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T.S.H Chapter 307: The Shortest Rampage

The Sanbi was violently surging his Chakra, and finally, he regained his complete body and leached his strong momentum.

The Mist Shinobis finally woke up at that moment, then they all retreated at once without hesitation. They knew the Sanbi’s current state, and once he’s gone, the situation will be hazardous, his attacks will be completely indiscriminate.

“What a weird timing for his rampage, it seems I’m the one who caused that.”

Naito gazed at the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, then faintly at the huge Sanbi behind them.

The Sanbi’s strong momentum and Naito’s suddenly clashed!

However, even if it’s a Tailed-Beast, its almost impossible to shake Naito’s momentum.


The Sanbi instinct alerted him of how threatening Naito is, he felt the need to strike first against an opponent like this, so he rushed directly at Naito.

As for the Seven Legendary swordsmen around him, he directly ignored them, because the existence of Naito is on a completely different level compared to them.

However, even if he ignored them, the scope of his attack was large enough to harm them along.

“Not good!”

“The Sanbi is out of control.”

“No, this might work out. Let’s fall back and let the Sanbi deal with him.

Mangetsu, Juzo, and the others suddenly retreated, facing an out of control Bijuu wasn’t something they could afford in such a situation.

“Yes, this is it!”

After a short conversation, they have come to new strategic decisions.

However, they knew that the Sanbi wouldn’t be able to buy them a lot of time, and the battle might end really quickly!

The Sanbi was the weakest between all the Bijuu, and he wasn’t even close to the sea, so he wasn’t in his full strength, he wasn’t qualified to drag on Naito!

Facing the Sanbi who rushed directly at Naito, the former didn’t feel like he needed to waste a lot of time on dodging; thus, he directly fired back.


Space cracked open and burst the air. Dense white marks appeared in the sky, the Sanbi who was rushing right toward Naito, suddenly froze in midair, then crushed on the ground!


Although his body is constructed by Chakra, and it can regenerate itself, the Sanbi roared in pain!

Obviously, the Sanbi didn’t expect to feel pain, because he’s not supposed to!

Naito didn’t have the intention of letting the Sanbi stay out for a while and do whatever he wants. He decided to crush him and make him seal himself back. Moreover, Naito wasn’t interested in a tortoise.

Naito started walking toward him, then he suddenly flashed and appeared on the Sanbi’s back.

Expect for the Kyuubi who is stronger than all of the other Bijuu, and the Hachibi who is second to him, all of the other Tailed-Beast are equal, they can be easily crushed.

The Sanbi was some kind of big turtle, and his shell was obviously hard. It’s not clear if his defensive strength can be compared to the Ichibi, but sure, it was strong.

The idea of the Seven Legendary Swordsmen was to let Naito have a hard time dealing with his hard shell and his undead body.

Naito’s strength is obviously overwhelming, but it won’t be easy to break the Sanbi’s defense. Mangetsu and the others were prepared to get rid of Konoha’s forces in the meanwhile.

However, the fact that they thought that the Sanbi’s defense will make Naito have a hard time dealing with him is a little bit foolish.


One kick from Naito made the Sanbi feel like if a meteor has hit him. He directly bombarded him to the ground, causing a terrifying earthquake. The whole field got crushed from the impact, and the cracks spread out in the distance.

The cracks continued to spread around, then ground itself collapsed, as if the entire surface got hard-boiled, while the Sanbi was roaring with pain on the ground.

His shell got directly crushed, and he could no longer resist any more attacks from Naito.

The Shock Force trembled and shattered his entire body, although it wasn’t a severe injury to a Bijuu, it caused the Sanbi extreme distress.

Almost at the same instant, the Sanbi suddenly took back his Chakra, then sealed himself again. The speed of the resealing made it look like if he has vanished in the air, leaving behind his Jinchuriki fainted-out on the ground.

The speed of transforming from a complete body to the Jinchuriki form should be taught to the other Bijuu, it was perfect, it even made Naito feel surprised, he has never expected a turtle to run away this fast, this should be the shortest rampage a Bijuu has ever made.

After he shook his head, Naito turned around and looked at the Seven Legendary Swordsmen.

These Seven were almost at the same place because they have just finished planning and let the Sanbi go to buy them some time, but Naito has managed in no time to suppress him!

He didn’t even need to seal him back to his Jinchuriki, the Sanbi did all the work for him.

“Just when I finally managed to take a taste of freedom, I got beaten down by this man” The Sanbi was extremely depressed, thinking that he had no more love for this world “Next time even if my seal gets broken, I will not come out.”

Well, time will heal the soul of the Sanbi.

“Now, it’s your turn.”

Yuu Naito looked severely at the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, he seemed like he’s thinking about who is he gonna start with.

They looked horrified, scared to even look at him in the eye. Although, they didn’t fear death, they still feared what Naito is gonna do with them.

This time, there was no need to discuss a plan or to prepare a new strategic decisions

They simply didn’t feel like they have a chance to win. This man is out of their league, they didn’t have any choice but to retreat!

With surprised expressions, Konoha Shinobis kept looking at them.

These are the same people who looked invincible in the previous battles, now they don’t even dare to face Naito!