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T.S.H Chapter 274: Let The World Feel The Pain

“A God… only a divine existence, can be called one. Look for yourself. Hanzo, who has been called a Demi-God once, has just been killed in a nowhere by a mortal just like him.”

Walking toward Naito, Pain said with a calm expression.

At that moment, Yahiko couldn’t help but step forward and ask: “Who are you? Why do you have Nagato’s eyes?!”

Pain looked at him then said: “I’m Pain, if you call this man by your side a Demi-God, then I’m the God himself.”

Naito quietly kept looking at Pain, but the color in his eyelids was showing his interest. Naito was more curious about where did Nagato has disappeared for this whole time, where he went, and what he was doing?

And from the way the Six Paths of Pain has suddenly appeared, Naito could estimate that this Nagato was no different from the one in the Original.

In the Original his character has changed after the death of Yahiko, the former wanted to be the god of the world, Nagato granted him that which by claiming himself as god using Yahiko’s body as one of Pain Six Paths.

Just when Yahiko has frowned and wanted to ask him again, Naito suddenly spoke.

“This is the Six Path of Pain technique it allows the user to manipulate up to six bodies as though they are their own. Every single one has its special unique ability… But I don’t know which one is this.”

Naito’s sentence made Pain who looked very calm reveals a shocked expression, he immediately stared at Naito with a hint of disbelieve.

“How do you know about this?!”

He has never told anyone about this ability. Nagato has been hiding in the dark for years, and this is was the first time he shows up. However, his ability has been exposed directly by Naito.

The shock was really evident in his eyelids, he already knew about Naito and was keeping an eye on him the whole time, but Naito’s knowledge was far more terrible than what he imagined!

He got really stunned when he previously saw how Naito destroyed Hanzo and his army with one punch, regardless his shock, he didn’t feel like he needed to expose his identity and immediately deal with him.

“There only one Pain nearby, the other fives are not here, or maybe he still didn’t create them? However, Nagato himself is not here, he’s far away from this place. Still, he could control him from such a long distance.”

Naito looked amazed as he was looking at Pain. However, the weight of every sentence he has said was like a hammer smashing Nagato every time, the things Naito knew were enough for him to feel threatened which made him couldn’t help but step back.

On the other side, Yahiko and Konan felt amazed, and they couldn’t help but look at Naito and Pain.

Although she knew that Naito was handling the situation, Kushina couldn’t lose her guard and was standing next to Yahiko and Konan ready to attack.

Pain’s expression became colder, and after a long time, he finally calmed down.

“Sure enough, you’re not a simple man, as I thought.

This is the meaning of being powerful, with such a confidant in his strength, Nagato wasn’t afraid even from Naito. He’s the man who has been able to control the Rinnegan, he’s the man who has become the new God of the world!

However, just a few words from Naito made him understand that the former know everything about him, and on the other side, Nagato did know nothing about him.

“What do you seek? What is your purpose from showing up here today? I feel that you wouldn’t move an inch if those two got just killed by Hanzo.”

Naito said these words to Nagato.

Naito was trying to reach out Nagato without revealing how much he knew about Madara and his plan, Naito didn’t know what the former will try to do if he felt anything suspicious, therefore; he was trying to act calm around him.

“I’ve wanted to see something, and I’ve seen it.”

“What did you want to see? Nagato!”

Knowing that this guy was controlled by Nagato, Yahiko couldn’t help but scream at him. Although, he knew that this Nagato wasn’t the one he saved several years ago.

Such confidence and arrogance, It’s almost like if he’s a whole different person!

“I’m a god, and a god must always keep an eye on the world.”

Naito didn’t know where was Nagato hiding, the place he has chosen was beyond Naito’s Ultra Perceive reach.

“Have you been watching us this whole time?!”

Yahiko looked surprised the moment he heard that sentence, Konan, on the other side, seemed really sad.

No wonder that she has always felt like being watched from the dark, Nagato has been secretly spying on Yahiko and Konan and watching the Akatsuki organization gradually growing big, and noticing how Hanzo was trying to take them down made him take a move.


Pain nodded then said: “For a long time I kept thinking about the right way to look at this world, I’ve wanted to observe it from your perspective, but it seems you have completely failed, Yahiko.”

Yahiko clenched his fist at that moment, his expression changed, and he looked like he wanted to say something, but he finally showed a hint of sorrow then sighed.

Indeed, even if he wanted to say something, nothing he would say would have proven the opposite, from the moment Hanzo has suddenly hit the Akatsuki organization and collapsed, he basically failed, which demonstrates that his idea was wrong.

“I believe in the same cause as you, I which for the wars to stop. However, it seems that it’s impossible for people to understand each other. Therefore; Its time for me to try my method.”

With a firm expression, Pain looked at Yahiko and Konan.

Yahiko’s brow wrinkled and couldn’t help but ask: “What method?”

“This world shall feel pain, think about pain, and accept pain…”

Pain paused for a moment then continued: “there is no peace in this cursed world. War is just a crime paid for by the pain of the defeated..”

“Only if this world understands the true pain, it will be able to know peace.”

“And to do this, I will collect all the Bijuu and make the strongest weapon that will have the power to destroy the whole world. The greater the pain, the more they will feel afraid; thus, the world will restrain the idea of war and welcome peace.”

The way Pain has explained what he called a ‘method’ made both Yahiko and Konan feel terrified, but neither of them knew what to say back to him.

Yahiko’s idea of stopping the war has completely failed. The raid Hanzo has done on him proved that his approach was wrong, and people will never understand each other (Yahiko was too naive).

But Nagato’s idea was too exaggerated.

“So this is… Your method?!”

Kushina couldn’t help but stare at him the moment he mentioned the Bijuu.

When he heard Kushina, Pain turned his head and looked at Kushina. All of a sudden, his eyes flashed slightly and said: “I will eventually need the Kyuubi to create my final weapon. However, I never expected to encounter the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi in here.”

“Although the order is kinda off, I think its time to start.”