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T.S.H Chapter 268: Hanzo and The Akatsuki

The Hokage has managed to block all the information about Kushina and Naito departure. However, Konoha was the center of the intention of the entire world, because of the Kyuubi’s late accident.

In this case, it was no longer possible to hide that information.

After a month of investigating, all the other party’s spies have confirmed that Konoha’s Ashura and the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki has left Konoha!

After the hard blow that the Uchiha suffered, and the Kyuubi’s accident, the Village has lost a massive part of its power, and the departure of Naito and Kushina added fuel to that fire!

Although none of them could confirm if the Village is considering Naito as Nukenin, the information they had was enough for them to understand that the relationship between Naito and the Village has gotten worse.

Konoha can no longer use Naito, and the former won’t help even if they asked.

As a result of the odds favors changing, the other Villages has begun to move again.

Konoha has gained a lot of new resources after the Second World War, which made it easy on the other Village to take it back since they didn’t have the power to guard it all.

It’s wasn’t a surprise since this is was the weakest period that Konoha has ever experienced. Also, the other four major Villages will never give them the chance to recover.

However, since they still feared that Naito would stand by Konoha’s side, they didn’t launch several attacks immediately.
They began by testing them.

Various ninja squads were dispatched to Konoha’s borders and began to create friction deliberately.

Once again, the world has sunk in chaos.

Naito and Kushina who caused this situation didn’t pay attention to what was happening in the world and went straight to Rain Village.

Rain Land.

It has never changed, it was raining like always, and the dark clouds were covering the sky.

“The weather here is quite annoying.”

Kushina stretched her hand out, and the raindrops fell on her palms, she couldn’t help but whisper those words with an annoyed expression.

Suddenly, she activated the Kyuubi’s mode.


In an instant, her body got covered by Kurama’s golden Chakra which worked as an invisible barrier between her and the rain. The Chakra was evaporating the raindrops before it even reaches her body.

Looking at her, Naito couldn’t help but smile; she looked like a child who got a new toy that he plays with it wherever he goes.

The way Naito and Kushina were using was completely different. When the raindrops fall on Naito, it bounces off his body gently.

However, the way that Kushina was using was more violent.

The two of them kept walking in the rain without getting wet.

Soon, the two of them reached a small town in the Rain. After she deactivated Kurama’s Mode, Kushina and Naito entered a tea house for a temporary rest.

“Even the taste of the tea is different from the one in Konoha.”

Looking at the rain outside, Kushina sat quietly next to Naito.

Naito nodded while drinking his tea and using his Ultra Perceive like he always does.

The Ultra Perceive is now even stronger than the Byakugan, it doesn’t only ‘see’ everything in the world, but it also has the ability to ‘listen’ to the sounds, just like the perspective of the gods.

After all, the waves caused by the transmission of the sound can be easily detected with his Ultra Perceive since its vibrations after all, and it doesn’t really bother him since he could activate it at will.

There weren’t any ninjas from other Villages in this small town, only some ordinary Rain Shinobis that weren’t even worthy for him to keep an eye on them.

However, when he was about to eliminate them for his perception, these Shinobis start a conversation that caught Naito’s attention.


“There’s no time for comfort. The world has once again become chaotic. A lot of Shinobis from other Village started wondering again in the Rain Village. The situation is not good.”

“The question is, why doesn’t Hanzo-Sama let us deal with those people and prevent them from roaming freely in our Village.”

“Because their true goal is not our Village, they’re only using us as a rest point. Moreover, isn’t Hanzo-Sama currently dealing with the Akatsuki?”

The atmosphere instantly changed the moment he mentioned the Akatsuki.

The other Shinobi kept quiet for a long time, then he took a deep breath and said with a deep tone: “In fact, I’m not against what the Akatsuki believes, it’s a good cause to stop the war, but they’re too naive.”

“War will stop at any time if the five major Villages want it to stop, they’re the ones who can decide, and if the Akatsuki try to do anything they will just crush them like ants!”

Except for those war freaks and madmen who like to kill and fight, no one wants war, even the ninjas themselves, because war means danger.

“If they want to stop the war, at least they shouldn’t use the Rain Village to spread their voice to the world. This is threatening the lives of the innocents’ civilians in the Village, and the status of Hanzo-Sama himself.”

“Yeah, this time Hanzo-Sama himself has come out to organize the attack, but I don’t know any more information about the situation, it should be a hit and run tactic.”

“No one can win against the Demi-God Hanzo-Sama. Even the person who managed to kill the Second Kazekage needed to join forces with other Shinobis to gain the upper hand.”

Several Shinobis nodded the moment they head this sentence.

It’s a fact that these guys from the Akatsuki are strong, but Hanzo will always have the upper hand against them.

At this moment, one of them suddenly stood up and walked to the window.

After a while, he turned with a calm expression to the others and said: “I just received the information, the Akatsuki got defeated. Hanzo-Sama is currently chasing the head of the Akatsuki organization to kill him.”

“Sure enough.”

None of the other ninjas looked surprised when they heard this news since they already expected this result.