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T.S.H Chapter 189: Back To Konoha!

Naito’s growth rate is indeed incredible.

No one can imagine that a thirteen years old can have such a power.

To invade alone the Sand Hidden Village, and kill the third Kazekage, is something impossible even for the Third Hokage, probably only the First and Second Hokage can do such a thing.

Sakumo could no longer know how to treat Naito, but he knew for sure, that even Konoha will have some problems dealing with him.

The existence of Naito is really special.

On the other hand, Tsunade stood there in silent looking at Naito in a very strange way.

Just a few years ago, Naito was struggling to even survive in Konoha, the Uchiha wanted him dead, and she was the one who protected him, but now, Naito got a lot stronger.

Even stronger than anyone in Konoha.


When Konoha’s Ashura invaded the Sand and killed the third Kazekage all by himself, then defeated the Ichibi, the whole world become in chaos!

No one could believe this news!

No one believed it, until the sand itself surrendered completely to Konoha, and confirmed this information.

Whether it was Onoki, Hanzo, A, or even Sarutobi, they were all shocked.

Because they knew that Naito wasn’t this strong!

Especially, Onoki and Hanzo who fought against him before, both of them were sure that Naito didn’t have the power to invade a whole village by himself and kill its Kage.

Even if the Kage is weak, he’s strongest in his Village!

“That little devil, his growth rate is crazy, it as if he controlled a Bijuu or something.”

Onoki was very shocked by this news, and more afraid of Naito’s power.

Perhaps, what he said is true, in this world, only a Jinchuriki can get this powerful after he controls his Bijuu!

On the other side.

The third Raikage had a different opinion when he heard this news.

“The Third Kazekage, the strongest Kazekage that the Sand ever had, seems to be a weak person, the so-called absolute defense, got destroyed by a kid… Pathetic.”

He threw the information on the table, then he folded his hands on his chest and snorted: “But to be able to surpass a Kage is enough to prove the person’s skills.”

The Raikage didn’t care about how Naito managed to defeat the Ichibi, after all, he’s the person who beat the Hachibi several time.


The Land of Fire, Konoha.

Far away on the route to the village, Naito and Tsunade were standing there while they looked a little bit emotional.

Tsunade didn’t return to Konoha for a long time.

Moreover, The Sanju and the Uchiha were totally different, the Uchiha Clan only cared about war, they didn’t care about Konoha or the safety of the Village, they only cared about themselves, on the other hand, the Sanju really cared about the Village.

Therefore, the Sanju has suffered a lot of casualties.

Even Tsunade’s younger brother has died in the war, like the original, but this has been in the past.

“Finally, home.”


Naito looked at the Village from a distance, and a revealed a hint of emotion.

Naito never felt safe in Konoha, in fact, he felt safer when he was in the battlefield, yet he finally became stronger.

He will no longer fear anything!

Whether its Danzo, the Uchiha, or even Sarutobi, no one can hurt Naito anymore.

Naito never wanted to be a Hokage, the only thing he cared about is power, as long as he’s strong, even a whole village won’t be able to face him, Naito is already a Kage, even if he doesn’t have his own Village!

Of course, Naito is may be able to invade the Sand alone, but its still difficult to do the same thing to Konoha, after all, they were stronger.

As long as Konoha doesn’t provoke him, he doesn’t really need to do anything to them.

Even though Naito has never felt that he belonged to Konoha, yet he grew up there, and he doesn’t have any grudge to the Village itself.

Getting closer and closer to the village, a familiar figure flashed in his mind.

He was gonna meet Kushina again.

However, when he thought about her, he couldn’t help but think about the Kyuubi, then about Juubi and Madara.

Protecting her is even harder than protecting the whole village!

He still needs to get stronger!

Naito was also thinking about Uzumaki Mei, a character that it was absent in the original, but currently is living in Konoha,he couldn’t help but think about the possiblity of her replacing Kushina as the next Jinchuriki.

This world is a bit strange.

Devil fruit appears suddenly in the world, to create a new blood limit, many things have changed because of it, Naito had a feeling that something was behind it appearance, someone was trying to change history.

But obviously, he was fine by that, since it worked well for him.

He shook his head clearing his mind, throwing all of this behind him, as long as he reaches the peak, he will know all the answers.


At the Main Gate of the Village, a lot of ninjas stood there, there were also a large number of civilians.

They were all there to welcome the return of Naito and the others.

Konoha’s Ashura, and Konoha’s White Fang.

There are the titles of Konoha’s heroes!

“Look, they finally come!!”

Finally, one of the saw Naito from a distance, and immediately the crowd started cheering and shouting their names.

Countless people were cheering.

Tsunade and Naito stopped for a moment, on the other side, Sakumo smiled then said: “Let’s go.”


The two of them nodded, then they immediately followed him.

Naito was looking in the crowd, searching for a particular person, but there were too many people; therefore he used the Ulta Perceive technique.

He found the person he was looking for in an instant.

The joy on Kushina’s face was indescribable when she saw Naito coming over toward her, he hugged her directly the moment he reached her, then he immediately used his Suro and disappeared from the crowd.

The people were surrounding the three of them from all directions, suddenly they could no longer find Naito who was just a moment ago in front of them.


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