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T.S.H Chapter 273: Six-Paths of Pain

Konan woke up after a while, but she was still a little weak.

She could recover quickly because Kushina was injecting the Kyuubi’s Chakra in her, this method was helping strengthing Konan’s recoverability. Kurama’s Chakra is strong enough to be used even on other people.

Konan could feel her body condition getting better, she knew that Kushina was helping her, therefore; Konan showed a grateful expression at her.

“Thank You.”

“You’re welcome.”

After she rechecked her condition and made sure that she could stand on her own, Kushina let go of her and smiled.

At this time, Konan raised her head then she took a look at the battlefield, the moment she noticed the changes that occurred on the place she showed a horrified expression.

Did something happen?

She immediately gazed her eyelids toward Yahiko, who was still in shock, looking at Naito.

Could it be that…

“Konan, that’s right, Naito-Sensei… has saved us and killed Hanzo.”

Yahiko could notice the shock on Konan’s face, and he immediately explained to her the situation.

However, Yahiko, who was trying to explain to her what happened, was still in disbelieve. He couldn’t merely recover after what Naito did.

“Hanzo the Salamander… Died?!

Listening to Yahiko’s explanation made Konan more shocked.

“Yeah, he got killed by Naito-Sensei. This damage that occurred on the battlefield was caused by Sensei’s technique. I didn’t expect Sensei to be this strong. He didn’t even give Hanzo a chance to attack…”

Yahiko said this with a trace of both awe and admiration in his tone.

His word confirmed the speculations in Konan’s heart, Naito was the cause of this horrifying scene!

Konan fell into a big shock, which made her say no more words for a long time.

On the other side, after the shock in his heart gradually dissipated. Yahiko revealed a bitter expression looking at Naito, then he said: “Sensei, I’ve failed you. Like you’ve just said to me before, I’m too naive. If you didn’t come at the right time, I would have been…”

Thinking about that possibility made Yahiko feel horrified.

Hanzo would have definitely killed them without showing the slightest mercy.

“You’re really naive, but you would have survived even if I didn’t show up, I didn’t train you guys to die in this place.”

This sentence made Yahiko feel stunned.

Even Konan felt surprised, this sentence didn’t make any sense, Naito talked about their fate with such certainty that only gods can have!

The only person who didn’t look surprised was Kushina.

Naito turned and looked at Kushina, then he gently nodded and said: “Can you feel it?”


Kushina blinked then turned to look to a specific direction.

When she’s in the Kyuubi’s Mode, Kushina’s sensing power becomes very strong. Kushina has just felt an extremely powerful Chakra flow, and it was as strong as her!

Moreover, it was very close.

Konan and Yahiko looked at Naito and Kushina and wanted to ask, however, they could notice that both of them were looking at the same direction behind the canyon.

“Don’t hide, come out.”

Naito said this sentence with a very calm tone, however, his voice could reach the person who was hiding behind that canyon.

Suddenly, a figure appeared, then he jumped above the big hole Naito has created, then step by step, he came in front of Naito and the others.

Yahiko and Konan felt a bit surprised.

Did someone was hiding in the dark?!


“Impossible! Nagato’s eyes…”

Although it has been years since they met Nagato, the two of them has never forgotten about him nor about the Rinnegan.

Compared to them, it was the first time for Kushina to see the Rinnegan. And she couldn’t help but notice the strong Aura around the guy who was covered with black receivers around his whole body.

This Aura has even made Kurama lightly feel its pressure.

“This is… Rinnegan.”

Kurama opened his eyes, and with a stunned expression, he said: “The old man’s eyes have appeared. What Naito has told me was really true…”

Taking a deep breath, Kurama sighed and said to Kushina: “Beware of those eyes, he’s very dangerous.”


Kushina nodded firmly.

Throughout the whole situation. Only Naito was still calm. Although the one who was in front of him was a complete stranger to him, he kept his calm expression as he was looking at him.

Naito has already felt his presence the moment he put his feet in this place.

Regarding the fact the person who was using Rinnegan wasn’t Nagato, Naito didn’t get surprised because he was familiar with it.

Six Paths of Pain!

It’s an Outer Path technique that allows a Rinnegan user to manipulate up to six bodies as though they are their own. The user embeds one or more black receivers into a body, allowing them to channel their Chakra into it from great distances.

Each body has its unique techniques that the user himself can choose, in the Original, Nagato choose Yahiko’s body to use Preta Path.

Unexpectedly, it seems that Nagato has already mastered this technique in this timeline. However, there’s only one Pain in here. Naito couldn’t sense any other bodies around the place using his Ultra Perceive.