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T.S.H Chapter 223: Two ninjutsu!

In the second part of this war, the eyes of the entire world were on the resources that the Land of Fire gain, the three major lands of wind, lightning, and earth were all biting their teeth, even the Land of water looked like they can’t wait to grab a bite of it.

However, the power of Konoha was deterring them, and especially the existing of Yuu Naito, coupled with the loss they suffered in this war, made them with no choice but to have a peace talk and pay a heavy price to the Land of Fire. After that, they entered a short period of rest and recuperation.

This was the end of the Second World War, but it wasn’t the end of Naito; actually, he got very famous in this period, and gained two nicknames, Konoha’s Ashura, the Demigod of war.

And the Supreme Shinobi… (T/N: Japanese: Shinobi no Kami: God of Shinobi // English TV: The Supreme Shinobi)

Since the Warring States Period, the has been only two persons who were hailed as the “God of Shinobi” for their unmatched ninja prowess, and it was the First Hokage and the founder of Konoha, and The Third Hokage, the Professeur Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Although Naito has made great achievements so far, in the hearts of countless people, he was still uncomparable to Sanju Hachirama, and he has a long way to go before he catches up to him.

Other think that he will never surpass Hachirama, even though Naito was still very young, the people who know exactly what Hachirama was capable of, believe that he was an actual god!

Naito wasn’t convinced of these evaluations.

And he doesn’t care about these kinds of things, or what people think of him, he just wants to walk his own path.

World War II was finally over.

However, its end was also the beginning of something greater.

Naito knew for sure, even with him being around, the three major Villages who suffered such a big loss will never be quiet forever, they will always try to rise again.

Without mentioning that Uchiha Madara was sitting in the dark trying to control everything, and also Danzo who will do anything to Ignites the fuse of the next war.

There’s also Nagato, the Rinnegan, Obito, Pain…

Therefore for Naito, this was just the beginning.



Kushina was holding the blanket, looking innocently at Naito with her cute little face.

Although they were a little bit too young to live together, neither of them had parent, so there were no such restrictions.

Naito was sure that Danzo will do something to interfere with them since Kushina was the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, but the former didn’t do anything so far.

Even Sarutobi didn’t disturb Naito in this whole time with his long speeches.

“Come on, stop staring at me, I can’t sleep like this.”

Naito yawned while lying there lazily.

With reddish cheeks, Kushina looked at him and said: “Then what are you doing lying down next to me, go sleep on the floor!”

“Why? This is my home!”

Naito looked slyly at her, and the blush on Kushina’s face became more and more obvious.

Kushina kept quiet for a moment, then she squeezed out a sentence.

“You’re smelly, go take a shower!”


After he shrugged his shoulders, Naito flashed to the bathroom, and within a short while, he flashed back again and lay back on the bed.

Kushina didn’t try to run away, but she covered her head with the blanket.

After she waited for a long time, she couldn’t feel any kind of movements from Naito’s side.

She carefully removed the blanket to found out that Naito has already fallen asleep.


She kept looking at him for a while until she eventually fell asleep too.

After she slept, Naito opened his eyes again. Watching her sleepy face draw a smile on his face.

Kushina was still looking like a small girl, on the other hand, Naito looked like if he was twenty years old young man.

After he kept looking at her for a while, Naito walked out of his bed and ran to the rood and lay down there.

He couldn’t fall asleep!

So he decided to practice for a while.

As time went by, the two of them kept living together, although Kushina will often encounter some embarrassing situations, the two of them lived happily together.

Naito’s training has once again entered a period of stagnation.

It’s not that Naito has forgotten to practice, he was training as hard as before, but there was no great progression.

To be accurate, Naito’s body is just so strong, that regular training no more has an effect on him.

The only effective thing is the Third Stage, but the environment of the Land of Fire wasn’t as good as the Lightning.

Naito’s clothes were full of extra weights, but doing those simple squats and punches were no more useful.

When it comes to adding and reducing weights, the first thing that crosses Naito’s mind is the Third Tsuchikage Onoki, in addition to his Dust Release, he had two more great Earth Release Techniques.

The first is the Light-Weight Rock Technique, and the second is Added-Weight Rock Technique.

The former can reduce the weight of the object, the Tsuchikage mastered this simple technique to an extreme degree where it can make him even fly.

He could even make a more enhanced version of this technique, the Ultralight-Weight Rock and use it in the original to stop Madara’s meteorites.

Contrary to its counterpart, is the increasing of the weight, which makes an ordinary Rock Boxing Technique dozens of times stronger!

Naito wasn’t interested in reducing the weight of things, he could achieve the effect of flying if he could reach Gai’s level.

But adding weight was what Naito is looking for, he could use it to assist him in his training!

However, these two Ninjutsu weren’t easy to get, it seemed that only a few people learned it in the original.

Naito couldn’t find the scrolls of these two techniques in Konoha, and even if they had it, they would never give it to him.

“Should I go to the Roch Village too? But I still don’t want to leave Kushina…” Naito frowned, the main problem is that this two ninjutsu are Earth Releases.

He doesn’t have that Chakra property.

And It’s not that easy to master it, and came out with a way to discover these two techniques by himself.

At this time, Naito suddenly thought of a person.


Since he had before the second stage and gave to Naito, Orochimaru won’t mind getting two more Ninjutsu for him.