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T.S.H Chapter 216: Several Months!

“There’s no specific information about the result of the fight.”

The masked Anbu lowered his head and reported back the information he received.

“However, it’s confirmed that although the village itself suffered great damage, the casualties weren’t serious, the final battle was in a far location from the village; thus it didn’t affect the Cloud Village.”

After they heard these words, both Danzo and Sarutobi frowned.

Danzo couldn’t help but to speak with a light tone: “The Third Raikage is really tough to deal with, it seems he failed to perform the assassination; therefore he ended up fighting with him head-on, in this case, he must try his best to damage the Village.”

“But since The Raikage could push him out of the Village, it seems the whole mission has been failed, and he might not even be able to retreat.”

Sarutobi looked so confused, listening to Danzo, he couldn’t help but feel worried.

There’s no clear information about the result of the fight.

However, it seems as Danzo said, Naito got suppressed by the Raikage; otherwise, he wouldn’t let him pull the battle outside of the Village.

“It seems that the information about the Raikage and how he could beat the Hachibi by his own strength is true, he could even suppress Naito. Indeed this man is powerful.”

After he took a deep breath, Sarutobi’s expression got more serious.

Danzo shook his head, then he turned and left, he looked a little bit disappointed, this was out of his expectations.

One day later.

Konoha another information.

The first piece of information made everyone disappointed, but this new one is gonna shake the whole world.

“The two of them kept fighting until a chain of mountains collapsed and buried everything beneath it?!”

Both Danzo and Sarutobi looked very shocked.

Danzo thought that Naito won’t even have a chance, therefore this news was really shocking for him!

Even he couldn’t help but admire Naito’s strength.

He felt pity that such a tool got wasted very soon, Naito ended up being killed against the Raikage.

However, this is really a perfect ending.

“This…” The Anbu looked awkward for a moment, then he said: “The Raikage didn’t reappear again after this fight so he must be dead, but Naito-Dono… They couldn’t find his body, so he doesn’t have to be dead.”

The Anbu, who was banding a knee, took a deep breath, then he said what he was thinking.

“Hokage-Sama, the range of this chain of mountains is really huge, its collapsing buried everything, even the Elites in the Cloud believes that the Raikage is dead, no one can survive after that.”

“However, Naito-Dono isn’t anyone, he’s not a normal ninja…”

Some people couldn’t believe that a man like Naito has died, even Sarutobi and Danzo couldn’t believe it, they kept sending ninjas to see if there’s any trace for him, they couldn’t help but feel that he was alive.

The news about Naito and Raikage’s fight spread in the entire world, and once again it shocked it.

The Cloud tried their best to cover this up, but such huge news cannot be hidden for a long time!

After all, a whole chain of mountains collapsed!

Naito’s name was the main subject of every discussion.

After all, he’s the man who killed two Kages, this is a great achievement that no one could be compared to Naito, even Hanzo himself!

Even if there wasn’t any news about Naito, even if everyone suspects that he’s already dead, the only man who is worth to have the title of the Demi-God in this world is none but Naito!

The world is in chaos!

Although the Cloud didn’t confirm the death of the Raikage, this was already being considered as a fact.

Because of the death of their Raikage, the Cloud Village has been attacked many times, after they fell back from the Rock’s territories, yet the two villages didn’t have any decisive battles since they were fearing to be destroyed by Konoha.

Konoha didn’t make any big moves, they were slowly expanding their borders, pressuring the other villages, but no one knew when they will attack.

As time goes, day by day.

Half a month… One month… Two months…

There wasn’t any news about Naito for three months, Sarutobi couldn’t help but only sigh for Naito, and announce the news about his death.

If Naito didn’t die in that battle, no one would be able to stop him from going back, but for three months, there was no news from him.

Naito didn’t come back.

In addition to his grief, Sarutobi held a meeting with some of the other elders to build a monument for Naito.

The Uchiha Clan objected the idea at first, but this time they were about to face the anger of the public, so they ended up agreeing.

Expect for the Uchiha, all the other major Clans basically agreed.

One of the elders was absent.

It was Danzo, but everyone agreed on this, so his opinion didn’t really matter.

Even though Naito was an outsider, he grew up in Konoha and died for Konoha.

The ninjas who die in service usually get their names written in the Memorial Stone.

But Naito was different from the other ninjas, the things he did for Konoha were way bigger than even what the Third Hokage did.

Therefore, Naito had his own monument.

There were some troubles the day they set up his monument, and a massive piece of it got destroyed before they stopped Tsunade from smashing its remainings.

“I don’t believe this!!!”

Kushina who was in the crowd didn’t even bear watching this, she turned and left.

Naito went to the Cloud Village to avenge her, he never lost hope when he was rescuing her, so she will never give up on him too.

After all, there was no evidence on his death.

She will wait for Naito to come back, even if its mean to wait for eternity.