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T.S.H Chapter 234: Izanagi!

After he dealt with Kageyama, the hearts of everyone sunk in horror.

After he looked up again, Naito’s eyes swept through the audience.

Whenever his eyes fell on someone, the last would be soaked in cold sweat, they couldn’t help but feel terrified, and angry at the same time.

What a shame!

He dared to break into their ceremony and kill their Head Clan, although he’s now the former Head Clan, he was still one of their people.

He dared to despise the Uchiha Clan and Kill their Former Head Clan, this will never be forgivable!

“This bastard…”

“Kill him!”

“Even if he’s a god, we will kill him together!”

The ninjas of the Uchiha Clan were gnashing their teeth, revealing their murderous intents. In an instant, their momentum condensed together and the whole place started shaking.

This horrible killing intent broke out, and suddenly countless perceptive ninjas in Konoha widened their eyes in horror.

“What happened?!”

“It coming… From the Uchiha Clan area!”

“Quickly report this back to the Hokage!”

Under the horror of these ninjas, the message sent out instantly to the Hokage, then he sent some of the perceptual ninjas back to figure out what happened.

Suddenly, a strange force came along making a strong impact on them, and instantly they felt that their minds are gonna explode and they almost faint out!

Their faces were pale, and they were barely standing.

What… What’s that?!

Back to the Military Police Force Courtyard.

The momentum and the killing intent of the ninjas of the Uchiha Clan broke out together targeting Naito who looked as calm as ever.

If anyone of them had a Mongekyou Sharingan it would have made him a little bit interested, but these people… Are too weak!

Even if they joined their forces, they would still be a bunch of ants.

Weak, one thought was all that he needed to kill them!


Suddenly, a terrible momentum broke out from Naito’s inner body.

It looked invisible to the naked eye, but you could tell how strong it was from those thick cracks appearing on the ground, even the door on his back got broken by the impact.

Along with that horrible momentum, an invisible spiritual shock flew directly toward the ninjas in the front.

This technique cannot be resisted, and its effect is instant.

It didn’t need more than a second to hit everyone, and make all of their minds blank!

Plop! Plop!!

At that moment, a large number of them could no longer bear it, and one after another, they start falling on the ground.

It seemed as if they were getting cut like some wheat, falling into pieces, the scene was incredible, those who managed to stay sill, looked stunned, including Fugaku!

“What… Kind of power is this?!”

“Is this a Genjutsu? No! Impossible! There no way he could cast a Genjutsu on such a large range…”

The people who didn’t fall were widening their eyes in disbelieve, even the elites were getting soaked in cold sweat.

How could they face such a person!

He’s unstoppable!

Naito’s strong presence made their spirits collapse, only the elites were bearly standing there.

With one strike, Naito destroyed the entire Uchiha Clan!

And he didn’t even need to move, he was just standing there!

This horrible momentum didn’t only destroy them, but it also spread in the entire Village, countless of ninjas and civilians looked shocked.

Even regular people with no power could feel his terrifying presence in the distance!

“Not good! This is…”

“This is Yuu Naito’s momentum, and it’s coming from the direction of the Uchiha Clan!”

Some of the fine elite Shinobis, could tell who’s causing this overwhelming force, and this didn’t calm them down; instead, their hearts were shaking from fear.

While these people were rushing to the Hokage Building to inform him, a figure was flashing in the distance heading toward the Uchiha Clan Area.


Back to the battlefield.

The horrible force has finally faded away, leaving only a few people in the field, but Naito looked very bored.

Is that’s it?

They dare to attack Naito for several times even after he killed the Raikage and been called a god, but now they couldn’t even resist a simple attack?!

Naito wasn’t sure if they were stupid or too proud.

Being proud to a certain degree is actually stupidity!

Naito looked very disappointed as he was preparing to leave.

But suddenly he stopped.

“Hey? Where is…”

Naito looked very surprised because the moment he turned he didn’t find Kageyama’s corpse.

The spiritual shock lasted for only a moment, how did Kageyama’s corpse disappear in such a short period.


Fugaku who didn’t directly get hit by the spiritual shock looked at the back of Naito with a surprised expression.

Naito looked around looking for him, to find Kageyama standing in the distance completely fine!

No, he wasn’t completely fine… Because he was missing one of his eyes!

“Izanagi? Amazing, If I remember correctly, you need to do a hand sign to cast it. When did you do it, how could you avoid my Ultra Perceive?”

Naito looked at Kageyama, and suddenly he revealed a happy expression.

Kageyama looked like he was prepared something to say, but Naito’s word stunned him and made him widen his eyes in horror.

This time, Kageyama was really shocked.