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T.S.H Chapter 186: The Ichibi Escapes!

The reason why Shinobis aren’t a great match against the Bijuu isn’t that their Ninjutsu’s power level cannot fight against the Bijuu, it’s just because Bijuu has a high endurance compared to ordinary people.

The reason behind calling them war weapons is because every single one of them has the power to destroy a country, their Chakra is massive, they can almost fight endlessly.

Perhaps an army can stop a Bijuudama.

But what about ten, or one hundred?!

There isn’t any ninja that can continue to cast A-Class Ninjutsu or S-Class Ninjutsu several times!

But Bijuu can, therefore; the Village captured them, and used them.

Since the Warring States Period, the Major villages used the Bijuu in their wars, but only the Senju and the Uchiha could use them as their pets!

Both clans could control them, not because they were only strong, but because they had the right tools to do so!

But Naito wasn’t an Uchiha nor a Senju, the Ichibi never met someone like him.

His amount of Chakra wasn’t that big, it wasn’t that different from the Kazekage.

However, the Ichibi was looking at him as if he was the real monster.

Naito’s shock wasn’t consuming a lot of his Chakra, and his physical power was extremely strong thanks to the Reverse Hachimon Tenkou.

Therefore, Naito could fight against the Ichibi easily!

In other words, the existence of Naito is like the existence of the Bijuu, he could also be considered as a War Weapon, he has the power to destroy a whole country!

With every hit of Naito’s fist, the Ichibi screamed in pain, but he never give up, the Ichibi kept fighting back, hoping that Naito will run out of Chakra.

But no matter how many hits the Ichibi took, Naito didn’t look like he was even consuming Chakra!

His endurance and physical power can even be compared to a Bijuu!

The shock in the Ichibi’s heart kept raising, from the moment of his birth and until this moment, he never encountered a man like Naito.

Moreover, the Ichibi was scared of one more thing.

Naito’s power was wiping out his Chakra.

The Bijuu can also get exhausted, but they didn’t need a lot of time to recover.

But this situation is different, with every hit, a part of his chakra was getting wiped out permanently, and parts of his body were no longer able to be condensed again!

This is made him finally panic.

Although the amount of his Chakra was enormous, if this continues, he will really die.

“Stop! Stop! Human!!!”

Finally, the Ichibi start crying for help, screaming, asking for Naito’s mercy!

However, Naito ignored him and continued on beating him.

The Ichibi start to panic, he could never ask for mercy even if Uchiha Madara himself was in front of him, because at most, he would be caught or controlled.

But Naito was just beating him, and it really hurts, and if he continues he will really get killed!

Finally, under Naito’s madness, the Ichibi couldn’t help but think about one thing!

He used all of his power to block one of Naito’s punches, then he didn’t even dare to look at him or counterattack him, he turned his tail, then run!

However, Naito wasn’t gonna let him go this easily.

Since the time he opened the fourth stage of his shock, it becomes really difficult for Naito to find a good target to exercise his power, Naito could destroy a whole mountain with one punch.

Therefore, this was a good chance for him, he could use the Ichibi as his target, Naito was actually considering whether he should capture him and bring him back with him.

The Ichibi got horrified from the scary look on Naito’s face, then he dived into the sand sea, and ran as fast he can.

“Hey, who said you can go!”

Naito didn’t hesitate to stop the Ichibi, he jumped then he kicked the ground targeting the Sand sea with his powerful shock waves.

The Shock Waves hit the Ichibi, the ground start cracking, and the Ichibi felt like if he was almost gonna collapse, still he didn’t stop and continued on running away.

In the end, Naito kept chasing the Ichibi and left the Village.

The Ichibi couldn’t help but escape the place, he wasn’t even planning on going back, even asking for mercy couldn’t stop Naito from beating him.

The Ichibi… Was defeated?!

The Sand Shinobis didn’t even move from their place, they all looked stunned, even the death of their Kage was not as shocking as this scene!

One man made the Ichibi ask for mercy!

Although the Kazekage could stop the Ichibi all by himself, the Ichibi has never run away or asked for mercy.

A breeze blew.

Yet no man in the place has moved from his place, the time has passed by, and not a single one of them spoke, the only thing they were thinking about is how they were still alive.


Naito kept chasing the Ichibi in the desert, but in the end, he lost him.

The Ichibi was stronger in the desert, and after he chased him for a long time, Naito could no longer tell where the Ichibi go.

Naito looked at the endless desert, then he shook his head with helplessness, he even looked a little bit disappointed.

After he stretched his body, Naito felt that this battle was already over.

Because he chased the Ichibi for a long time and lost, he took out the map and looked for his location.

After he determined his location, Naito didn’t felt like going back to the Sand Hidden Village but walked toward the battlefield, where Konoha and the Sand were fighting.

The Sand Hidden Village has already lost their Kazekage, their Anbu Captain, and even their Bijuu, basically it was a waste of time to go back.

However, It seems that that the battle is still going!