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T.S.H Chapter 308: Hunted

The Seven Legendary Swordsmen suddenly ran away under the gazes of the Mist army, which made them feel confused.

Although they were fierce Shinobis who didn’t fear death, they weren’t this stupid.

Yuu Naito is not a human being, he’s a monster who could easily suppress the Sanbi, they would fight and even sacrifice their lives against a human being, but not against a monster like this.

“Hiding in Mist Technique!”

The Seven Legendary Swordsmen has also used the Hiding in Mist Technique as a way to escape. This a very useful technique to blind the vision of the enemies to preform silent assassination. This was the signature Ninjutsu of the Mist Village, and can also be used to secure a successful escape. Very useful in both assassination and retreating, it’s actually a must-have trick for every Mist Shinobi.

Upon seeing the fog released on the battlefield, Konoha’s forces prepared themselves to the chase, but the fog was thick enough to blind their vision on the enemies movements.

This fog wasn’t ordinary, but a special one that contains Chakra. It’s difficult to be blown away by the wind, and its concentration is extremely high.

“Damn it! These guys are using this technique again.”

Jiraiya took action immediately and used a Wind Release to blow the fog away.

However, although his release was strong, it couldn’t blow it all away, and there was still a large area shrouded in the fog.

“Forget it, this battle has already played an imposing manner. Even if the Seven Legendary Swordsmen ran away, it wouldn’t be a problem. The Sanbi has already been defeated, the next battle will not be difficult.”

Jiraiya thought that keeping this battle any longer is not worth it. However, he wasn’t gonna give up easily. He was still gonna support the others until the end.

Naito who was at the forefront, seemed like he has also disappeared in this thick fog, the same as the other Seven Legendary Swordsmen, but Jiraiya wasn’t worried about Naito’s safety, he knew that it was impossible to chase them down once they used the Hiding in Mist Technique!

The fog has filled even the world in Naito’s perception. However, this kind of trick wasn’t gonna stop the Ultra Perceive Technique from locating their positions.

Even the sensing ability of the Second Stage of the Sage Mode can be enough to locate them, let alone the Ultra Perceive Technique.

Standing in the middle of this thick fog, Naito looked at the front, although his vision was blocked, Naito seemed like he could clearly see everything.


With a single step, Naito suddenly flashed and disappeared directly in the fog.

The real advantage that this technique can provide is not blocking the enemy sight, but also to use the fog as some sort of perceiving sensor.

This technique was leached by Mangetsu Hozuki. At this time, he was running in the fog, while at the same time, he was keeping one of his hand maintaining a seal. This way, he could create another fog, whenever it’s needed.

“This should provide them from catching up with me, my technique is not easy to be cracked.”

Mangetsu could slightly perceive that Konoha’s forces were like useless flies lost in the mist, and that monster-like Yuu Naito seems like he didn’t leave his place, which made him show some kind of a relief.

“So that was Yuu Naito real power? He’s too powerful, I’m afraid it will need more than the Seven Legendary Swordsmen to kill him.”

Just when Mangetsu was thinking of how he could kill Naito, he suddenly stopped with a faint color in his eyes.

“What is this?!”

Because he was the caster of this technique, Mangetsu could perceive any changes or orientation that might be imposed on it. And he has suddenly felt a figure moving at an incredible speed, which made him feel like if the fog has been enveloped!

But that was impossible. It must be the movements of someone in the fog. However, this is unbelievable, his speed is one out of ten compared to what he just perceived!

That person kept moving at the same rate of speed, and no matter how much effort Mangetsu put to ran away, he couldn’t beat him.

“There’s no mistake about it, it must be that guy!”

Mangetsu took a deep breath, trying to calm the sorrow in his heart, he was confident that this speed belongs to Naito.

Fortunately, this is the reason why he used the fog in the first place, even if Naito is faster than him, he won’t be able to determine his location.

But this is was Mangetsu’s mistake, he was taking Naito lightly, the former could not only determine his location but also the position of everyone in the fog, and he immediately caught up with the Seven Legendary Swordsmen.

Mangetsu couldn’t believe what happens. Naito was flashing several times from the side of one of the Seven members then continues to rush to the next one.

“This… This is impossible!!”

Following Naito’s figure in the fog made Mangetsu stunned.

Yuu Naito… Has managed to Quake my technique?!

No, no, It can’t be, but… He seems like he’s completely ignoring the fog!

Mangetsu looked pale, Naito has already flashed toward several of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen locations. The moment he cames near one of them, they stop moving, as if they got frozen in their places.

The Hiding in the Mist Technique can only perceive the position, he couldn’t tell what happened, but he could guess that they got at least captured by the Naito!

He clenched his teeth, then he turned away without any hesitation, he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted, his only choice was running to another direction and escape this place immediately. However, he suddenly stopped, Mangetsu suddenly sensed that figure flashing toward him just after it reached the Sixth member of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, and appeared in front of him.

The whole process didn’t take more than a few breathing moments from him!

At this time, the Hiding in the Mist Technique did no longer affect him. Mangetsu could clearly see Naito in front of him. The former could also see Mangetsu since he seemed like he can ignore the fog from the start.

Mangetsu took a deep breath looking at Naito in front of him. Then a hint of coldness appeared in his eyelids as he was clenching his teeth.

“You Monster… You won’t be able to kill me, don’t underestimate the Hozuki Clan!”