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T.S.H Chapter 185: Smashing The Ichibi!

After he continued smashing the Air Bulettes that the Ichbib was sending, Naito kept walking until he reached his front.


With one punch he made a big hole in the lower body of the Ichibi, then he rushed over him and jumped toward his head.

At the next moment, Naito swang a punch at his head.

Facing Naito’s fist, the Ichibi suddenly moved the sand around him and made a big shield of sand to block Naito’s attack.

However, it wasn’t enough to stop Naito.


Naito’s punch destroyed half of that shield, and with the next one, the whole shield got destroyed.

The power of the shock didn’t stop there and covered his entire body.


Under the power of Naito’s punch, the Ichibi couldn’t help but scream in pain, his whole body got crashed into pieces and turned into endless sand.

The Sand sea continued to surge, once again it got condensed, and the Ichibi recovered his body, but the looked on his face was really revealing his anger.


So this how it feels.

Logically speaking, the Ichibi’s body is composed of chakra and sand, even if it got smashed, there should be no pain, but Naito’s fist could make him feel it!

This is the power of the shock force, it can affect everything, even if it is the immortal body of the Ichibi!

“Damn you, you’ve made me angry!!”

The Ichibi roared, while he was surging a horrible amount of chakra that made the whole ground tremble.

This Chakra made the Sand Shinobis in the distance reveal a trace of horror, they couldn’t help but retreat even further.

Suddenly, almost half of the Village got turned into endless sand waves, then rushed wildly at Naito.


The sand waves covered the entire sky, then it slammed the ground making a powerful impact.

What a shocking scene!

Endless sand covering the entire ground rushing toward Naito, the amount of chakra that the Ichibi was surging was unbelievable, even a Kage level wouldn’t be compared to it!

“I’ve made you angry?”

Looking at the endless sand waves rushing toward him, Naito revealed a strange expression, he couldn’t help but think about the Ichibi’s words.

It seems that his shock force is very painful to the Ichibi.

This became a little bit interesting.


In the face of this endless sand waves in the sky, Naito pulled out his sword, then rushed into the sky.

Shock Wave!

In an Instant, he sent his shock wave toward the sky slamming the Sand waves!

The Shock Waves opened its way through the Sand waves and rushed toward the Ichibi.


The massive size of the Ichibi’s body didn’t help him avoiding Naito’s shock waves, the moment it reached him, his whole body got split from the middle!

At the same time, the Ichibi screamed in pain.

“It hurts, it freaking hurts!!!”

The pain of being cut by Naito’s sword was even more painful then being punched, he felt like if it tore his soul.

The Ichibi got angrier, his chakra become more violent, and the whole village started trembling.

At the next moment, the sand under Naito’s feet start moving, and instantly it wrapped his whole body, and start squeezing him.

“Sand Binding Coffin!!!”

The Ichibi had only one thought his heart, that is to kill Naito.

But it can never be done!


At the next moment, Naito who was wrapped in the sand suddenly slammed a shock force out of his body.

His body was covered by an invisible transparent aura.

The moment that power burst out, the endless sand around his body got crashed.

At the next moment, with the use of the Soru technique, Naito flashed toward the Ichibi and waved his sword.


The Ichibi once again screamed in pain as his body got cut.

Even though he was recovering his body every time, the Ichibi couldn’t stand the feeling of the pain, it seemed like if it was endless suffering!

Naito suddenly flashed several times then came on the top of the Ichibi and kicked him.


The Ichibi didn’t have time to defend, and his whole body got crashed to the ground again.

The Ichibi got destroyed and recovered several times, but no matter what he threw at Naito, the former always managed to counterattack him!

Naito didn’t even need his sword at the end, he was just smashing him using his fists!

Naito was just punching him over and over again!

This was the Ichibi’s punishment for attacking Naito, endless suffering!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The Ichibi was screaming, and roaring, while Naito was smashing him with his fists.

What a battle!

The momentum was even more terrifying than the previous fight he had with both the Anbu captain and the Kazekage, this battle has turned the entire village into a battlefield, many buildings got destroyed.

And the most terrifying thing about it was that the Ichibi was loosing to Naito!

No one dared to sneak attack Naito, the whole army of the Sand froze in their places while they had a very stunned and fearful expression in their faces.

They were afraid, and the one who scared them wasn’t even the Ichibi, it was Naito!

Because the real monster in the place wasn’t the Ichibi, it was Naito!

The scene it selfs proves it because you will never hear in your entire life, even if you live for a thousand years, about a man smashing a Bijuu to death using his fists!