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T.S.H Chapter 323: The Raikage and The Kiiroi Senko

In the dense jungle, a team of Cloud Shinobis was moving forward quickly.

Although this is only a small team, the members of this Cloud squad are enough to shock the world.

The Fourth Raikage of the Cloud Village Aye, and the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki Bee, it’s not a secret that these two are the strongest Shinobis in the Village.

The team was moving in silence, and none of them knew what the purpose of their mission is.

Coincidentally, in the front, there was another team moving in the jungle, at top speed, led by Namikaze Minato!

The commander of Konoha forces is Shikaku Nara, a member of the older generation of the Ino–Shika–Cho team. Minato wasn’t a commander, but he often acts alone and leads a team.

Because of his technique, the Flying Thunder God, he’s too flexible, very good at acting alone, the average ninja cannot keep up with his speed.

No one can stop Minato if he wants to act alone. He’s completely free to come and go. Even if he faces a stronger opponent, he can always escape.

However, this time, Minato wasn’t alone, he was moving with a small team.

This squad was formed by three ninjas, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Obito, and Nohara Rin.

“Kakashi is a Jonin now just like me, Thus, for this mission, we’re gonna split up forming two teams, you will attack the supply line behind the Cloud Camp, and I will attack them from the frontal lines to attract their attention.”

While walking through the jungle, Minato said to Kakashi and the others.

Since Kakashi is a Jonin now, Minato thought that he can fill the Captain position and lead Rin and Obito.

“Don’t worry, Minato-Sensei, I will complete the task!”

“Attacking the enemy from the front is a little bit dangerous, Sensei… Please be careful.”

Rin looked really worried about her teacher.

Kakashi, who looked calm on the side, said: “Rin, don’t forget, that Sensei is Konoha’s Yellow Flash.”

Minato looked at his three disciples and smiled. Kakashi has participated in the battlefield against the Sand. However, after the arrival of Yuu Naito, the Sand’s offensive forces suffered a hard blow, and the pressure on the battlefield was reduced too much, so Konoha decided to dispatch some of its troops and send them to the Cloud’s Battlefield.

Kakashi has also got his promotion after that battle.

Just when Minato was about to leave Kakashi and the others, he suddenly noticed something and stopped.

Kakashi’s reaction was slower, but he also felt something.

Obito didn’t have any idea about what’s happening, so he continued to move forward, but he suddenly got caught by Minato, who pulled him back.

Suddenly, even Obito’s expression has changed.

The Fourth Raikage’s team has also stopped at the same time, and the two met in the middle of the jungle.

“Is this the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki?!”

Kakashi immediately recognized Bee’s identity. He knew him because the former has participated in more than one battlefield. Almost every Konoha Shinobi knows him. The only Jinchuriki who can perfectly control the Hachibi.

Suddenly, Kakashi’s expression has changed slightly.

Killer Bee was standing at the back, so naturally, he wasn’t the captain of this team, the real one should be standing in front!

“I didn’t think that the Fourth Raikage would come to the battlefield in person.”

Minato expressed calmly while he looked at the Fourth Raikage in the front. Even when he was facing the Fourth Raikage and the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki, Minato didn’t have the slightest fear.

With the Flying Thunder God Technique, even if he encounters an enemy ten times stronger than the Fourth Raikage, Minato can still retreat at any time. No one can chase the speed of the Flying Thunder God. After all, it’s a space Ninjutsu.

“You’re Konoha’s Kiiroi Senko, I’ve heard that you’re strong.”

The Raikage stared coldly at Minato, with murderous intent in his eyelids.

Killer Bee, on the side in a raping style, he said: “Kiiroi Senko is a flashy yellow color, his thunder god is a major component, right from the top he’s a worthy opponent, but the win here is gonna be for the blue color!”

“Oh Yeah!”

“Win after a win is the way that it’s done, when I’m through, you’ll wish we’d never met, son!”

“Bee, stop it!” The Raikage said.

“No way, bakayaro, konoyaro.” Killer Bee replied.

Because Killer Bee was the main combat power of the Cloud frontline battlefield, he fought against Minato more than once. He can easily outplay him when he is in his Human Form, but once he opens the complete form of the Hachibi, Minato becomes helpless. Even the Rasengan cannot cause much damage to the Hachibi.

However, even with the use of the Hachibi’s Chakra Killer Bee cannot catch to Minato’s speed. The former strength is enough to crush any strong opponent under the Kage-Level, and most of the people in that Level can still be defeated by him. Even the Super Kage Level is helpless against him when he uses the Flying Thunder God.

“As long as this guy is dead, the front line of Konoha will completely collapse.”

These words don’t seem entirely accurate, but the Fourth Raikage was speaking in a statement way, while his body was surging thunder around it.

For a moment, that powerful Chakra made even Minato surprised, while on the other side, Kakashi, Obito, and Rinn all looked shocked.

“What a powerful Chakra, is this really the Cloud Village Raikage?”

“It’s not only the Chakra, the gap is too big, and there’s also the Hachibi’s Jinchuriki.”

Kakashi took a deep breath and looked around, trying to come out with a plan.

Minato knew that there’s no way around this, and he needed to make sure these kids will come out of this safe, so he turned to Kakashi and the others and said: “Listen, you guys, don’t involve in the battle, and when you feel like you have the chance, run.”

On the other side, Bee looked at Minato and his team and said to the Raikage: “It seems that the Kiiroi Senko has brought some kids with him to the battlefield. Do you need me to kill them?”

“No, those little kids are not important. After we kill him, these brats will be afraid to the point where they won’t even be able to run!”

The looked on the Raikage’s face looked really cold. The thunder arc continued to spread around his body until it covered entirely.

The battle was on the verge of beginning.

However, at that moment, a slightly playful voice suddenly emitted from the side, which stagnated both side’s movements.

“I just came over, and here I’m encountering an interesting thing. Although a lot of things have changed, others never change!”


Suddenly, a figure appeared on the treetops on the side; it’s Yuu Naito!