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T.S.H Chapter 269: Desperate


The sky is always covered with dark clouds when it’s raining in this land.

In the teahouse, Naito was holding his teacup close to his lips, preparing to taste it when he suddenly stopped moving.

Later he changed his mind and put the cup on the table.

Kushina looked strangely at Naito and was about to ask Naito if it was something wrong with it that didn’t like, but he suddenly stood up.

“Go out and wait for me.”

Naito’s expression looked calm, but the way he talked was somber.

“What happened?”

Kushina got surprised. She knew Naito very well, and he’s never this calm unless the situation is hazardous.


Without any more explanation, Naito flickered and disappeared.

Except for Kushina, no one could notice Naito’s speed, the people inside the teahouse were just ordinary civilians, but even a Jonin wouldn’t notice such a fast movement!

Kushina stood up and walked to the door of the teahouse looking for the direction Naito was moving with a confused expression.

What on earth did happen?

Not long after, a roar echoed in the distance of the town.


A house suddenly crashed down, causing some disturbance in the town, while countless people gathered around it.

At the same moment of that disturbing Naito suddenly appeared again in front of Kushina.

“Something urgent has come out.”

Naito went straight at her then said: “I’ll fill you up with the information while moving.”


Rain Land.

In a huge hilly area, the rain was falling as always washing the bloody ground.

Konan and Yahiko were moving under the rain while the blood was covering their bodies and shame all over their faces.

Behind them, a team of the Rain Shinobis was chasing them, revealing their killing intent at them and staring at them with cold faces.

Konan and Yahiko didn’t have any time to rest.

After unstoppable battles, one after the other, the two of them were so tired and unable to fight back anymore.

The people who followed Yahiko were either dead or escaping. Everyone knew that Hanzo was after the leader who is Yahiko, so one person was left by his side, Konan.

The leader of the team who was chasing them was Hanzo himself.

In the rear, Hanzo was followed with a great number of strong Shinobis to kill Yahiko and Konan. Although they had the numbers and the power to surrounder the two of them, Hanzo was still extremely cautious. He’s just that kind leaders, even if he could chase them using his speed he will never leave the side of his team and act alone.

Looking at the Rain Shinobis behind them, Yahiko’s face was full of bitter, he was gasping so hard, and looked like he almost reached his limit.

Konan, who is next to him, has also reached her limit, her physical strength and Chakra are almost drained.

Finally, the two of them got caught up by the Rain Shinobis and got surrounded instantly; there was no way to escape.

The rain continued on falling, and the atmosphere became extremely suppressing. Konan couldn’t even stand straight anymore.

Yahiko bit his lips as he was looking at the disdain look Hanzo was having.

“Why on earth are you even fighting us?!”

It wasn’t along times since Hanzo has decided to eliminate the Akatsuki from the Rain, the organization was working inside the Rain Village for months, and they never encountered any problems. However a few days ago Hanzo launched an attack on them, which ended up with the death of several members from the Akatsuki, then the pursuit Yahiko and the others for two days, which led them to this moment.

Standing in the distance, Hanzo didn’t rush toward Yahiko, the moment he heard the former’s words hiss face became really cold.

Yahiko created the Akatsuki for the purpose of peace; however, after he managed to gather a lot of people around him, Hanzo gradually started to feel threatened by his power.

After the second war, Hanzo stayed hidden for a long time, which made Yahiko do as he pleases inside the Village.

However, if the Akatsuki grow anymore stronger, wouldn’t Yahiko become the leader of the Rain Village? Where does this leave Hanzo as the true leader of the Village?!

Finally, It became a must for Hanzo to destroy the Akatsuki since he could no longer ignore them.

Moreover, even the defeat of the Akatsuki and its destruction is not enough; the Akatsuki is Yahiko himself, if he’s not dead, he will never be safe. Therefore; He couldn’t show any mercy to him!

“Kill them.”

Hanzos kept staring at Yahiko, but he never answered his question and ordered his team to attach him.

With the intention of killing them, the Rain Shinobis attacked.


Countless Shurikens and Kunais were flying toward Yahiko and Konan.

Yahiko looked at this scene helplessly, he wanted to release any kind of Ninjutsu to buy some time for them and find a way to escape, but his Chakra was almost drained, and his physical strength was exhausted.

Moreover, even if he wins against these Shinobis, he will never be able to win against someone like Hanzo, especially in this kind of state!

Hanzo is very strong, strong to the point of desperation.

Even with numbers, they wouldn’t be able to win against Hanzo.

The only man he knows that can defeat Hanzo is Naito, and Yahiko knew that he would never surpass his Sensei or even come near to his power. In the past few years, his Sensei became too strong that he could even kill both the Second Kazekaga and Raikage.

In Yahiko’s point of view, even if Naito fights alone against Hanzo and his team, they will never be able to cause a scare on his body.

Full of bitterness and despair Naito looked at the flying Shurikens and Kunais flying toward him.

“Sure enough, Sensei is right. I’m too naive. It’s really difficult for people to understand each other…”

Although Hanzo didn’t answer his question, Yahiko wasn’t a fool man. He knew then answer before even he even start this raid on them, Yahiko knew the cause and effect of his actions, and was fine with it.

It was all for a good cause.

He was fine to die for that cause, but he asked because he just wanted Hanzo’s personal recognition.