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T.S.H Chapter 275: Full Power

The moment she heard that sentence, Kushina’s body suddenly got covered by a yellow coat around it opening Kurama’s Mode.

“Bring it on!”

At the same moment, Pain stared at her, and suddenly, a strong aura broke out, causing pressure on everyone around him.

This kind of horrible pressure was far stronger than Hanzo!

This is wasn’t the same kid from before, Nagato now can control the power of the Rinnegan, and he even managed to use The Six Paths of Pain Technique!

Suddenly, Pain stretched out his arm in front of him, and an invisible power blasted out shattering even the ground around him.

“Shinra Tensei!!”


The ground under his feet suddenly cracked as the horrible force continued to expand.

This invisible force shattered even the rain in the sky!

“Not good!”

Kushina wanted to fight back. However, she could tell that the situation was dangerous on Yahiko and Konan who were by her side. Thus she directly grabbed both of them and fell back quickly. Her speed in the Kyuubi Mode was furiously fast; however, it wasn’t enough to escape from the Shinra Tensei range.

Suddenly, huge claws of Chakra extended out of her body and used them to leap forward until she finally escaped the scop of the Shinra Tensei technique.

“The power of the Rinnegan is really terrible…”

Kushina looked stunned from the power of this technique, even Yahiko and Konan were shocked, they never knew that the Rinnegan was this powerful.

Moreover, he was trying to kill them; obviously, he wasn’t considering them as his friends anymore!


Kushina who could barely escape the range of this attack, then she immediately turned around to look for Naito.

However, she got surprised when she found that Naito didn’t move an inch from his place, even though with his speed, he could easily escape.

Suddenly the force of the Shinra Tensei reached him. The horrible power blasted out, and a big crack appeared in the space in front of him.

Naito had created a protective cloak around his body with the Shock force when the two forces collided the ground under his feet suddenly got smashed!

This was the second time he fights with the Rinnegan; however, the result this time was completely different!

Currently his he shock force is at the Fifth Stage, and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches the Sixth. He’s now much stronger than before.

The two forces crushed on each other, however, Naito didn’t even move a step, he didn’t even raise his hand to block that attack, all that he did was staring at it!


Naito looked at the Shinra Tensei, then he whispered with a cold tone.


Suddenly a dark, horrifying aura appeared around Naito’s body canceling the Shinra Tensei technique and blasting the whole place around him. This is wasn’t the Spiritual Shock Technique, this was just Naito’s presence. His momentum alone has caused the rain to shatter, and the ground to crack. The weather itself seemed to change, it was getting colder. It seemed as if it has dropped a few degrees in an instant, and it didn’t look like it’s gonna stop before it freezes the sea itself!

“Peace is good… War isn’t worth the suffering of the people. I don’t really care if you want to bring peace or make the world feel the pain, I don’t care about any of this rubbish… But who do you think you are to talk about the Kyuubi in front of me.”

“Don’t dare to even think about it!”

Naito didn’t care about war nor about peace. He’s not a saint, he’s not a hero, and he doesn’t even care about other people.

Do whatever you want, but don’t you ever dare to touch a hair of Kushina’s head!

“It seems that you care about the Kyuubi.”

Pain looked again at Kushina, then he said: “Maybe you care more about the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi!”

Nagato knew that Naito is strong, he’s no ordinary ninja. Therefore, he wasn’t willing to hold back against him. He decided to use his strongest technique and finish him quickly.

“Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain.”

“I think its time for me to shut that big mouth of yours!”

“Full Power! Shinra Tensei!”

Nagato suddenly reached out with his hands, then he released a stronger Shinra Tensei, that directly made the ground collapse, the rain shatter and let the whole place around him tremble!

Kushina who have already escaped from the first one didn’t hesitate to grab Yahiko and Konan again then retreat. At the same time, she also looked worried. The power of the Rinnegan was obviously strong.

This technique… Is simply outrageous!

The scope of the attack this time has covered the whole place around them, reaching the forest in the rear!

In the face of this outrageous power, Naito stared at Nagato then he suddenly injected his Chakra into his golden ring.


Suddenly the golden ring changed its shape then turned into a golden sword that he immediately held it in his hand and waved it.


The air burst out with some kind of distortions in space the moment the two forces collided.

The Shinra Tensei Force spread out in all direction, shattering and destroying everything in front of it!

However, no defensive technique can withstand Naito’s Shock Wave’s power!

In an instant, the moment the two forces collided, the Shock Wave, split the Shinra Tensei and shattered it, then it kept flying toward Pain. However, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“This is impossible!!”

Nagato couldn’t hide his shock, after all, this is wasn’t an ordinary technique, he just put his whole Chakra into that Shinra Tensei, it was his ultimate Ninjutsu, it could easily destroy an entire village; however, it got cut by Naito’s sword!

This is ridiculous!

He was the man who obtained the Rinnegan, he had the strength of the Rikudou, the strength of a god, yet he got overwhelmed by Naito’s power!