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T.S.H Chapter 302: Gai’s Challenge!


Gain continued his training, while he was heavily gasping, the pain in his arms was horrible, but he didn’t stop until he could no longer lift his hands.

“I need to stop here today, I may have to fight tomorrow.”

After he calmed down his breathing, Gai turned away and walked toward his house. It was also where Dai was living.

Gai is currently a Chunin, so he’s not qualified enough to have his own house, so he was now living together with his father.

After he pushed the door open, he walked into the house to get suddenly stunned. He got left there surprised by unexpectedly seeing two figures sitting there.

One of them was very familiar to him, his father, Maito Dai, the other person had a silver hair, and wearing a snow cloak, who was also familiar with him, Yuu Naito!

When he arrived at the battlefield, the Mist and Konoha were in a short break period. Thus he came directly to the camp.

The irony has taken its place here because Danzo didn’t want to see Naito, so he went directly to the battlefield, and Naito ended up coming here also to pay his part of the deal with Sarutobi, and with the idea of settling the score with Danzo in his mind.

“Gai, you’ve come back already.”

Dai smiled at his son, then said: “Aren’t you gonna say hello to Naito?”

“Ah! Yes, Yuu Naito-San.”

Gai turned then bowed down to Naito respectfully, then quickly rushed toward him.

Gai knew Yuu Naito, back when he was in the village, Dai has often brought Gai with him when he meets with Naito. On the other hand, because Gai has always looked for Naito as his example too.

Gai has always respected Naito. Still, he also knows that Naito was once Dai’s disciple, and learned the Hachimon Tonkou with the help of his father. Therefore, he always felt that his father is stronger.

Although, he heard a lot of stories about Naito, and how he killed two Kages before, and how some people were calling him a God, he never saw Naito in actions. Yuu Naito would only occasionally help him with his training.

“It seems that Gai has grown up a lot.

Naito stood up and looked at Gai with a smile.

A big smile appeared on Dai’s face and said:” Yes, Gai is more talented than me. In the future, he will be able to surpass me and become a better ninja… he might even surpass you, Naito!”

Hearing this sentence, and how Dai looked like he hesitated before finishing it, made Gai feel like he needs to prove himself to his father.

“That, can Naito-San enlighten me with sparring?”

Gai looked fired up, and there was a hint of a fighting intent in his eyes.

Dai, who was taking a sip of tea, has almost sprayed it out the moment he heard this sentence. He immediately stood up then he patted Gai’s shoulder, and sincerely said.

“Gai, challenging those who are stronger than you is a great mentality to have, but not the likes of Naito… Please, Naito just helps him with his training if you have some time.

Looking at Gai and Dai, Nait couldn’t help but smile and say: “It doesn’t matter, if you’re challenging me, then I accept your challenge.

Gai’s character is just like this, it’s the same as his father Dai, a very straightforward one.


Seeing how Naito has accepted his challenge, made him suddenly reveals a touch of joy, he couldn’t help but clench his fist, he really wanted to show off his new skill that he mastered, the Hachimon Tonkou.

After he explained the Hachimon Tonkou to him, Gai worked hard day and night, to learn it.

Gai, who is only ten years old, is really close to Lee in the original, who managed to open the Fourth Gate of the Hachimon Tonkou.

Gai is currently a Chunin, and he feels that there’s no one close to his level the moment he opens the Fourth Gate. He was already eager to test his strength against a Jonin.

In Original, there’s no such a thing like a Kage Class or a Super Kagae Class. Even a person who has been called a God for a long time like Naito is only classified a Jonin just like the others.

Dai felt stunned the moment he heard Naito accepting Gai’s challenge, he felt like the world was collapsing on his head. He was prepared to mourne on his son’s death after this. Still, he wasn’t gonna stop him, because, this what youth is all about!

“Gai, you’ve just come back from your training, can you go all out?”

“Are you asking me… If I can use that technique?”

Gai seemed like he understood what his father was asking him, and that made him feel very excited, however, the moment he felt his body’s condition, he suddenly looked frustrated.

Dai seriously looked at him and said: “I always say that you know your body better than most. If you don’t feel right, don’t use it.”

“Okay, I won’t…”

Naito smiled, he knew what these two were talking about, the Hachimon Tonkou.

He walked at Gai on his side, then he pointed out a finger and touched Gai’s arm lightly.


A strange power swayed in instantly, letting Gai’s arm, then his whole body tremble.

This was one of the many ways that Naito could use the Shock Force, he sent a very weak power into Gai’s body which made his whole body tremble, which made his muscles relax and stimulated every cell in his body. It gave him a kind of comfortable feeling, with infinite power surging out of his body.

“This feeling… I’m completely recovered!”

Gai looked surprised, he didn’t expect Naito to be also skilled as a ‘medical ninja,’ which made admire him more.

Of course, it won’t be wrong if you called this a medical Ninjutsu. Naito also used some of the Natural Energy in the process to restore his vitality. It’s actually a very advanced medical Ninjutsu.

Feeling full of power again, made Gai’s confidence increase, and more eager to try, he’s originally a training maniac, and always happy to challenge.

When they finally came to an open space, Gai took a fighting stance, with a stern look on his face.

“Naito-San, get ready!”


The next moment, Gain rushed straight toward Naito, his speed was actually beyond the Chunin level, even some of the Jonin won’t be able to react!

In the face of Gai’s fast kick, Naito stood there without any intention of dodging.


Gai could see how Naito wasn’t trying to dodge his kick, and couldn’t help but feel shocked. He wanted to change his plan, but it was too late because he was already in the air. Suddenly, he passed through Naito’s body!

Is Naito using a Genjutsu!