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T.S.H Chapter 306: Divine

At this moment, even the toughest Shinobi in the Mist Army was shocked.

A ring in Naito’s finger has just turned into a sword, that managed to cut two strong releases, then transformed again and channeled a strange light that felt like it has hollowed the sky.

This shocking power has surpassed the imagination of everyone on the battlefield. Even a Tailed-Beast don’t have such a force!

But this shocking feeling didn’t only control the Mist Shinobis, but even the hearts of Konoha ninjas.

At this time, although they were his allies, they couldn’t even feel excited or show their joy… They couldn’t express any of these feelings because they were simply shocked enough to make their minds to get blank!

Gai stood there in the crowd frozen.

This is the first time he ever sees Naito’s power. It almost instantly shattered all the doubts he had in his heart. Even if his father, Maito Dai, opens the Seventh Gate, or even the Eight, he won’t be able to defeat Naito!

“Is this the real strength of Naito-Sensei?!”

He didn’t even realize how much he fainted out, then he whispered to himself.

At the forefront of Konoha’s Ninjas, Dai and Jiraiya were standing there as Natio was moving forward toward the Mist Army.

Even these two couldn’t clam themselves after they saw this horror show.

Jiraiya has seen Naito stopping the Kyuubi’s Bijuudama before, but it didn’t make the shock any easy on him when he saw the same display this time again.

Because, this moment, for the allies and the enemies alike, it felt surprisingly beautiful. As if it was an act of God himself, something beyond the reach of humanity!

However, that feeling didn’t last long in their heart the moment they realized how terrifying that scene was. Their blood felt like if it has frozen in its veins!

Beautiful… But also dangerous!

“A Shinobi, a Genius, Konoha’s Ashura, these titles are indeed no longer suitable for him.”

Looking at Naito’s back, Jiraiya took a deep breath, then he sighed and said: “Looking at him, is like looking at the clouds in the sky that you will never reach. Watching him now walking in the sky makes me feel like if he’s a Divine Creature overlooking on the world.”

Despite all the deferences between these two, Jiraiya couldn’t help but admire what Naito has become, and the same thing for Dai, he couldn’t help but feel inspired!

“Yeah.” Dai nodded. His eyes flashed, then said: “The God of Shinobis… After the end of this war, no one will ever call him a Half-God!”

The silence was still controlling the Mist side.

Naito stepped down from the sky slowly until he reached the front of Mangetsu and the others. Suddenly they woke up from their dreams with the same expression on all of their faces.


They may have woke up from their dreams, but the oppression they felt after watching that scene didn’t disappear.

It actually got even stronger!

This horrible sense of oppression is not from watching Naito cutting two of their strongest releases by his sword, nor from watching his ring turn into two kinds of swords. They actually felt that the moment the wind blew the loose of his white robe gently!

They felt like if they were in front of a Divine Creature that above anything else. The momentum and the presence Naito have released at that moment made them feel inferior.

That momentum, made them feel like if Naito was an angel from the heaven landing on earth with two wings on his back.

They couldn’t describe what they felt with words even if they wanted to. However, the look in their eyes has spoken of all of this.

Naito looked at the Mist Shinobis in front of him, then he continued walking forward.

Almost at the very same instant, the whole army took a step back subconsciously!

Including Mangetsu, the Seven Legendary Swordsmen, and Sanbi’s Jinchuriki!

Even they felt shocked by Naito’s momentum. His presence has surpassed even the Kage’s level, its strong enough to make them feel oppressed and inferior, strong enough to form drops of cold sweat on their forehead just by looking at Naito!

“What happened to you? Just a moment ago, you people were talking about killing me.”

Naito stopped and looked at them with a touch of disappointed in his eyes as they were falling back step by step.

Naito’s words made the Mist Shinobis suddenly stop.

Mangetsu and every single Shinobi in the Mist army knew at that moment that they were facing the most terrifying enemy they could ever encounter in this life!

None of the Seven Legendary Shinobis dared to react. Although they had their swords in their hands, none of them has even moved it an inch.

They feared that if they moved, it would be mistaken as declares of attack.

The more they looked more afraid, the more pressure Naito gave them.

Almost everyone at that moment knew that this is gonna end up with them defeated or worse, even so, they didn’t dare to make a move.


Suddenly a roar from the back broke the ice!

The Sanbi suddenly got out!

The weak state of the Jinchuriki’s consciousness caused by Naito’s momentum gave the Sanbi the chance to get control of his mind and body then get out of his cage!

For the First time in a long time, The Sanbi is in a rampage!