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T.S.H Chapter 303: The Legendary Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of The Mist

“How is this going?!”

Looking at how he went right through Naito’s body made Gai squinting his eyes, with an evident surprise on his face.

Is this an illusion?!

On the side, Dai, who was the witness of this fight, looked stunned, he couldn’t help but feel shocked looking at Naito.

“Gai, use your full force without wasting any more time. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to show your strength to Naito.”

After taking a deep breath, Dai severley said to Gail.

Gai who didn’t use the Eight Gates technique yet, couldn’t see what happened, on the other hand, Dai strength level was enough to make him understand exactly what Naito has done.

The moment Gai was about to connect that kick, Nait has actually moved side to side using his incredible speed, which made it look like if he didn’t move from his place.

However, his speed was so fast that it was impossible to see that he has moved!


At this time, Gai, with a stern expression on his face, clenched his fists then he moved his hands in front of his forehead and screamed.

First Gate, Second Gate, THIRD GATE: The Gate of Life, KAI!

Without any more hesitation, Gai directly opened the first three gates of the Hachimon Tonkou, and the green light rushed out of his body.


At that moment, Gai’s speed increased magnificently, a Chunin wouldn’t be able to see his movement unless he has a Byakugan or a Sharingan!

However, when Gai tried to throw a punch at Naito using such a high speed, he once again hit nothing but the void!


This time Gai looked shocked, he couldn’t understand what happened in the previous attack, but now after he opened the first three gates, he barely managed to see Naito’s movement, which was enough for him to understand that Naito has actually dodged his attack from the side, then moved back to the same spot in an instant.

It’s not an illusion, but a horrifying speed level!

Gai couldn’t help but feel shocked, this kind of speed, even his father wouldn’t be able to compete with it after opening the Sixth Gate!

“Fourth Gate: The Gate of Pain, KAI!”

With an evident bitterness on his face, Gai immediately opened the Fourth Gate, which it was his limit.

Whoosh! Whoosh!!

At the moment the Fourth Gate was opened, Gai started moving around Naito. He was no longer thinking about defeating Naito. He was only hoping that he could make him show his strength.

From the behind, Gai rushed toward him and threw a punch.


This time, Gai’s attack has finally connected, but it wasn’t Naito’s back, but his palm.

When he saw how Naito was facing him, Gai looked stunned, because he couldn’t see when did he turn around.

“So the gap… Is that big?!”

Gai’s body was bursting with green light, and his pupil could no longer be seen in his eyes, but the shock in his heart was evident.

His full speed attack was blocked this easily by Naito.

“Okay, let’s stop here.”

Naito said with a soft tone, then he pointed his finger on his forehead and quacked that chaotic chakra out of his body.

Gai, who turned back to his normal state, looked tired. However, because he got forcibly stopped midway by Naito, he didn’t suffer any injuries, but his body was under some great pressure, and his muscles were too tired.

“Your path is not wrong, don’t give up, continue to work hard, and you will surely surpass me someday.” Naito nodded to Gai.

Naito wasn’t lying. In the Original Gai has almost managed to kill Madara in his strongest state as the Jinchuriki of the Juubi, which is naturally stronger than Naito currently.

Today’s Yuu Naito is a little bit behind Hachirama’s level, compared to the Hagoromo, the gap is even higher, he won’t be able to cross Hachirama’s level, and think about the Hagoromo unless he opens the next gate.

However, Naito believed in the path he was taking, his bloodline limit and the Reverse Hachimon Tonkou will eventually bring him there at the true peak of the world!


Konoha Camp.

The momentum was at its highest point by Naito’s arrival. Countless ninjas who fought against the Bijuu and lost were happy by Naito being there among them in the frontal lines of the battlefield.

However, some of the younger ninjas looked like they had doubts. Although they have heard the stories about Naito and the Kages, they believe that these people were still humans, and they cannot be compared to these monsters!

The Three-Tailed beast was almost invincible on the battlefield.

In addition to this beast, the Mist has also dispatched the Seven Ninja Swordsmen into the battlefield.

Each one of them individually is classified as Quasi-Kage or Elite Jonin. In the case of using one of the seven legendary swords, every one of them is strong enough to be classified as Quasi-Kage. Without mentioning that one of them is strong enough to use all the Seven Swords, Suigetsu Hozuki older brother, The Genius of the Mist, Second Coming of the Demon, Mangetsu Hozuki!

Mangetsu Hozuki alone can be classified as a Kage-Class Shinobi!

Danzo has led his Roots and tried to make the Seven Legendary Swordsman retreat. However, because he didn’t personally participate in the frontal battle, the roots got defeated.

Even after the arrival of Naito to the camp, Danzo stayed hidden in the dark.

Gathering all of these odds together leaves Konoha’s side still in an absolute disadvantage to the Mist on the battlefield.

Those who still have doubts couldn’t help but clench their teeth and be prepared for the battle. They didn’t have any choice, but to pray that Naito would be able to handle fighting against the Three-Tailed beast and the Legendary Seven Swordsman, after all, he was their last hope to win this battle. Otherwise, it will be a complete defeat for Konoha.


The sun raised, and the next day started.

At the frontline of the Mist army, the Legendary Seven Swordsman stood there indifferently.

In the rear, the Three-Tailed Jinchuriki stood there surrounded by a team of Shinobis. He was the same Jinchuriki that appeared in the Original.

The Three-Tailed Beast wasn’t strong. It can be said that he was the weakest among the Bijuu. He got easily captured by the Akatsuki in the Original. Because once he’s out of the sea, he will become helpless.

But perhaps because he’s this weak, it’s effortless to control him. As the Fourth Mizukage, this Jinchuriki can also control the Isobu. Even in the state of a complete-body, he won’t be entirely out of control.

Because of this, the Isobu was forced by the Mist to cooperate in launching the attack. He cannot enter that state where he’s violent. Therefore, the danger was reduced a lot, which allows the Seven Legendary Swordsman to join forces with him in the attack.

Among these swordsmen, there was the older generation of Hoshigaki Kisame and Momochi Zabuza, and Suigetsu Hozuki; Suikazan Fuguki, Biwa Juzo, Hozuki Mangetsu, and the others.

“The scouts have sent a piece of information saying, that Konoha’s Ashura has joined the battlefield after he defeated the Ichibi and won the battle against the Sand.”

Juzo, who was carrying the Kubikiribocho, opened with a firm tone.

Hozuki Mangetsu snored, saying: “He cannot continue to carry on that title without my acknowledge anymore after this day…”

Hozuki Mangetsu is a legendary Shinobi from the Mist; The man who has never been defeated, and the head of the Seven Legendary Swordman.