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T.S.H Chapter 284: Jiraiya’s Request!


Sarutobi was having troubles to calm himself or even to sit down.

According to the current situation in the world, the third world war was inevitable. And Konoha was undoubtedly about to face a siege from the four major Villages.

Even if the four great villages won’t cooperate, and ended up fighting each other, Konoha was undoubtedly gonna be the most to suffer.

If he can bring Naito back to the Village, this pressure will be easily relieved. After all, he’s the only man who managed to raid a whole village and kill its Kage, the four major villages will undoubtedly think twice before provoking him.

However, whether it’s Sarutobi, Danzo, or the others, they definitely don’t want Naito to come back.

His existence in the Village alone can cause particular problems that are difficult to deal with. Let alone his worthiness for the position of the Hokage. They cannot hand the villages to Naito, to a complete strange!

The roots are always crucial in this world, even if you’re born in Konoha, but taken as an Uchiha member, it will be impossible for you to be a Hokage!

Similarly, it’s even more impossible for Naito, who is an outsider to rule the Village.

They need him, but they also don’t want him in the Village because they won’t be able to handle these problems. Therefore Naito won’t come back. Consequently, they will end up facing the four major villages alone.

Moreover, there’s one more important question. Will Naito be willing to come back?!

As he was smoking his pipe looking at the rain, suddenly someone opened the door office and walked in.

“Hokage-Sama, I got some news from the Mount Myoboku, Naito is currently there practicing his Sage Mode.”

Jiraiya looked at Sarutobi and said: “Allow me to contact him.”

Sarutobi didn’t reply, he kept smoking his pipe while looking at him.

Jiraiya gritted his teeth, then said: “Even if he’s an outsider, even if he’s from the Kusanagi Clan, Naito is also a ninja from Konoha, he can stop this war. So what if he’s too powerful?! He has never tried to harm us!”

He might act like it, but Jiraiya wasn’t a fool, and he was fully aware of the current situation.

Just when he was about to answer him, someone else interrupted him.


Danzo opened the door and walked in, he said coldly: “Konoha will never be handed over to an outsider, were not that weak, were not afraid of anyone.”

Danzo wanted that war, he wanted an opportunity to lead Konoha to prosperity, and this was his chance by crushing the other villages, and he needed Naito out of it, so he could be the new hero, the only problem is that Naito has taken the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki with him.

“Even if we’re not afraid of war, we cannot let the war just break out this easily, once it’s fought, countless people will suffer from it.”

Jiraiya couldn’t handle himself and shouted these words at Danzo.

Danzo stared at Jiraiya then said: “War will lead them to a better peace.”

Sarutobi kept hearing their grumbling and mumbling for a while, but he never spoke a word, he kept smoking his pipe, then he finally took a deep breath and turned his back to them.


Mount Myoboku.

A figure was sitting on the table with some steamed and fried various insect on it.

“Jiraiya-Chan, come on, don’t hesitate to dig in, I’ve prepared this special meal for you.”

Shima looked at Fukasaku and smiled.

He looked at the table, then his mouth suddenly begun to twitch, just from the smell he felt like he’s gonna throw up.

“No, I have already eaten. Moreover, it’s not time to relax, we need to keep an eye on Naito.”

When he mentioned Naito’s name, Shima looked somehow full of sorrows.

“Jiraiya-Chan, listen to me, do not try to fight with that guy, Ogama Sannin ordered us to not intervene with this matter, even if we don’t like it, we cannot help but follow the orders.”

“I understand, I won’t fight him, even with the power of the Sage Mode I won’t have a chance against him, his strength has reached a level that I can’t even touch.”

Jiraiya took a deep breath, and suddenly he’s expression became serious.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but smile a bit, he actually felt impressed. When he goes back a few years before, Naito was just a little child trying to survive a conflict he had with the Uchiha Clan that none has thought he would.

However, in the blink of an eye, Naito was standing at the peak of the world. Even the five major Village has recognized him as the new God of Shinobis!

He still can remember the time when Naito was just struggling to survive. However, the war has really changed him.


Sitting cross-legged in front of the water pool, Naito was still constantly absorbing Natural Energy.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, with stoping the absorbing, he looked calmly into the distance.

Naito didn’t look surprised. Although he didn’t see him for a while, Naito wasn’t that happy about it.

Obviously, after he took in charge of the Rain Village, Konoha is willing to fight that war alone and won’t ask him to return.

Naito didn’t know if this is what Sarutobi want, but even if he doesn’t like it, the other elders won’t allow him to talk to Naito, especially Danzo who only think about war.

“Yuu Naito.”

Jiraiya walked toward him while he was handling two teapots along with two cups. He walked down toward Naito, then he sat next to him and smiled.

“This a special tea from Mount Myoboku, it’s full of rich natural energy, only people who can control the Natural Energy can drink it.”

As he was saying these words, he poured a cup for Naito and himself.

Naito didn’t hate him, he just didn’t like Jiraiya, the relationship between the two wasn’t that good before, if it were Tsunade he would have been happier to see her, he would even stand for her and smile.

“It’s not that bad.”

After he took a sip, Naito nodded slightly, he knew about this tea, he could see Shima and Fukasaku often drink it, but he was too lazy to go and grab him a cup.

This tea was really special, its full of vitality, and better than any other ordinary tea.

Jiraiya smiled back at him, then he took a sip and said: “Of course, there’s no ordinary tea in the Shinobi world that can match it, even some good wines don’t taste as good as this one.”

Jiraiya said this then he paused for a little bit, and whispered: “Can’t you really just come back?”