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T.S.H Chapter 203: Regression!

“You two…”

Kushina woke up by the sudden appearance of Minato and Mei, first, she felt embarrassed, and her cheeks got really red, she didn’t even know what to say and looked directly at Naito.

Naito’s expression also seemed strange looking at the two of them.

How did they come together?

Minato and Mei realized how he was looking at them and felt slightly awkward.

“Mei managed to sense Kushina’s chakra, and it was an urgent matter, so I didn’t inform the village and rushed over with her.”

“Oh… So both of you were together before the accident?”

Kushina asked out of curiosity, then she immediately realized something and she directly exclaimed.

“So that’s what you were doing every day, you were stalking…”


Mei rushed at Kushina and closed her mouth with her little hand while her cheeks turned really red.

The two of them start to act weirdly, and even Naito couldn’t understand what happened.

“Hahaha… That’s… In the end, it’s great that you’ve managed to arrive in time, and save Kushina.” Minato realized what was happening and tried to change to topic.

Naito was holding Kushina’s hair tight in his hand.

He glanced at Minato, thinking that if Mei was the Jinchuriki, their roles would have been reversed.

Kushian is still the Jinchuriki which made Naito feel strange about the real purpose for Mei’s existing.

The four of them slowly took the road back to the village, on the way they met with some ninjas from Konoha, when they knew that Naito has rescued Kushina, they didn’t look surprised.

Naito is very strong, and he had a great relationship with Kushina, so it’s only reasonable for him to save her.

However, when they knew that the Cloud Surprising squad got completely destroyed by him, even the Anbu felt stunned.

The Cloud Squad were known for their speed, these kinds of speed units are more difficult to deal with then underground sneak units.

This unit has repeatedly succeeded to attack Konoha and the Sand making great achievements on the battlefield.

But now, they got destroyed by Naito!

This was only worthy for a man who managed to invade a whole village by himself and kill its Kage, this only proves his strength!


In a hidden dark place under the ground.

Uchiha Madara was closing his eyes, his body was dying, and even if he relies on the Gedu Mazu, he couldn’t last for many more years.

It was necessary for him to put the foundation of his plan at this time.

Suddenly, Zetsu appeared from the wall next to him.

“They have returned to Konoha, I can’t keep following them, I might get detected by that guy.”

Madara opened his eyes and looked at Zetsu, then he suddenly revealed a trace of mockery.

“The Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, The Uzumaki, and the Four Symbols Seal… The same old shit, some things never change.”

“Although there’s a lot of mysteries about Naito, he still cares about people, and this is his weakness.”

“As long as he has weaknesses, we can control him.”

Listening to Madara’s words, Zetsu nodded while evilly smiled.



Naito and the others finally came back, he first sent Kushina back home, then he hit the road toward the direction of the Hokage Building.

“Those Clouds are really brave, they’re not afraid to provoke me, it’s time to go there and get the secrets of the third Stage of the Lightning Armour technique!”

There was a hint of coldness in Naito’s eyes, which made the people who were walking in the street really afraid.

The practice of the Spirit Transformation technique enhanced Naito’s soul, which also increased his momentum and Aura.

In the past, when Naito was in the Rain Land the situation was quite different.

Now after his Aura got enhanced, even though he looks like an ordinary person, when people come near him they get overwhelmed by his Aura, which made some people in the street feel horrified!

Soon, Naito reached the Hokage Building.

“Yuu Naito-Dono!”

The resident ninja in the Hokage Building saw Naito, and he quickly bowed to him.

Naito glanced at the top of the building, using his Ultra Perceive he could sense that Sarutobi was in his office, without saying any words, he flashed very fast and disappeared.

A few Ninjas who were in the building got really terrified.

“This is the speed of Naito-Dono…”

Naito reached the door of the office that was actually opened, Sarutobi was standing there and seemed very angry.

Naito walked directly into the Hokage Office.

At the same moment, Sarutobi received the news about how Naito managed to rescue Kushina, and with a sigh of relief, he welcomed Naito.

Sarutobi looked at him and said: “Yuu Naito, we keep bothering you, but fortunately, The Cloud didn’t succeed.”

“They’re really brave, its one thing that they’re still fighting with the Rock, but to come all the way to Konoha and kidnap our people, they really crossed the line.”

With a very cold expression, Naito went straight to the sofa and sat down.

Originally, Naito didn’t have any problems with the Cloud, but now after they dared to kidnap Kushina, no matter what their purposes are, it was impossible for him to just sit down and watch!

Natio came to the Hokage Office, to remind Sarutobi that they should do a better job at protecting Kushina!

Naito didn’t need to say anything, his killing intent was enough.

Sarutobi didn’t have any intentions to harm Kushina, he cared about her after all, the sorrow was really evident in his eyes, but when he felt Naito’s killing intent, he couldn’t help but secretly feel scared.

The war can really change the person!!

The Rock Village has lost a lot of her territories, and they can only defend their Village, after all, they have been hit hard by us.”

“Fortunately, the Cloud didn’t succeed, otherwise, if they captured the Kyuubi, even if we used our whole force to get it back, it would have been still difficult, we need to work more on protecting Kushina for now on.”

Sarutobi’s expression was really cold, even after he took a deep breath, he couldn’t calm down.

Obviously, this isn’t easy on him!

Naito looked at Sarutobi and nodded.

Unlike the original, this is wasn’t peaceful times, the world was still in a war, and even a full team of Anbu is not enough to protect Kushina.

Although there wasn’t any more accidents after this one in the original story, still Naito felt like he must do something.