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T.S.H Chapter 298: Naito’s Snap

The strong wind swept across the world, while the golden sand was coercing around the entire place.

The fight between the Ichibi and the Nanabi made the ground tremble while their roars and horrible Chakra exploded in the field.

This is the real power of the Bijuu. Even a Kage will have a hard time dealing with them. It’s impossible to be resisted. Only the strongest Kages will barely fight against it; still, its always challenging to win!

They won’t be able to defeat them, they could only hope to seal them, but only if it’s a weaker Bijuu, if they’re dealing with the Hachibi or the Kyuubi even sealing them will be difficult.

Konoha Shinobis looked terrified watching these two Bijuu fight, they have never expected the Nanabi to appear in this battlefield, and have such a fierce battle with the Ichibi.

But how did he come here? And why is he fighting with the Ichibi?!


The dust was continually rising, blocking everyone’s vision, but because of their massive sizes, they could still see their battle clearly.

“You mad filthy Tanuki, If you’re looking for your death, I won’t stop you!”

The Nanabi slammed the Ichibi with his body on the ground, then he flew into the sky.

“You damn bug, you think you’re all big and might trying to fight with me!”

The Ichibi looked furious, he wasn’t gonna play easily on the Nanabi no more. Thus, he opened his mouth and released a Bijuudama!


The horrible Chakra condensed into a big black ball that made everyone in the battlefield feel the pressure.

Such a high-density Chakra release will only bring death once it hit.

Seeing how the Ichibi was willing to use the Bijuudama, the Nanabi decided to fight fire with fire. He just wanted to stop him from getting beaten by Naito, but he doesn’t seem like he appreciates it. Therefore, he better die.

The Nanabi who was flying in the sky opened his mouth and condensed his Chakra, forming a big Bijuudama.

The next moment, the two Bijuudama flew toward each other and collided in midair.


It seemed as if two suns have crashed into each other in the field, the impact was strong that even made the mountains far away shake.

Endless rays of light converged on the battlefield, making the ninjas around unable to open their eyes, suddenly, a loud roar emitted from the battlefield, and made them feel like if the whole world was collapsing.

This horrifying power made everyone feel stunned.

“The level of this technique… I’m afraid that even an S-Class Ninjutsu cannot be compared with it.”

Kakashi has also looked shocked, as the son of Konoha’s White Fang, he saw an S-Class Ninjutsu before, but in his opinion, even an S-Class Ninjutsu cannot be compared to a Bijuudama.

Even Sakumo felt terrified by its power, and it seemed that these two beasts were still on the move.

After the two Bijuudama collided, it seemed that the power of the two Bijuu is equally matched, however, the one who was controlling the field was the Ichibi.

Watching his own Bijuudama getting blocked made the Ichibi feel annoyed, although, he was controlling the field by making it like a desert, the Nanabi was still flexible because he could fly, and attacking him in the air was such a pain to the Ichibi.

Therefore, the Ichibi didn’t think twice about it and used his strongest attack again.

The Nanabi saw this and couldn’t help but think how much this fellow does not appreciate his kindness. Even if they keep this, he won’t understand. Therefore, the Nanabi simply stopped fighting.

When the Bijuudama was heading toward him, he just avoided it by flying higher in the sky.

Then he suddenly flew toward Konoha’s Ninjas at the rear, the Ichibi didn’t care about them and fired again.

“Die fool!”


Kakashi, who has just witnessed the power of the Bijuu, couldn’t help but panic.

Such a power cannot be resisted by a human being, once it falls, there will be nothing left, only everyone’s bones!

At this time, Kakashi couldn’t help but look at his father, hoping that he could do something about it.

However, looking at the Bijuudama heading toward them, Sakumo didn’t try to pull out his White Fang moves; maybe because even if he did it will be useless. Although his Kenkiri technique is reliable, it still belongs to the human category, blocking a Bijuudama needs another level of power.

Seeing how his father didn’t react, Kakashi heart sank in despair, looking at the Bijuudama falling on them.

Naito who was standing beside them faintly opened all of a sudden.

“The Nanabi’s power is equal to the Ichibi. He won’t be able to defeat him alone.”

Suddenly he extended his hand, then he simply banded his finger.

Suddenly, under Kakashi’s gaze, the horrifying Bijuudama that had enough power to kill everyone in the battlefield got shattered by a simple snap from Naito’s finger.


The powerful Bijuudama that had the power to destroy a whole village get disintegrated just inches away from Naito’s finger!

Currently, Whether it’s a fist or a finger, the level that Naito has reached allows him to condense a massive amount of Shock Force at will.


The explosion sound was too loud that Kakashi felt that his mind has gone blank. However, this wasn’t the time to faint out!

What did he just see?!

A finger-snap has destroyed the Bijuudama, it was just like a dreamlike scene, What… Power is this!

The power of this Bijuudama has surpassed the S-Class Ninjutsu in Kakashi opinion, Naito didn’t move, he didn’t use a hand sign, he just did a simple snap, it didn’t only block the Bijuudama, it as if has turned it invisible, it’s as if it didn’t exist in the first place!

Yuu Naito… Is he really a human?!

No only Kakashi, all the ninjas in the battlefield looked shocked, even if some of them has already witnessed Naito defeating the Kyuubi before, it didn’t make this any less incredible!

For a second, all of them looked at Naito with endless awe.

“Shukaku… It seems you have forgotten all about me, I don’t blame you, it’s been a long time. It seems that I should teach you another lesson.”