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T.S.H Chapter 280: Control The Rain Village

The Rain is just a small Village compared to the Five, with the existence of Hanzo the Salamander it’s relatively strong. However, the numbers of their elites cannot be compared to Konoha.

With these small numbers, they didn’t dare to rush immediately to the enemy position. They gathered each other first then they headed toward Naito’s area.

On the way forward, they couldn’t help but notice the situation in the Village with a stunned expression.

People, Shinobis, civilians, they were all molt on the ground!

There were no traces of scars on their bodies, and they couldn’t help but think that the momentum they previously felt has something to do with this situation.

Which is simply incredible!

Finally, they came to the street where the accident happened, and they immediately saw Naito’s figure.

It’s him!

Why is he here?!

Just when they were shocked from seeing him standing there, some of them pointed his finger at Hanzo’s head, and for the moment, all of them felt like they got struck by a lightning thunder.

Their bodies were shaking from that strong shock to the point that some of them could no longer stand still!

It’s the head of Hanzo the Salamander!

The man who has been called one a Demi-God is dead?!

No one could stand looking at his head, as their expression was full of sorrow.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but look at Naito with an incomparable fear.

They didn’t even need to guess that Naito was the one who killed him!

In addition to Naito, who is the new God of Shinobi who else could kill Hanzo?!

Moreover, the man has already killed two Kages before!

“Hanzo is dead, and I’m the new leader of the Rain Village, does anyone have any complainings?”

Naito said this while he looked at the Elites of the Rain Village.

They didn’t help but get confused, Yuu Naito wants to rule the Rain? Isn’t he a ninja from Konoha?!

However, some of them were aware of the rumors that were running around about how Naito left Konoha with Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki.

Now, it seems that these rumors are undoubtedly true!

Someone suddenly looked straight at Naito’s eyes then said: “You’re an outsider, we won’t let someone like you…”


Before he could even finish his sentence, his body got shocked and turned into countless pieces.


Naito retracted his finger back and glanced at the other: “Anyone else?”

They looked at each other, then finally someone banded a knee to Naito.

It was always like that, they obeyed Hanzo because he ruled them with power, they feared him, so they followed him.

Now, after Naito killed Hanzo and showed his strength and worthy, these ninjas didn’t have any choice but to surrounder.

The existence of the Village itself is centered on Hanzo, they won’t survive without him unless someone stronger will take the lead.

For example, after Nagato killed Hanzo in the Original, he took over the Rain and appointed himself as the god of pain and no one dared to disobey him.

It was this simple, show them your power, and no one will disobey you then you can choose how to rule!

Yahiko finally understood how naive he was how much time and blood it would have cost him if he kept what he was doing.

Naito showed them how small they were compared to him, made them understood by killing Hanzo that they didn’t have any choice but to follow him. He hurt him once so he won’t need to hit them again!

Konan looked slightly emotional.

If she were strong enough, her parent wouldn’t be killed, even after she established with Yahiko the Akatsuki, they found it really hard to shake the Rain Village because they weren’t strong enough.

But it didn’t take Naito much effort.

Kushina has also sighed, and she was touched in her heart. If she could have her current power back when Uzumaki Clan got destroyed, everything would have been different.

Konan believed in Naito, he was different from Hanzo and also stronger, Hanzo has ruled this land for so many years, but he never been able to make it one of the major Villages.

However, as long as there’s Naito and Kushina, even if they didn’t know how to managed the Village, Yahiko and Konan will be there to help them, and soon the Rain Village will be the strongest in the world!


The news of Hanzo the Salamander being killed by the God of Shinobi Yuu Naito was quickly spread to the entire world.

A man who has been called a Demi-God once got killed by Yuu Naito. Although Hanzo wasn’t a Kage, in the eyes of many people, he was a strong as the five Kage of the Five Major Villages!

This is means that Naito has killed two Kages and a Demi-God!

Everyone was stunned from Naito’s power, however, what was more shocking is the other news following this one. Yuu Naito has taken control over the Rain Village and become its new leader!

This news has made the entire world fall into chaos and caused an uproar amongst the small and even the major villages.

Because this news has confirmed the rumors that Naito left Konoha and now he’s establishing his new home!

No one knows what happened, but sure Naito seems like he won’t go back to Konoha!