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T.S.H Chapter 287: The Nanabi’s Repression

“This situation is not good, we cannot afford to make this a frontal battle, were no match to this beast.”

“This is gonna be very difficult… How the hell can we defeat a Tailed-Beast?!”

They all looked scared and horrified, the only reason that kept them from running was Naito who was there beside them.


A wave of strong wind whizzed, and made the trees around them get blown away, even the Rain Shinobis found it hard to keep their legs on the ground as they were pushed back by it.

Only Naito was standing still on the field, looking at the Nanabi’s wings continually moving, while the expression on his face looked dull without any traces of fear.

This wind cannot shake Naito’s spirit!

He stood there firm like a mountain.

“It’s a pity that you’re a type of insect, you would have looked better if you were a bird, but as long as you can fly, you will be a good mount.”

Naito raised his head then looked at the Nanabi and opened.

What did this human say?!

A good… Mount?!

The Nanabi’s heart got overwhelmed with incomparable anger the moment he heard that word!

He’s a Tailed-beast, and not anyone, he’s the Nanabi!

Who dares to treat such a beast as a mount. The Nanabi felt like he needs to teach this arrogant human a painful lesson, then send him straight to hell!


The Nanabi roared, then he rushed directly toward Naito, he felt like catch him, then crush him with his bare hands!

His body was huge, yet his speed was incredible, the Rain Shinobis could hardly follow his movements.


“How can it move this fast?!”

Under the horrified gazes of everyone, the Nanabi reached Naito in a second and caught him.

This scene made everyone get terrified, he’s gonna kill him!

If he’s dead, then they’re next. The Rain Shinobis were scared and looked like they were about to escape, however, at the last moment, they realized that Naito hasn’t got caught!

It’s just an afterimage!


The Nanabi looked terrified, he used his full speed, but he could only capture this human’s afterimage!

Then where is he?!

“It can’t be!”

The Nanabi raised his head, and there he was, Naito was on the top of him.

Without any hesitation, Naito raised his foot then kicked the Nanabi.


A repulsive force suddenly hit him and made his body stagnate, the impact of that kick made him fall directly from the sky, and slam on the ground.

“What power is this…”

The Nanabi’s heart was shocked, he could tell that Naito was faster than him, but he didn’t expect him to have such terrible power!

Moreover, when he tried to stand back, he could feel that horrible force spreading in his body, trembling him, making him weak, he even was struggling to stand up!

He couldn’t believe it at first, but is this pain?!

This is unbelievable!

How many years it has been since the last time he felt pain? Who is this human?!

What is this power?!

A lot of questions that he didn’t know their answers, but he could tell one thing, this human is dangerous!

Under that feeling of pain, the Nanabi let go of his power and roared while his Chakra was violently surging.

Naito who was still standing on his back kept sending shock wave one after another to keep him from standing, while the Nanabi was struggling wildly, shattering the whole place apart, still, he couldn’t get rid of him!

The Rain Shinobis could no longer endure standing close to the battlefield and had to retreat to the distance.

However, none of them could hide the shock on his face.

This is incredible, Naito is actually suppressing the Nanabi.

Moreover, he didn’t use a single Ninjutsu, he didn’t even use a hand sign or a seal, all that he did was standing on the top of its back!

“Is this… All he needs to suppress the Nanabi?!”

The Shinobi swallowed while his whole body was trembling.

The other Shinobis were as scared as this guy. They saw before the information about how he managed to suppress the Kyuubi, but this is more shocking then what they read before.

They thought that Naito will use his Ultimate Ninjutsu to defeat the Nanabi, or maybe he has some reliable seal technique that will restrain its powers, but none of them expected that all that he needs to do is to jump into the sky and kick him!

The way he’s suppressing the Nanabi is really unbelievable.

“This damn human…”

After a long struggle with Naito, the Nanabi has finally understood that he will never get rid of Naito this way, so he changed his plan. Suddenly, the ground under him became soft, and his entire body dived into the ground.


Naito didn’t choose to follow the Nanabi underground, but jumped back to the ground and kept looking at him disappearing, thinking that this is interesting.

“Hey this is mean, we only agreed on the flying part… Still, do you think you will be able to escape this way?”

Without any hesitation, Naito lifted his legs and slammed the ground.


This simple kick made the whole place collapse, and crush, even the mountains around the place started trembling and cracking.

The moment the place started to crack open, the Rain Shinobis fell back even more in the forest, while looking stunned at the mountain that just got crushed from Naito’s kick!

The power of the shock force crushed and shuttered every layer underground, whether it was rock or mud; nothing stopped it until it hit the Nanabi who was escaping.


This hit made the Nanabi directly sent a painful roar, this time, the shock force has almost shattered his whole body. However, he wasn’t gonna give up, as long as he got Chakra, he can always regenerate his body parts, Naito will never be able to defeat him.

However, this strange force that Naito is using is extremely painful to him.

“AUGH!! What kind of power is this… is this the Sixth Path Powers? No! No! This is wrong, it cannot be, then why can it make me feel pain…”

The Nanabi who was struggling from the pain tried to dive even deeper underground.

However, Naito wasn’t gonna give him any chance to escape, as he kept kicking the ground sending shockwaves at him.

It was like a continued wave of bombardment that was gonna destroy the whole village at this rate.

In the end, even the mountains far away got destroyed and collapsed!

The Nanabi got hit again, which made him finally understand that it was a wrong idea to escape from the underground!

“Hiden: Hiding in Scale Powder Technique!”

The Nanabi who was trapped underground ignored the severe pain in his body and released a Ninjutsu.

In a second, he exhaled an enormous amount of powder from his mouth, which made everyone instantly lose sight.

However, the Nanabi didn’t choose to escape, he stared at Naito in anger, then he opened his mouth again and shoot a massive Bijuudama at him.

“Got to hell! Human!”

The next moment made the Nanabi got horrified when he discovered that Naito seemed he saw clearly that Bijuudama coming toward him. Naito didn’t choose to avoid it, he extended his both hands to the void, and a horrible shock force broke out shattering that horrifying Bijuudama!

The Nanabi never felt this scared before.

Who can blame him, he just witnessed a human being destroying a Bijuudama barehanded!


The Nanabi wanted to escape again, however, before he could even move, Naito flashed in front of him and punched him.


The Nanabi got directly bombarded and flew straight away toward a mountain then crushed on it.

Naito flashed directly toward him then he stroke him again.

When the Nanabi was struggling to stand again, Naito hit him one more.

Naito found out from his several encounters with the Bijuu that the only way to convince them is to beat the crap out of them, suppressing them only won’t do a thing.

The Nanabi was in a hell of pain, he was angry, and the pain was driving him crazy, and all that he wanted is to tear Naito’s face, but he couldn’t do a thing, he couldn’t even resist this pain anymore!

Under the gaze of everyone in the field, and after a hell of a beaten, the Nanabi finally surrounded!