The Strongest Hokage The Strongest Hokage
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T.S.H Chapter 270: Arrived!

Yahiko wasn’t interested in the Village or being its leader, but Hanzo couldn’t understand that, and he believes that everyone is fighting for power.

It’s difficult for people to understand each other. Even if Yahiko tells Hanzo that he doesn’t care about power, the former wouldn’t believe him. It’s just as what happened to Naito, although he doesn’t care about becoming a Hokage, Konoha couldn’t believe it.

If he weren’t just too powerful for them to handle, they would have got rid of him from a long time ago or tried to control him.

“Is this the end?”

Next, to Yahiko, Konan was looking at the Flying Shurikens and Releases heading toward the two of them with a little bitterness in her heart. She would have done something if she could, but Konan didn’t have any Chakra left, and she was bearly standing still.

Her heart has already sunk into despair.

The only thing that she wanted the most before her death was to see her Sensei’s smile one more time.

She wanted to see how proud he is of her and get his approval, but now there’s no chance for that to happen.

At that moment, the time seemed to be stagnant and slowed down.

They say when someone is about to die a series of scenes from his entire life flashes in his mind. However, what Konan saw when those Shurikens and Releases were about to hit her, we’re scenes from the times they met Naito and lived together, maybe because it was the happiest time in her life.

Suddenly, an invisible wave mark spread in front of her; it seemed to be a distortion of space.

It was a shocking moment even for her to see all of those Shurikens, Kunais, and even Releases frozen in mid-air right in front of her.

“This… This is…”

Konan couldn’t help but notice how familiar this technique was, which made her mind screaming, as her heartbeats started raising crazily!

From first glance, she noticed a figure in the distance. She couldn’t clearly see his face, but she didn’t need to, she could recognize him from hundreds of men, It was Naito.


The rain continued to fall. Suddenly, all the releases got shattered, and the Shurikens and Kunais were all turned to powder!

All the Rain Shinobis looked shocked.

However, before they could even react, they noticed another shocking thing in the distance. They saw Naito who was far away from the battlefield but only for a second, then he disappeared, to appear again in front of them!

What is this speed!

The speed was shocking enough for them to have cold sweat appearing on their forehead. They couldn’t see Naito’s face from that distance before, but now that he got so close, he seemed kind of familiar to them?

Some of them could recognize his face, but they needed to double-check first because if what they’re seeing is true, they would be damned!

Konoha’s Ashura, Yuu Naito!

Why is he here? Moreover, why is he even saving these two?!

Just a few seconds after his arrival, another person in the distance with a strong Chakra and breakneck speed suddenly appeared on the battlefield. It was Kushina.

The situation in the battlefield suddenly changed, even Hanzo who was standing in the rear, couldn’t help but get shocked.

“Yuu… Yuu Naito-Sensei…”

Konan kept looking at Naito then Yahiko, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She even doubted that she’s still alive, maybe this is what they call the dream world after death.

On the other side, Yahiko was also full of surprises.

“She’s finally catching up… However, this time, you two got yourselves into a hazardous situation.”

Naito also couldn’t reach the battlefield at the right time even though he’s faster than Kushina when it was too late for him. He just sent a Shock Wave to stop the enemies attack.

Konan didn’t care about all these details; she got what she wanted, Konan has finally seen her Sensei’s face again. At that moment, she lost any more power she got in her and fell from exhaustion.


Yahiko, who was still conscious enough couldn’t help but exclaim the moment he saw her falling on the ground showing a worried expression.

Naito who was next to her, saw her falling and before she reaches the ground he reached out and caught her, and slightly sensed her, he knew that she was just exhausted, and she didn’t suffer any severe injuries.

“She’s fine, she’s just exhausted and needs to rest.”

Naito nodded at Yahiko, then he lifted Konan up and handed her to Kushina.

“Take care of her. I will take care of the others.”


Kushina nodded and took over Konan, but she couldn’t help that something wrong was with this girl. Although she was just a disciple of Naito, she looked differently at him.

Yahiko’s gaze also shifted to Kushina, who was taking care of Konan and couldn’t help but to reveal his surprise.

The speed this girl has just used is enough to kill him in an instant!

She looks the same age as Konan but stronger, and outrageous!

“I don’t know what the relationship between her and Naito-Sensei is, but she’s definitely not his disciple.”