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T.S.H Chapter 279: Naito’s Solution

The center of the Rain Village, the tallest building.

This is was Hanzo’s office, it’s the highest building in the Rain Village, and is positioned in the center. At this time, some elites from the Anbu were in that building taking charge of the Village in the absence of Hanzo.

“Hanzo-Sama should be back soon, right?”

“The Akatsuki has been already defeated. Hanzo-Sama is currently chasing the head of that organization, it should be over soon.”

“Well, no one can escape from Hanzo-Sama. He could even hold his ground against Konoha’s Ashura and the three Sannin. No one can defeat our leader!”

The admiration in their eyelids was evident, all of them respected Hanzo, he was like an emperor to them. It can be said that Hanzo is the strongest existence in the Rain Village.

Therefore, everyone respected and admired him.

However, just when they were discussing this matter, a horrible force suddenly spread around the entire Village, and it could even knock out several people among them.


Even those who managed to endure it felt like they’re gonna faint out at any moment, even the elites among them looked horrified as they thought that something wrong was happening with their bodies.

The only man who didn’t get affected was the Anbu Commander of the Rain Village. He was a Kage-level powerhouse, but he couldn’t help but feel stunned.

“This… What is this? Presence?!”

“Did Hanzo-Sama come back? N-… No, even Hanzo-Sama doesn’t have such an Aura. This momentum is really terrifying!”

After he helped some of them regaining their conscious, they rushed out of the building heading toward the direction of that mysterious power.

On the street of the Rain Village.

“This is should be enough.”

Naito stopped the Spiritual Shock then he looked around and gently nodded, revealing a satisfied expression. This technique is excellent in getting rid of small flies.

This will avoid him the trouble of dealing with every single Shinobi in the Rain Village, leaving only the strong people who can endure this technique. After they reach an agreement, he will no longer need to fight or kill anyone else in this Village.

At that moment, the leader of that group of Shinobi has frozen in his place in front of Naito.

He recognized the identity of the man in front of him!

He’s the man who killed the Third Kazekage, the Third Raikage, the man that people calls him the new God of Shinobi, and the man who managed to suppress Hanzo… Yuu Naito!

With a terrified expression, he looked at Naito, although he managed to endure the Spiritual Shock before, this information made his mind go blank, and made his body tremble from fear.

But the scene itself around him was more shocking and horrifying.

It’s wasn’t just the Shinobis around him, he could even see the civilians far away fainting out on the ground, in fact, all the people in the entire Village were falling one after another from Naito’s technique!

“This is too much…”

Kushina put her hand on her forehead helplessly. However, she somehow got used to how Naito solves troubles, he likes to overwhelm his enemies with absolute power because he’s too lazy to explain himself every time!

Yahiko had a dull expression that he couldn’t wipe for a long time.

It really solved a lot of troubles, but it’s too exaggerating to attack the entire Village at once!

Konan, on the other hand, has also looked shocked but more amazed.

This is what does it mean to be by Naito-Sensei’s side.

Finally, the leader of the squad has woke up from his shock, with terrified expression and a trembled tone, he said: “It turned out to be you… Why are you in the Rain?!”

The power that Naito has just revealed was overpowered, although it didn’t affect him, he knew that if Naito wanted to kill him, it wouldn’t take him seconds!

Currently, no one in the entire Village can stop Naito!

The only person who can stop him is Hanzo. But he’s currently on a mission to kill the Head of the Akatsuki.

He bit his teeth and prayed in his heart that Hanzo will come back soon before he destroys the whole Village.

However, the next moment has once again made him shocked.

Yahiko, who was by Naito’s side, has suddenly taken out a scroll, unsealed it, then threw a thing in front of him.

This is… H-Hanzo’s head!


The man could no longer standstill, he’s body was weak from Naito’s previous technique, and looking at Hanzo’s head on the ground made his legs tremble, without even noticing, he fell on his knees staring at his leader’s head.

“Ha… Hanzo… Hanzo-Sama…”

“No! This is impossible! No one can kill Hanzo-Sama, this…”

He kept slamming the ground with his fist with a broken spirit and tears in his eyes. He simply couldn’t believe that his leader was dead.

Even after they lost the war he didn’t feel this way, because he knew that Hanzo was by their side, their leader will always save them, as long as he’s by their side even the five great Villages will fear them, but now, that man is dead!

While he had that emotional break, he couldn’t help but raise his hand and stare at Naito.

There’s no doubt that Hanzo’s death is related to him!

No ordinary man can kill Hanzo, the salamander!

In other words, there’s only one man who could kill him in the world, Yuu Naito!

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

The elites of the Rain Village were rushing over toward Naito’s position from several directions with terrified expressions.

Someone has invaded the Village, and he could even do all of this just by his presence… Who is this man?!

Although that horrible force didn’t affect them enough to make them faint out like the others, it made them feel their own smallness, they knew that none of them could deal with that man alone!