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T.S.H Chapter 246: The New Sage Mode

The Ultra Perceive is, after all, a sensory ability, and the sensory abilities are generally linked to mental power, which makes it also linked to the soul.

The stronger the soul, the stronger the perception will naturally be.

It took almost a half month of hard work to enhance the Ultra Perceive induction. Finally, Naito could sense Natural Energy.

Even when he was so far away from the Totsuka Sword, he was still able to sense the flow of the Natural Energy, it became to him as clear as watching the sky.

In the past, it was impossible for him, it was like fishing in the desert, it was difficult to perceive its flow, but now Naito can feel it from all directions.

Moreover, through the process, the world in his Ultra Perceive has also upgraded, it was no longer black and white, Naito has finally managed to add colors!

The natural energy itself enhances the perception of the user, in the original, it doesn’t only enhance the speed and strength, but it also gave the user the ability to sense his surroundings better.

Naito still didn’t start practicing the Sage mode, but after he could sense the Natural Energy, it seems that he could control it slightly!

By controlling it, Naito could make a combination between his Ultra Perceive, and Natural Energy to finally open up a new world.

Without practicing the Sage Mode, Naito became able to control the Natural Energy, which it was an ability Naito discovered on his own.

The Shock Force also has an effect on the Natural Energy!

Naito could control Natural Energy, and change its flow by shocking the surrounding air.

The miniaturization of this process became a method to control the Natural Energy.

Naito has actually discovered a way to control the natural energy directly, the problems he had before with blending it within his own Chakra was finally solved!

Naito had already an idea on the Sage Mode he seeks, but he got stuck on a threshold of not being able to sense the Natural Energy, which made him unable to control it.

But now, Naito has finally passed that threshold.

The moment he solved that problem, everything went smoothly.

After he managed to sense the flow of Natural Energy, Naito realized that everything in this world has its own fluctuations.

Even if it’s too weak, using Natural Energy, he could detect its existence through the fluctuations its creating.

This way, Naito managed to add colors into his world of perception.

After he combined Natural Energy with his Ultra Perceive, Naito seemed to be able to have a connection with every object within the scope of his perception.

Faintly, he seemed even able to perceive the essence of the objects itself.

Naito has finally created his own Sage Mode, it didn’t possess the same characteristics as Jiraiya and Naruto, nor the ones with Kabuto, it was a unique new one.

If he wanted to follow the same path Naruto did, or if he wanted to learn the Snakes Sage mode, Naito would have eventually learned it.

However, Naito’s heart has never felt like being restricted to a single path, that’s why Naito continued his researches, he never gave up, he was ready to go all the way.

Of course, the Sage Mode Naito has created wasn’t perfect, it was just a prototype, it was risky to practice it directly.

In the following time, Naito began to try a little by little to make this prototype perfect, and more suitable for him.

Finally, with a complete understanding of Natural Energy and this new method, he finally started practicing the Sage Mode.

Through his Ultra Perceive, Naito determined the flow of the natural energy and started to absorb it, the idea was to use his shocks to force the natural energy out of his body if it goes out of control.

It’s like the time when Naruto was learning the Sage Mode in the original, Fukasaku was using a big black stick to hit him and knock the Natural Energy out of his body.

On the contrary to Naruto, Naito didn’t need a stick.

The Shock Force can knock the Natural Energy out of Naito’s body at will. Therefore, the risks of practicing the Sage Mode were almost reduced to zero. As long as he’s careful, there won’t be any problems.

In the original, Naruto had a tremendous amount of Chakra, and he also a special oil to assist him sensing the flow of the Natural Energy, there’s also Fukasaku who was teaching him and giving him excellent guidance, but he needed to learn the Sage Mode in a brief period.

In comparison, Naito’s Chakra was also significant, it was above the level of a Kage!

Moreover, Naito has an advantage over Naruto.

That is, Naruto needs to absorb the Natural Energy step by step through a sit-in so he could sense its flow, while Naito could detect it with his Ultra Perceive, control it, and even absorb it while he’s in a moving state!

This Sage Mode was created by Naito, and it belonged to him alone; therefore, even the cultivation method was completely different.

Naito wasn’t absorbing the energy naturally, but he was forcibly controlling it!

Naito didn’t know precisely how long it took Naruto to learn the Sage Mode.

One week? One month? Three months?

The period wasn’t definite in the original, but Naito himself succeeded on learning the Sage Mode… In only ten days!

It sounds incredible, but it’s actually normal, it’s even slightly slower for Naito.

Because the most challenging thing about it was being able to sense the flow of the Natural Energy, and how to control it.

These two difficult steps were crossed directly by Naito, the only thing left was to make the energy blend with his own Chakra.


The Natural Energy was constantly surging, a large amount of it was coming from the Totsuka Sword, while a small part of it was absorbed by Naito who was sitting next to it.

The Natural Energy and the Chakra were perfectly blending, suddenly, a faint red dots started looming around Naito’ eyebrow.

This red dots gradually became red marks around and under his eyes just like Hashirama had before. Naito has finally awakened his own Sage Mode.

When it became utterly stable, Naito finally opened his eyes!