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T.S.H Chapter 231: Next Head Clan!

Naito doesn’t know if he could smash Sasuke’s Complete Susanoo, but sure he has no fear against any common ones.

Even if its the third stage of Sasuke’s Susanoo, Naito feels like he can destroy it!

Although he never even faced an Uchiha who can use Susanoo, Naito believed he can!

This alone, Naito’s strength is enough now to destroy the whole Uchiha Clan, no matter what pair of Mongekyou they have.

Even if it’s a god-like technique, Naito is confident that he can fight against it.

Yes, he’s ready for anything!

As Uchiha Itachi said before, “Even the strongest of opponents always have a weakness.”

It’s just this simple!

The Uchiha Clan is a trouble, and Naito needs to deal with them.

They will always follow the steps of their god, Madara, although, he never been called a god by the Uchiha in the original, they sure thought of him as a one, and unless he gets killed by another one, it would be absolutely impossible to change their will directly.

The stronger his influence, the strongest their will to follow him, and the harder it will be to change.

Naito’s strong will is enough to conquer the whole world!

After he opened the Fifth Gate Naito got surprised when he found that his spiritual strength has also got stronger.

It might be related to his body strength, the more he enhances it, the more his soul go stronger, which increase his spiritual power.

But the enhancements Naito has gained wasn’t limited just to this.

In addition to all of this, there’s speed!

His speed has also improved a lot, even without using Soru, it was enough to surpass the Third Raikage!

Naito’s original speed is as fast as the Soru before.

He’s current Soru is super fast!

That’s why he calls it “Super Soru” now!

Once he uses the “Super Soru” the Third Raikage movement will no longer be considered fast, even the Fourth Raikage won’t be able to catch up to Naito’s speed.

It can be said that even if Naito didn’t have the Shock Force, with his speed alone, he would have been one of the strongest Shinobis in the world.

Chakra, Spiritual Strength, and Speed.

These were the main three points that have been strengthened after the opening of the Fifth Gate, but there was also another thing!

The range of his Ultra Perceive!

Naito could only see clearly within the range of one mile, then it will become extremely blurred outwards, then it will be dark outside of three miles.

But now Naito can see clearly even after three miles, it won’t be dark not until he hit ten miles.

If he had this range before he would have seen Uchiha Rin coming toward him from miles away.

Chakra, Spiritual power, speed, and perceptual ability… The improvement of these four abilities made Naito gradually close to perfection!

Naito couldn’t help but look up to the sky, the sky was blue and clear, it looked really beautiful, but Naito’s eyes looked intense as if he was gazing on the gates of heaven.

At this time, Naito had only one thought in his mind.

When he opens all the Gates, will he be perfect?


Naito was still in Konoha’s back hills, after he fully adapted his body to the new power, he stood there for a whole day clueless on how he should train from now on.

But Naito didn’t stand there doing nothing, he was thinking about the future…

His next goal is opening the Sixth Gate, but how he could do that? Naito had only one answer, but it wasn’t easy to do.

Besides, Naito was thinking about the third Kusanagi sword and how he couldn’t find any more information about it.

Also, it seems that its already about time for Uchiha Itachi to be born!

There wasn’t any news from the Land of Rain, did Konan and Yahiko met again with Nagato?

Naito thought about all of these things in that day.

When it got late, Naito returned to his home, on the way back he got a message that made him slightly surprised.

He didn’t receive this message from anyone, he sensed it with his Ultra Perceive.

Tomorrow… Is the day were Uchiha Fugaku will be designated as the next Head of the Uchiha Clan!

This information was a top-secret one, the designation has not been announced, and they didn’t invite anyone to witness the event.

But not being invited doesn’t mean that you can’t go especially if its someone like… Yuu Naito.

“Why so soon? maybe it’s not a coincidence, maybe they finally decided to break the silence.”

At that time there was a smug grin on Naito’s face.

The assassination they planed before is undoubtedly impossible to get erased that easily, not to mention that this is wasn’t the first time they try to kill Naito!

This time, they dared on fixing another Head Clan, without solving matters first with Naito.

Do they think they could always hide behind those Mongekyou Sharingan?

Naito didn’t know what Kageyama and his son Fugaku were thinking about, he didn’t want to know, and he didn’t even bother to know.

He only knows one thing that they will need a next Head Clan tomorrow so the event can be done successfully.

“What are you thinking about? Your expression looks weird.”

Sitting next to Naito, Kushina couldn’t help but ask what Naito was thinking about.

Naito suddenly looked at her and smiled, when she was somewhat confused, he suddenly pulled her over and kissed her hard.

“What?!” After she broke free, her cheeks became red then she looked at him and said: “Can’t you eat first?!”


Naito continued on smiling, then that smile gradually faded away, and his expression became very serious and whispered to her: “Kushina something might happen tomorrow, umm… No matter what, try to stay away and do not interfere.”


Kushina looked strangely at Naito, she seemed very confused, she wanted to ask him more about it, but Naito smiled again and asked her.

“If one day I decided to leave Konoha, will you go with me?”