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T.S.H Chapter 299: Bullying The Filthy Tanuki

After he dealt with the Bijuudama, Naito looked faintly at the furious Ichibi, then he strolled toward him.

One step, two steps, three steps…

The pace was plodding, but after a few steps, his body gradually started to disappear like an illusion!


Suddenly he looked like teleported, as he directly appeared on the top between the two Bijuu.

The Nanabi saw Naito, then he immediately fell back with a smirk on his face.

The Ichibi looked angry, he didn’t really focus on his face, all that he saw was a human being trying to interfere with his fight, which made him suddenly get crazy.

“You garbage, don’t you ever dare to interfere, get lost!”

The Ichibi suddenly tried to hit Naito with the back of his claw as if he was some kind of a fly.

However, before it could even reach him, his paw suddenly stagnated halfway.

Naito, who was floating in the air, stared at the Ichibi at the bottom.

With one hand Naito suppressed the space in front of him, the Ichibi who recklessly tried to attack him, felt a strange force wrapping his claws, crushing it!


Suddenly his hand got shattered into pieces!

A destroyed part is not a problem for a Bijuu because he could regenerate it.

But what was that strange feeling of severe pain that spread throughout his whole body just now!


The Ichibi screamed out pain, these nightmares from the past have finally come back to haunt him after all of these many years, the Ichibi could finally recognize who was this man in front of him!

With eyes full of horror and fear, he looked at Naito.

“It’s you!! You’re that damn…”


The Ichibi’s sound was so loud that Naito couldn’t help but strike him again to interrupt him from talking.


Although Naito’s attacks didn’t connect with the Ichibi directly, the power of the Shock Force was surely slamming him hard every time.

Moreover, Naito wasn’t going any easy on the Ichibi. He was using all of his force, which made even the ground under them collapse!


Under the impact of these several hits, a huge deep hole has appeared on the ground. And with Naito’s last kick, the Ichibi got bombarded into the center of that hole.

Kakashi was widely opening his mouth, his mask has almost slipped off his face looking at this scene.

The Ninjas at the rear were stunned, they couldn’t help but admire this outrageous power!

“This is the power of Yuu Naito…”

“Sure enough if he could easily defeat the Kyuubi, the Ichibi will be nothing compared to him.”

“Fortunately, Naito is not our enemy, otherwise…”

These Konoha ninjas looked at the Sand Shinobis in the distance not with anger, nor with killing intent, they looked as if they felt sorry for them.

At this moment, the Sand Shinobis looked like if they got frozen in their places, with an unbelievable look on their faces.

The moment they have finally recognized Naito’s identity, the shock in their heart reached the limit!

In fact, some of these Shinobis has actually witnessed Naito murdering the Third Kazekga, and defeating the Ichibi before. However, this time, Naito looked way more powerful.

This time, Naito wasn’t fighting seriously, there was no fierce battle like before, he was just kicking and punching the Ichibi like a Sand Bag! If this continues… If he keeps fighting on Konoha’s side, the formers will also be unstoppable in this war!

His strength has reached an incredible degree, compared to him a few years ago, the gap is like the one between heaven and earth!

Is this the real strength of the Yuu Naito?

Compared to what he was a few years ago, Naito has grown up way stronger, he’s just like a god!

“I hope he kills you filthy mad raccoon!”

The Nanabi was having the best of his time in the sky looking at the Ichibi getting his butt smashed by Naito because he already experienced this situation, he felt really comfort watching another Bijuu living the same one.

Naito suddenly fell from the sky and came to the bottom of that hole.

The Ichibi wasn’t there, but there was another person who was full of scars. Obviously, The Ichibi has sealed himself back into his Jinchuriki so he could escape from Naito.

Naito looked at the Nanabi in the sky, and the former flew down directly, revealing incomparable loyalty and respect.

“Boss, just say the word!”

“Take him away.”

Naito couldn’t help but get used to the Nanabi’s character, at some point, the Nanabi has started to convince him that he’s just this loyal.

The Nanabi extended his hand and grabbed the Ichibi’s Jinchuriki, then flew back to the sky.

At the same time, he entered the Mental World of the Ichibi’s Jinchuriki.

“Wow, finally some quiet, this is actually comfortable, no wonder the Kyuubi has always despised you, you really have no brain! You’re scared that even the inside of your Jinchuriki’s mind is all sand!”

The Nanabi kept flying around while talking to the Ichibi.

The Ichibi looked furious, but he couldn’t help but say painfully: “Damn fighting that human being is always painful, and now he seems even stronger than when I met him a few years ago.”

“What?! You got your butt beaten by him a few years ago? Hahahahaha, this is hilarious!”

The Ichibi’s was depressed to the point that he didn’t want to pay attention to the Nanabi’s mockery. He was fine fighting with the Nanabi, but the moment Naito attacked him, he felt like he’s body was gonna tear apart; moreover, He could feel all of that pain!

His heart has sunk in horror, but he knew for sure, that the next time he meets Naito, he will never try to fight him. He’s too strong and fighting him is so painful, he’s just like a bully.