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T.S.H Chapter 277: Yahiko’s Request

Looking at the cracked sky gradually healing, Yahiko and Konan slowly woke up from their shock, with a look of both awe and admiration on their faces.

Especially Konan, who looked really confused.

After a while, they finally reacted and expressed their gratitude to Kushina again.

It’s normal for their Sensei to save them, but Kushina didn’t know them, yet she healed Konan, and when they got attacked by Pain, she saved them several times.

“You’re welcome, I will check on your condition again later.”

Kushina smiled on both of them, but Yahiko kept looking at her for a while after that.

She helped them, but he couldn’t help but have doubts about her. Why is she helping us in the first place? And why is she with Naito-Sensei?

Konan was also wondering about that. But she didn’t hesitate to ask Kushina directly.

Although she’s looked the same age as her, they didn’t look alike. However, Konan could tell that she wasn’t a bad person.

Even if she didn’t answer her, Konan would have figured it out later from the way they treat each other. Therefore, Kushina leaned over toward her and whispered to her the relationship between her and Naito.

Konan snorted and couldn’t help but envy her.

At the same time, Naito’s flashed from a distance and appeared in front of them.

“Did you find him? Sensei you didn’t kill him, right?” Yahiko looked at Naito and couldn’t help but ask.

Konan, who was by his side, has also looked worried. Although Nagato has completely changed, the three of them shared the same roof for a while, and they still cared about him.

“I couldn’t find him.”

Naito shook his head, then looked at both of them, then at Kushina and smiled: “Well, It seems you’re already getting along, so I don’t really need to introduce her.”


Both of them nodded, Yahiko didn’t show any kind of expressions, but Konan’s eyes flashed slightly and kept looking at the two of them.

Naito could notice that.

In fact, he could notice it from a while ago, how could he not feel it, Konan has always treated him differently, she certainly doesn’t only see him as a teacher.

However, Naito acted like he didn’t know about any of this, he felt this way he will prevent causing a lot of troubles from both sides.

Naito looked at Yahiko and Konan, then said: “Hanzo is dead now, the Rain Village has no leader. And It’s estimated that it won’t have one for a while. A new leader will not likely to be accepted by the people.”

“After Hanzo’s death, the Rain Village will either fall into the turmoil of war, or it may be directly annexed by other parties.”

Naito paused a little and noticed the expression on Yahiko and Konan changes, then he slowly said: “So what will you choose, will you leave with me, or…”

Yahiko looked at Naito with a confused expression. If he asked him before, he would have definitely said with confidence that he would stay and become the new leader of the Rain Village and lead the world to peace.

However, he’s not that guy anymore, he suffered a lot, and he has lost his belief.

In the end, after he bit his teeth, he said to Naito: “Naito-Sensei… You should lead the Rain Village.”

Naito got surprised, he never expected him to say such a thing. He couldn’t help but smile lightly and say: “I’m an outsider.”

“But Naito-Sensei is not also a ninja from Konoha… Sensei, you’re from the Kusanagi Clan, you’re Village has been destroyed…”

Yahiko stopped then looked at Naito with hints of hope and pleading.

As long as Naito is the next leader, the Village will surpass that turmoil in an instant, and the five major Villages will never dare to think about taking a step inside the Rain Land!

He won’t stop the war in the world, but he will at least grant this Land the peace that it has always wanted, because no one will ever dare to go against Naito.

Listening to Yahiko’s expression, Naito slightly revealed a thoughtful expression.

In fact, Naito has never been interested in being a leader, however, after he thought about it, he found that it might be useful.

When he was in Konoha, Naito could get any information he wanted from the Anbu, now after he left the Village, all of his resources got cut off.

Whether it’s the location of the Bijuu, Nagato, or even Madara, he will need to collect them all by himself, if he had any kind of resource that could collect this intelligence for him, it would be more convenient then running around alone.

Moreover, Naito now has nowhere to go, especially while he has Kushina with him, they cannot stay in one place for a long time.

Nagato is currently in the Rain Land, and it will be easier if he stays here and look for him. Naito can quickly kill him now and end everything if he finds him.

Although, Naito is not concerned about having the Rinnegan power, however; if its gonna ruin Madara’s plans why not?

While Naito kept thinking about it, Kushina nodded at him then whispered.

“We don’t have any place to go, it’s a good choice to stay here. Although the weather here is a bit annoying.”

As she said this, Kushina stretched her hand out to catch some of the raindrops falling from the sky.

Upon seeing it, Naito nodded then said: “Well, if this is the case, we will stay for the time being.”

“If you go alone, you will never be able to take control of the Village, Yahiko. There’s also the Five Major Villages who also will want a bite from the Rain Land. When the time comes, the situation will fall even more into chaos, it will be more dangerous. I cannot allow you to go alone.”

Naito nodded at Yahiko, at that moment, the former has finally managed breathed a sigh of relief.

Yahiko, who has lost his beliefs, now has found another person to believe in. At least as long as he’s in Naito’s side, he will never be confused. He doesn’t need to think on his own, he doesn’t have responsibilities, all that he needs to do is to follow Naito.

The same is true for Konan, she believed in Naito’s idea from the very beginning, the idea of protecting the closest people around him.

Even Kushina was fine with that, as long as she’s by Naito’s side, she didn’t care about what’s happening in the world.