suddenly under the gaze of everyone in the field, the Kazekage absolute defense got destructed!

In the blink of the eye, the entire Sand Iron Ball disappeared into nothing… Nothing remained, even the Kazekage got disappeared completely!

There was no flesh no blood no bones, there was no trace of him.

The only thing left, was the big hole in the ground, and nothing else.


That was the sound of one of the Ninjas in the place swallowing.

No one spoke, no one could even talk, because there was nothing to say.

However, deep in their minds, countless of thoughts were flashing, some of them felt an intense headache in their heads from the shock they had in their hearts.

The third Kazekage… Is dead?!