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T.S.H Chapter 241: Studying The Sage Mode!


She hesitated a little bit, then she split a small slug out of her and swam to Tsunade’s hand, she looked as if she was sensing something.

“Even with your current power now, you can’t practice the Sage mode. The consequences of practicing it now may be serious. It’s best if you wait for more.”

Tsunade shrugged helplessly then pointed at Naito, and said: “In fact, he’s the one who wants to learn it.”


The slugs sage got a little surprised, but she didn’t say anything, even though Naito didn’t sign a contract with them, she split again and swam to him.


Although it’s better than the snake, it was still disgusting, Naito’s mouth twitched slightly, but he let her land on him.

She connected her Chakra to Naito’s body, and after a little sensing, her expression suddenly changed.


The moment the sage slug started to perceive Naito’s body, she got a little bit surprised, it’s not know how long it has lived, but it has never seen such a physical power like this!

Powerful and strong, and it looks like he has a strange hidden power in him!

The huge main body of the Sage Slug turned its head and put its tentacles on Naito’s head to carefully sense his power.

The moment it touched him, Naito could feel how massive was its Chakra.

However, compared to Naito’s surprise, the Slug Sage was more like shocked.

“You’ve managed to awake the Human’s body limits and gain power far stronger than any ordinary people, although it hasn’t been completed yet, it’s very strong…”

“But what is really disturbing is that other strange power, it feels demonic, what is it?”

Naito was amazed that it could feel the Devil Fruit power inside him!

This power made her kind of terrified, she could sense it, but she couldn’t reach its source.

In the end, the small slug walked up on his head, and the huge one lifted her tentacles.

“You have an extraordinary body, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Slug Sage pressed down the amazement in its heart, and said: “You have a very unique power, and a strong Chakra, but I am not sure if you can learn the Sage Mode.”


Tsunade looked at Tsunade with a worried expression then said: “Naito, the risk of practicing the Sage Mode is very high, even the Sage Slug is not sure if you can do it, you better not…”

Naito smiled then he directly interpreted Tsunade, saying: “Rest reassured, I will be very careful, and we don’t know if I can until I try it.”

After he said this, Naito looked up to the Slug Sage and said: “Can you tell me the practicing method of the Sage Mode?”

“Of course.”

Naito was amazed, he didn’t expect her to tell him how to practice it without signing a blood contract.

Naito was originally ready to do it.

Although he wasn’t interested in summoning these slugs, Naito was ready to do anything to learn their method.

Soon, the Slug Sage started to explain the method to Naito while she was carefully watching him.

How many years it lived, its an immortal ancient creature, that way before the days of the Sixth Paths, witnessing the entire history of this world!

But it never saw anyone like Naito!

“Someday this human will change the world.” The Sage Slug couldn’t help but whisper these words to itself.

After he learned their methods, Naito returned to Konoha with Tsunade and didn’t choose to practice it in the Shikkotsu Forest.

and this surprised Tsunade.

After all, that forest was full spiritual energy, no doubt that it should be more convenient to practice it there under the guidance of the Slug Sage.

Tsunade couldn’t help but explain this to Naito on their trip; still, Naito smiled to her gently and refused.

On the way back to the village, Tsunade didn’t stop warning Naito time after time asking him to be careful and not rush things.

Naito kept nodding at her thoughtfully.

Naito knew that she was just worried about him; however, he was confident about his control over Chakra, the probabilities of failing are too small.

He also didn’t mention that he was gonna study the other methods too, and finally come out with a better suitable sage mode for him.

To put it bluntly, Naito was more interested in creating a sage mode like the one Hashirama had. He has always felt that it was the perfect sage mode.

Naito’s best Ninjutsu line research was without any doubt still Orochimaru, but he didn’t want to illuminate any more paths for him.

The research he did on the Soul enhancement was something he was already studying, you won’t know what will Orochimaru do if he gets his hands on the three methods of cultivation the Sage Mode.

Naito should always be careful around him.

The Mount Myoboku method is the most simple, all that you need to do is to stand still, be calm to the extreme, and sense the existence of the Natural Energy around you, and absorb it.

However, although it was the most simple, it was also the most difficult to do.

Naito kept studying the three methods, and repeatedly tried to figure out a way to connect the three of them to create his own way.

However, it wasn’t a simple thing to do. It has already passed a month since he came back from the Shikkotsu Forest, yet Naito didn’t make any progress.

On the contrary, within this month, Naito made new progress in terms of physical power!

Although he was studying the Sage Mode for a month, he never stopped training his body.

Naito was still using the Added-Weight technique to assist him with his training.

Actually, this progress was directly related to the Added-Weight Technique!